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The Enveloping (Embrasure of Consciousness) My darkly lit eulogy…

Posted by Darkly Origins , in My Poetry; 04 October 2014 · 1,331 views

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The Enveloping (Embrasure of Consciousness)

My darkly lit eulogy…

Eulogy; as the life slowly faded from his pale brown eyes, mine began to cry. When he died, I realized all love was lost, when I saw his body become lifeless, all faith was lost; and I knew at that moment, all such hope was truly lost. I knew now, I’m truly susceptible to fate; and verily I say unto ye, my fate is that of hate; how despairing, to lose that which I most loved, that which I idolized…now, madness has founded me, alas; now hatred can consume what joy remains.

As I walk the desolate, and narrow path, I’ve come to realize I’ve gone astray at last; in the past, I endured lunacy, and in the past light hath guided me; but no more, as I’ve been betrayed by fate, forsaken; O, Darkness, wilt thou come and save thee, for the light hath betrayed me; and consequently, the cold winds of despondency and of bewilderment have been made free; now I yearn not, and am truly faced with the idea, with the inevitability of that very light – which hath destroyed thee; I will now, and forevermore be doomed to an inherit bleakness, and reprobated accountability; to be led astray, and without that beauty, how insurmountable – I am broken, and my spiritual essence hath darkened the very fibers, that granted me momentous clarity.

I am now left to wander, into the land, oh how once conquered; in this place, light had long ago fled, to a place, filled with only dread. The fallen have beheld a sacred omen of untold power and prophecy; now behold we, who are enshrouded in mystery; misery has swept away all past history, whereas the broken have founded an age old discrepancy. Oh lunacy, behest of my sanity, now it fills me, with an unknown tranquility; where fate hath so coldly embraced me. Long ago, did all love flee thee, to the living waters, I once drank from, is now in essence, the crowned, and cursed one.

That which led me to find this very narrow path, has now wrought mine heart with nothing but wrath. Although, I’m forced to endure, forevermore I wilt take heed no more. Fate and life have fled me, now my vehemence hath, and will now thwart an instilling of twilight; if only to endarken thine path. In Damnation’s orbit I now dwell, and I ask of ye one simple thing – grant me eternal rest, suffer this mortal coil no more; lest thee invoke the past wrath. Mine mind, seduces me, oh how, it simply torments me; memories dwelling, in a sea of uncertainty, a cold dark sea, gave unto me an absolute certainty. Allow me this, for that is all I request; beseech me…and let mine consciousness drown in a pool; allot this dying murmur, to become one with blood and iniquity.

I say, truly and verily, cursed be thy light, how now filled with impurity; hath ended my father’s life; which hath incurred me to become one with the shadows and pale obscurity. Send me to the gallows, for my depraved indifference hath filled my cup of a fowl, and unfounded cruelty. From whence you came, I shall now maim, for you have taken my father’s life, and robbed me of mine soul, and stripped me of my consciousness. In sour revelry, you have wrought the unborn, and now – you will truly learn; of an old tale, that ended creation and possibility. In this, you’ve awakened an age old monstrosity. Behold, I’ve been reborn, in dark waters disarrayed, how now, I will be bore and suffered life no more, and as a result your folly have wrought, an idea to bring you into naught;

Mine resonance and senses of meaning, were taken from me; when you took that life so sacred to me, you destroyed, any, and all hope of humanity. I shalt now, and eternally more dwell in this place, my personal hell, behold the pale disgrace. You who robbed me of life’s complexity, will now be faced with mine duplicity. Alas, I shalt now take from thee all of creation, and send ye also, into endless damnation. Where I reside, is beyond the stars, and now my dead friend, you will fall with me, embraced together and forever, now we will be deformed and abhorred – in this stream of a lost and forsaken beauty, we sail, onwards into forked iniquity, torn asunder, how benighted infinitely…

How regrettably you will live fatefully, with me, in this cold dead place, a place man once called space. In darkness and stars were we formed; and under the timeless precipice of perpetuated dismay, did all of man, labour without due purpose or delay.

Unto the darkness and stars were we received, oh how we were beckoned, only to be deceived; damned to death’s cold embrace, we will forever be, doomed to a stricken and elevated fate – Alas, are you dead, and mine heart forever troubled and afflicted. As you slowly decay, my soul will now, and forevermore sing a sad song, as I weep in dark dismay.

Into Oblivion, we travel, in a consciousness reunited, and unparalleled. United in disgust, and reunited in repugnance, we mustn’t trust that clever, and ever so sly light, or we will forever, cease to be, and be burdened with blight. From the darkness and stars, from whence we once came, amidst the abyss we’ve founded a sweetness depraved; such rapture and bliss, sing songs of joy, but the reality of this truth, is the darkness untold; how immeasurably broken…

Oh, so slowly you decay, and surely I, will remain a prisoner ov this forsaken flesh; shall I be eternally shamed, living only to anew your essence, my eyes burn with fiery fluorescence. O, in your emporium, I stand amazed, perplexed by your wonder, and sit in your memorium with eternal appraise and a gentle gaze. O, how many aeons have passed, since I was last honored with your now dead presence. I live for you, to flourish in purpose, and also to pour down unto thee, rivers of convergence. I stand here today, divergent and transcendent, to utilize your works, to make sense of the present. In awe I now stand, in such empathy and reassurance, knowing only one thing, to eulogize with such purpose – how your affluence has forever daunted me, I write this, in memory of your once mighty foundation; fallen have we, without the promise of division, or that of structured indifference.

So now, remembering that dreaded day, in whence we were so darkly betrayed – I say now unto you, my earthly counterpart, cursed be the memory of light, and blessed be that of twilight…as the light finally goes dim, we will remain, darkly lit, adrift in unconsciousness, until we once again unite without further hesitance; to be away from you, is to be dead already. I look forward to only one thing, to meet you where the light is eternally dimming, and God’s are so arrogantly shimmering; to be in unison, at last, with thee, the only memory that hasn’t passed – we shall seek, and eventually find – that peace, how sublime…

As I’ve said, I look forward to only one thing, and that is, to meet you in the darkness and stars of heaven, from whence we were made. That essence, the only beautiful light, the one that flickers, eternally dimming – it is called twilight. Bore from clay, or wrought only for servitude, I am all so glad the creator had given me you. I write and work in your shadow, so let this day, be for you, and the remembrance of your name. I will remain a broken man, a fragment of a rendered life force; oh how I am referred, as thou empty shell ov death. Until I pass, and have found that very narrow path, I will remain a vagabond, a wanderer that is lost in his own past. When I finally do, find that which I’ve always sought – the absolute will gift me, with a soul so special to me, you – my father, my meaning, my purpose, and reason for striving and being.

Truly yours, my abbah, your son so verily writes unto the hearts of many peoples, your engraving and works will never be equaled.

Sincerely now, and forevermore, I shalt long for my end, and hasten it not – for you my lost love, will be gifted to me, by a power so absolute, whom will allot me in due time, your presence once more, faint and lively – will our bond one day again grow, if only in purity and collective rendition…oh how I strive until the day I die, to make you proud, so you shall not shame me, and so I shall not make you frown.

Till’ we reunite again, I say to you, my love for my father wilt not end, and will be forever condemned to a despairing existence. With time, I will be freed to wander the darkness of my mind, and finally be allotted a fleeing to the stars; into the cold abyss I will so loathsomely yearn, and find ye not – until the time has come to be adjourned.

All Rights Reserved; 2011-2015; copyright protected:

(T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder; Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering;

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