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Lost Blog Entries

Posted by Luminosity , in Personal 07 January 2012 · 652 views

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Just discovered these lost blog entries from 2008 while cleaning out some emails. Maybe it helps to know that I deal with multiple disabilities and a less than optimal home situation. This seems to have been a more high-functioning time.

March 8, 2008

It's a hot day here. Spent a lot of time at the dog park this morning. Got to pet a lot of dogs. Saw a guy there that I met at a beach park earlier with his wife and dog. He's friendly and down to earth the way people used to be here. I had actually enjoyed meeting him and his wife. A rare occurance. We talked about what to feed dogs to make them live a long time.

My car A/C needs to be fixed, so every time it is hot, my head sweats and ruins my hair when I drive. It's a different world without car A/C. Not a better one.

Missed eating breakfast because I got to Burger King at 10:40 a.m. They actually stop serving breakfast and start serving burgers at 10:30 a.m. People were lined up with their families to eat shakes, and fries and whoppers at 10:40 a.m. . You have to get your kids their transfats in the morning.

Very upset by the lack of decent produce in this county, all stale for years now, bad news. Very upsetting. Most people shop at Costco because the quality is better but I'm only one person. Do I have to sleep with a farmer to get decent food?

The day the deli guy called me beautiful, I went to a park later. A Chinese guy who was about five feet tall and weighed about a hundred pounds came up to me and was trying to pick me up. He said I was pretty and not fat. I lied and told him that I had a boyfriend but he kept trying to get me to come back to his house for "a drink." The day before these incidents, I was laughed at and made fun of. Could we maybe even it out and treat me with dignity?

Speaking of which, still enjoying the availability of clean clothes. . I just read in a tabloid that supposedly actor Orlando Bloomwears the same pants for a week in the row, doesn't shower as often as he should, and is covered in dog slobber. Not sure if it's true, but it made me feel better.

Have a crush on the blond Aussie Chef on Take Home Chef on TLC. . Saw a picture of surfer Laird Hamilton in a magazine, paddle surfing with his daughter. He looks like a God--those muscles. Where did paddle surfing come from? One day, people were standing on the water at the beach park like mirages, paddle surfing. Same thing with kite surfing. Out of nowhere, people are three-sixtying high in the air at a beach park right in front of you. Wind surfers and kite surfers are generally the unfriendliest watermen. Gorgeous surfers are more likely to say hi to you than an ordinary middle-aged windsurfer. It IS lovely to watch the kite boarders in the air above the blue green water, when they can get along with each other.

Early March 2008

Tried to see the movie Semi-Pro, but I got my money back. Saw a local legislator out on a date with a right wing columnist. They are both right wing iconoclasts actually. She's a hot babe and I was jealous because she's been able to keep herself in shape. That's the second time I saw them together. There used to be a rumor they were dating but they denied it at that time.

Weather at home is hot then cold. When out it seems to be hot much of the time.
Been thrift-shopping, reading, eating, resting, watching T.V., eating Easter candy, doing a few errands. It's pretty still in this library. They recycle the air and it isn't very cold, either. Been to the dog park. How odd, but it looks like the guy on the end of the row of computers might be a former newcaster/state senator too. [It was.] I think the guy on the other side of me is a writer because he touch types really fast. He's cute and about thirty. I had him pegged as a writer when he came in. I wish I was younger and flirtier then I'd flirt with him, if I hadn't given up on the whole human race. If I said something to him now, he'd probably just be like, why is this old lady bothering me and monitoring my typing speed and it would suck.

The guy at the deli called me beautiful, but it is just his way of talking. Not a bad way to be though.

Late February 2008

Got four pairs of shoes this weekend; saw a movie. Been going out to eat and buying clothes cause I just don't want to be good anymore, eating ice cream. Just want to be happy right now, you know? Spent most of yesterday in at a bookstore reading.

Mid February 2008

Am encountering some sane people. Trying to reward THOSE individuals with my attention.

Went to check out a new Greek restaurant. Pretty nice looking; wood, fountains, faux stone tiles, good service--but the food was bland. Sad for me because it is in one of my favorite old fashioned neighborhoods. I was the best customer at another Greek restaurant which has the best food in this county, but the people there are spectacularly difficult. At this place, this heavy Greek guy came in wearing a top hat. That's right, a top hat.

I did the laundry. It took about five hours and I'm not through putting it away, but it sure makes a difference to be able to wear clean clothes and look pretty. I feel better. It was a heroic accomplishment. This was one of the first times I've done that without large amounts of Diet Coke.

Mid January 2008

It's a beautiful day here, but cool. The clouds look like dragons in the sky. My skin is dry and flaky for the first time in my life. I guess it's the cool weather. I ended up driving thirty miles round trip yesterday to get a meal without transfats in it. If I eat transfats my skin breaks out. I can either run all over town or have gross skin and have to wear high necked tops. . . I think they finally stopped the strike on my supermarket so I am supposed to go today and shop. They have steak plates today. I had one on Tuesday too, at another store. Have some clean clothes for a while. That feels good. Only a few know what I mean. . .

Mid January 2008

Went to an Asian New Years festival yesterday. Was glad to get out and also to successfully navigate parking situation. Had never been in the Japanese Cultural Center before. Big bruising concrete and stone thing. They used to have a low key place there with bamboo in the courtyard that I liked better. Bought a collapsible hat at a stall. They had stuffed animal sushi's that were pretty cute. . . Cool weather today but I like it.

Mid January 2008

Having a good day so far, got some compliments on clothes that I spent hours working on. It's mostly hippy type people that appreciate my clothes. Not many in this county, but I just ran into one. Some guys helped me up a slope on my wheelchair. Thanks, God. They came along just at the right moment. Been eating healthy food . .

Early January 2008

It's cold over here right now but I like that better than the opposite. It's gray and misty outside. My apt. is filthy and I need some clean clothes. I'm drinking sodas again but I eat brown rice mush for breakfast. Go figure. Into mush lately, barley, buckwheat . . . Good thing I don't have kids or they'd tell people that I feed them porridge. Workers at the store I buy food at are on strike; it's been going on for a long time. I don't know how they can afford the lost business.

Late December 2007

Pretty happy right now, got $500 more from somewhere! Whoohoo. I can buy a computer if I want to. Or underwear. Trying to be in a positive space. Ran into a friend at the Burger King. We talked for a few hours. Then I went to the dog park and got to pet a Queensland Heeler puppy; very affectionate. Recently met someone I might babysit for. I'm wearing my remade jeans which I love. Glad to have clean clothes and looking forward to more of that.

Late November 2007

It's finally somewhat cooler over here. I'm in the library. Got some jewelry and sheets at a thrift store, mother of pearl earrings, faux coral necklace and metal gecko necklace, cotton sheets. Trying to watch T.V. without Tivo and premium cable channels is not really workable but I do it a lot. Just wrote a letter to the editor. Doing my computer day at the Library.

Movies are $9.00 here now

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