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I Went to the Revolution . . .

Posted by Luminosity , in Politics, Recommended 25 March 2012 · 599 views

occupy movement
I went to join the revolution but the revolution was baked. I wanted to join the Occupy movement in my area. Every time I went to their website they were having several four hour "organizational" meetings per week to organize a hundred people in a occasional demonstration. When they would have a demonstration, they might list the date as "Thursday." Because it was on Facebook, it was anyone's guess which Thursday they meant. I sent them a message suggesting if they wanted to take over the world, they should smoke less marijuana. Thankfully, after that they did start adding the date, but demonstrations could still be held with less than a week's notice. I live in a major city and as many as a thousand people might have attended their demonstrations, if done properly.

For one reason or another their permanent encampment dwindled down to one solitary tent on a street corner. I would still check their Facebook page to try to find a demonstration. At their best they could muster the same 75 to 150 people that any leftist demonstration here does. That's enough to get some attention, but not to change the status quo. Last time I checked, they were having a "meditation flash mob."

Meditation flash mob.

When they do get some media attention, they don't forward their agenda. They had an hour on public access TV and complained that the mainstream media doesn't say what they want. In the hour they occupied my TV screen, they didn't say what they wanted. The police illegally confiscated their stuff and they used prime media space to complain that the police took their dog biscuits. I saw more footage of them on public access. One young lady had pink glazed eyes and was jumping around wildly. Apparently one of the organizers is someone I am trying to avoid so maybe there's a reason I never connected to them.

I'm not sure if this is a revolution or passive aggressive performance art. I am sure that this will not overturn the government.

I did my share of organizing when I was younger. I'm still willing to do my part but I'm not going to lead right now. Unfortunately, neither are these folks.

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