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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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There is no mountain that stands in the way of the human will. Only mountains yet to be climbed.

Posted by brokenportal , 01 July 2009 · 3,972 views

Thanks to all those who have helped move this cause for unlimited lifespans along.

With out all of your ingenuous, perspective imbued, daring dreaming souls, with out your will power and ambition, to really dare to extend yourself against the odds, against the daunting scale of it and the nay sayers, with out the stretch of pushing forth in such an unknown territory, against the draw to focus your time on your own lives, the cause couldn’t have taken all the steps it has. In the style of a familiar quote, to paraphrase - ‘these are steps that are small for humans, but truely definitive leaps for man kind.’

You all continues to inspire me and many others, and not just inspire in the imagination, but inspire to help build upon this foundation, a foundation from which, when complete, mighty armies of reaper slayers and aging ignorance slayers will be rallied and equipped to fight as one. Concepts like “Crowdsourcing” point out, “the many can do much better what the one or two kings could not do nearly as well.” or in other words diversity trumps ability. Carried on up through the ice, stone, dark, renaissance, industry, tech and other ages and eras, on the backs of our sisters and brothers, in the wombs and on the bosoms of our mothers, to the brink of the coming transhuman era, we have been crowdsourced to this point so to speak, uniting for our common dreams. The clans, the farming, the common language, to industry, nation wide systems of schools and opportunity, capital and exponentially compounding dreams, we continue on, doing many of humanities most incredible and greatest of things together.

Like determined climbers at a precarious impasse, the members, leaders, directors and founders of imminst continue to come through like die hards at front lines. And whether we ultimately get indefinite healthy life extension or not does not matter. What matters is that we do whatever it takes to get there and see for ourselves. If the human will can conceive it, then the human will can achieve it. There is no person that can declare what conceivable thing is impossible, and so we must scale this mountain.

MacArthur said, “It is fatal to enter any war with out the will to win it.” We fight this with everything we’ve got until victory or we die trying. We leave no room for second guesses and time biding and half heart in there. Like somebody around here quoted, “Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul.” You get what you expect to get. You don’t get what you don’t expect to get. We know that’s not to say that our dreams will automatically come true. It is no secret, to be sure, that there are many tough times ahead, but boat hulls weren’t meant to flatten, but to roll with the waves. Sure, ships in harbor are safe, but we know that is not what ships are made for. It would be easy to search through our great history books and find that almost all great victors have encountered crushing blows before victory. But still, we expect to win. Like Einstein said, “He who isn’t failing isn’t trying.” Like Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure with out loss of enthusiasm.” Like Wayne Gretsky said, "100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in." Like Henry David Thoreau said, “In the long run, men only hit what they aim at.”

The successes will, do, and continue to abound. Don’t hesitate to lock in, stay locked in, hands steady. We are the 101rst imminst army division, continuing to recruit and notify and equip and inform, and maybe you could say even “draft”, the rest of this world army, continuing to prepare for our role in the coming D-Day on aging, opening the way for all the world to have this opportunity. We can, do, and continue to scale this aging beast, this great barrier to indefinity, this appalling horrible crusher of dreams, this giant dragon tyrant, this challenge to the wills and hearts of our dear priceless lives. We will scale this mountain. This mountain that makes Mount Everest look like a mole hill, together we can see its summit.

Im reminded in some ways, of a short piece of prose I found some where that I have hanging in my house. It goes, “In the land of Oden, there stands a mountain, a thousand miles in the air. Once every million years, a little bird comes winging, to sharpen its beak on that mountain. And when that mountain is just a valley, this to eternity shall be, one single day.” Well along that line of reasoning, keep bringing on this life extension mountain, it can be as big as it wants to be. Here come swarms of birds, armies, the greatest this earth has ever seen, maybe even the greatest that this universe and all of existence have ever seen. There is not much that I can think of that can even step up to the force of the combined will of human kind. This mountain can be our valley. We march by the blood sweat and tears in the blood of all of our ancestors in all of our veins, we can do this.

Because of founders like Bruce, Annisomov, Lazarus Long, Caliban, Mind, Aegist, The First Immortal and others, I, and many others are now equipped and ready to move on to the next level, the next summit. Im a very grateful soldier and I feel privileged to have this chance to fight under the command of my heros, and to have the chance to fight along side my heroes, in their battalions, helping secure their supply lines, recruit, equip, reload. It’s a great honor, privilege and duty. I salute you all.

"We will stomp to the top with the wind in our teeth." George Mallory, 1924

I don’t see failure, I don’t think about failure. To paraphrase a quote of Pattons, “It is not our duty to die for our cause, it is our job to make the enemy die for theirs.” Of course, those enemies are the products and diseases of aging, and the aging ignorance that resides in people. We don’t let them cause us to die for our cause. We don’t even think in terms of dying for our cause. We know that if a person isn’t completely preparing to win, then they are at least partially preparing to lose and that when the ship is going down, its all hands on deck. There is no time to put on your suit and tie so that you will look good if you die. Would a soldier on the beaches of Omaha been well off to finish reading a book he was reading before storming the beach? We know this is not to say that we should not also live our lives. Soldiers lived their lives even in the trenches, playing cards, writing their family etc… We live our lives around the war, we don’t fight the war around our lives. We know this situation is not anybodies fault but realities. This is the hand we have been dealt. We have been awoken in the middle of a battle field, christened General's by default.

Although this can seem harsh to all the incoming recruits, there is some very, very good news. Rather than having to live our lives in the trenches like the soldiers did, our trenches are in our homes and communities. Our fellows in arms are our families, friends and people all over the world, and we don’t even need the 20 hour days of those trench soldiers, a few hours a week from everybody is all this war needs. This is something we all can do and want to do but couldnt do nearly as well or fluently with out places like ImmInst. We look forward to helping continue to facilitate more and more people and fight along side them.

"We encourage young people to go out and exceed thier goals. Everest is an icon of that" Neil Beidleman

This rapidly evolving, rapidly advancing dynasty that is humanity has mastered, even Everest, and moved on now to such great mountains as this, such great mountains as the quest for indefinity.
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"All the winds of Asia seemed to be trying to blow us from the ridge." Peter Boardman, 1975, about the South Summit

Many of us dont even notice these winds anymore on this march to the top, and we hope to help light the way for more. This reminds me of the MLK Jr. quote, “If you cant run, walk, if you cant walk, crawl, but by all means move forward.” Screw that wind, one foot in front of the other, an inch gained is a million fold victories. Eternity will not release the last to die before these breakthroughs get here, from the abyss. That inch gained is a million fold victory in the most real fashion, at the very least.

"We agreed that this was going to be no ordinary climb. For the time being, Everest was rather more than a mountain." John Hunt, leader of the '53 expedition

Its the same with this journey. This journey to the top is also more than a mountain of a challenge at this time. Most life extensionists think this, but some don’t, or forget. In the future the end of aging will be a common occurrence. I forget how the quote goes exactly but there is a common thought along the lines of, “Once the extraordinary becomes reality, it is then most often times discounted as commonplace.” Just as the trailblazers who went west across America were more than explorers, people like John Glenn and Neil Armstrong more than just people flying, Edison, more than a tinkerer, and Watson and Crick more than just scientists, the soldiers of the unlimited lifespans cause are embarking on far more than just a “mountain.” This is the evolution of the ages, that our ancestry has battled up through for us all, on through to destiny. Its not a job, not a hobby, not a science, not a cause. To be certain, as the majority of indefinite life extensionists know, and greater and greater numbers of the aging uninformed’s are coming to know, its so very much more than an ordinary climb. Life, the big picture, the meaning of life, the requisite 8, all of the universe and all of existence is at stake.

Unlimited lifespans is echoed again here in a sentiment about Everest:

"Everest for me, and I believe for the world, is the physical and symbolic manifestation of overcoming odds to achieve a dream." - Tom Whittaker

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"You've climbed the highest mountain in the world. What's left ? It's all downhill from there. You've got to set your sights on something higher than Everest." Willi Unsoeld

We have Willi. Thank you, thank life, thank the human spirit for inspiration like yours. And in keeping with your motto, yes even ending aging can be dreamt past, can be exceeded by higher aims. Ending aging is not the ends in itself, it’s the indefinity of endless dream inspiring mountains that it unlocks in concepts like the requisite 8 that we have embarked on this cause for. We dare to dream big because there are no bounds to our dreams. There are no constraints on our ambitions. People like you have helped push us on to the vast fields of dream mountains. There is no limit, there truly is none. Screw Hayflick, as long as human will continues to be free to shine on, it will continue to show us the way.

"Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by others..it rises from your heart" Junko Tabei-1975 after becoming first woman to climb Everest

Of course, there will always be those people around every thing that continue to say things like:

"I can't understand why men make all this fuss about Everest--it's only a mountain" Junko Tabei

Like George Mallory answered when asked, “why do you want to climb Mount Everest?”

“Because its there.” So also, we reach for indefinity because it is there.

Reach on my friends. This is just another mountain,

"Don't forget it's really just a big pile of rocks" David Breashears

We are the great human race. There is nothing that can stop us. Onward march. United force of will, barreling through the universe, illuminating an ancient and mind blowingly perplexing, endlessly fascinating, dynamic resource that we call the universe and existence. Its ours. Lifes speed to you my friends. The ultimate fruit of human endeavor is nearing closer with our every step. That’s what your “little” contributions mean to this cause.

Attached Image

The requisite 8.

To know:
- the nature of infinity
- if there is a god, gods, no god, or something else
- how we got here
- how the universe got here
- what all else is out there like hover ability, light speed, aliens, populated galaxies, dimensions or whatever there may be.
- to know the all forms and extents of all pleasures current and undiscovered.
- to fulfill all goals that time brings you to want, restaurant owner, pro football, climbing mountains etc..
- universal elimination of fallacy (which causes a bunch of things, philosophy to work its self out, the best good for all etc..)

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