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The Mystery of the Matzohs

Posted by Luminosity , in Personal 22 April 2012 · 772 views

It was sunset on a Friday in April. I was craving flat bread for some reason. I couldn't buy any in that mall. I went to sit down and eat my salad. There was only one empty table. Someone had left a lot of stuff there. There was a bottle of water, half a wedge of Brie, most of a box of matzohs and some Whole Foods napkins. The brie looked like a Sasquatch with buck teeth had bitten into it and just left it directly on the table. It was hard to picture the circumstances that had led to this tableau. One of the packages of matzohs in the box was unopened. I opened it and ate some of them. I kept eyeing the Brie but it was too risky. I was kind of amazed because less than one percent of the population where I live is Jewish. The matzohs were really stale, however. Still, I was grateful.

Something like that happened about a week ago. I was feeling reclusive but I had a persistent tug like I was supposed to go out and meet someone. The clouds were silver and luminous, there were rainbows, two identical birds were flying in formation. O.K. I went out. I kept wanting to leave and be by myself but something was telling me to stay at the mall. I went to my car to leave. Suddenly a voice was asking me about my wheelchair. It was sitting there empty while I loaded up my car. I mostly use it for a walker now. An attractive male about twenty years younger than me was talking to me. He was a massage therapist and he wanted to know my story. We talked for a while. We both had similar beliefs about health and healing. He gave me his card. As I was leaving he felt moved to say that he had bad karma that he couldn't shake for some reason and he was looking for a psychic healer. I was sympathetic but at the same time I wondered, bad karma, or bad behavior? Something about the way he looked was a little raucous. I myself, however was looking for someone to work on my issues with. Someone like a psychic healer. I wondered if we could work together using a book I follow. So I told him about some of my problems and suggested maybe we could help each other or find a healer to work with. One of my problems was a downstairs neighbor. Out of the blue this guy suggested that I could solve the problem by having wild sex which the neighbor could hear through the floor. I laughed because I thought he was joking. He wasn't. Oh.

I was disappointed but flattered because I had just passed my 50th birthday. It's surprising how you stop being offended by stuff. After forty, everything is an affirmation. As for him, one minute you are trying to find a psychic healer to fix your bad karma. The next you are propositioning a woman twenty years your senior with a wheelchair. So much for you, my new friend.

What were all the clouds and rainbows about, G-d? Hmmmm? Is this the best that can be done in the current circumstances? I left my house for this. (I can't say I shaved my legs for this, because I didn't.) Thanks for the affirmations, but how about some real companions?

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