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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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This is why I think we can stop aging in a few years if we want to.

Posted by brokenportal , 14 August 2008 · 1,934 views

Life extension of course is meant to allow people that want to accomplish more in their existence than their current life spans allow to be able to live on to try to accomplish those things.

Of course, accomplishing life extension in our life times is of the essence. If you dont think that there is a very good chance that we can get it done in that amount of time then consider this, I could be wrong about this idea, but it occurs to me that well, one person can do how many years worth of work in one year? One right? Ok, so then how many years worth of work could one billion people get done? Well, maybe Im missing something here, but one billion right?

One person can do one years worth of work in one year, but one billion people can do one billion years worth of work in one year.

I mean, if one person were buidling a house, then after one year they would get so much done. If that person were to live to a billion, for the sake of arguement, then they could build a billion years worth of houses. But, if a billion people were to help that person build houses in that one year, then they would get the same amount of houses built in one year, that it would have taken that person one billion years to accomplish, right?

The correlation of course is, say a team of researchers is supported by x amount of proffessors who taught them, x amount of biogerontology programs, x amount of accountants and organizers and people to organize the classes, x amount of fund raisers, printers, marketers, lab equipment manufacturers and all that stuff. Then well, you know, whatever 100 teams of 20 people could discover through what I imagine to be a nearly infinite amount of different avenues to take and experiment with, then well, a billion peoples worth of teams and supporting people could accomplish that much faster. I mean its kind of obvious right. I think its a good slogan to keep at the top of ones mind and that its motivating.

I heard Aubrey deGrey in a video that Mind has looping in the imminst life extension broadcast channel say that he projects SENS will need about 100 million dollars a year for like 20 years or some amount of years similar to that. Alright, great. Im sure thats a good prediction. But if we could times that amount by 500 then all the better. Im sure he wouldnt disagree, Im just saying. Not to mention all the other avenues like AI as a means to help speed up life extension, other forms of sens, investing in metabolism study etc...

"One person can do one years worth of work in one year, but one billion people can do one billion years worth of work in one year."

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