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A Naturalistic Observation; (Part 3) - Psychology 301' thesis;

Posted by Darkly Origins , in Uncategorized, Biological/Mathematical Concepts 26 December 2014 · 2,169 views

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A Naturalistic Observance; by Jacob A. Eder:

For my naturalistic observation, I chose an incident, in which I experienced how recently; as it was not planned, or otherwise elicited, but of purest coincidence and evolutionary happening.

I recorded my thoughts on the mannerism during the later part(s) of June. Within those recording(s), - to which was added to my journal, took place something that disturbed me; herein, this premise acts as a foundation for newly-founded love and unapologetic empathy – for the children involved with this parasitic vermin of a mother, so to speak;.

It was outside of the local (Tomah) Family Dollar – to where and which this recorded happening occurred. Firstly; I was finishing my cigarette – before going inside of the store to get Coca-Cola, Beef Jerky and pencils for myself; as well – (To note) I was craving something sweet, so I had spent an extended amount of time within the candy aisle, continually searching the shelves for something cheap – yet, tasty.

As I was quietly and contently standing outside in the scorching heat – I saw a stereotypical piece of white trash walking towards the store on the sidewalk, along with her three innocent children. With her, was an infant in a stroller, and also a young girl and boy – who were no older than five and/or six years of age. As they approached, (noted; my hearing is exceptional) I could hear the children asking their mother for something to drink – as it was hot outside, and it was also humid. They were complaining, as all children do time-to-time, however – it was about food. The children were hungry and awry. The infant was crying incredulously loudly. Continued…

Continued…I looked away, as I was visibly distraught and upset over what I was witnessing: and I did not want to make a scene – with the presumption that if the mother had seen my facial expression(s), she’d be able to read me, and it’s possible – in potentiality, I may have reacted negatively. This sorry excuse for a mother was talking obnoxiously loud, whence retorting to her beautiful children; she had stated they were broke, and had little-to-no money, and that they could eat crackers and soup when they got home. Whereas, she then said – to my abhorred dismay;, “Mom needs a treat, she’s tired of you little fucking brats, and mom’s hungry for what she wants, as you’ve food at home.”

I entered the store, in a quickening manner, momentarily after they had entered, and slyly – yet, wrongly observed the mother’s behavior. In retrospect, I know – at first, I had tried to ignore the depravity, however – it seemed to me that my hearing being as good as it is had acted as a curse on that day. I could’ve finished my shopping within thirty seconds, but instead, I was in there for the allotted time the mother and her children were. I was within an aisle filled with pens, pencils and paper(s), whereas, inversely; they were in the junk-food aisle, filled with candy and potato chips. Continued…

Continued…three aisles down, I could hear with ease – the conversation, or lack thereof – conversing on the children’s part(s). The mother continually used profanity in a negative mannerism, as to illicit despondency, and even so I felt – for the purpose of bringing about disharmony; as to dishearten her children – whereas they’d be so emotionally hurt, afflicted – that they would be too hurt to even speak. (to envision this, one must think of a toddler in whom has hurt his/her self and seemingly squires and screams in torment – visually and apparently distraught, upset and hurt – close their eyes, as like a pincer’, and as like being out of breath, to – cease breathing, momentarily, and curiously);

The mother would say to her children, terrible and variously contemptuous things, such as “you stupid fucking kids,” and even “you worthless shit(s),” it was hard for me to refrain in passive voice, and aggregated action(s). Irregardless, I kept my temperament, and continued – failing in my attempts to keep to myself, and do that which I had originally come to do, fulfill. Continued…

Continued…I had noticed the children would quiet themselves quickly and compliantly – when their mother so much as spoke, and/or told them to shut up, as I quote “you’re annoying twats.” I had also noticed, nearing the end of their shopping spree, they again asked kindly – for bug juice. The mother said no, and without reluctance – wobbled’ her fat ass’ over to the cashier(s) and laid forth upon the conveyer belt – bags of potato chips, liquor, cigarettes and generic-based foods. The kids peered over past the cashier, and pointed yonder – asking for bug juice, their mother – seemingly distressed, and I digress, she allowed them not two drinks, as to supply each child with their own bottle of $1.00 juice, but instead, purchased one – and made them share it. (I’d like to state, I can understand if the mother was concerned with sugar intake, etc., but it was obvious to me, in the least – that she didn’t care much about healthily living, as she just purchased with SSI’ her plentiful banquet of fatty and acidic foods.) Continued…

Besides, a little bit of sugar for growing children – especially in times such as these; being the twenty-first century, whereas children are forcefully made to grow up for one reason or another: for growing children…is not going to kill them, or even harm them in the least. In fact, in such a subjugated scenario, it may have helped the children feel loved by their heartless mother.

I had truly wanted to act, but was able to refrain myself from such – as such, I substantiated a poor excuse and/or reason for not acting – as justifying my lack thereof reared action-taking. Moreover; conversely: I had sinisterly watched them leave, and had felt gravely despaired because I had not acted – and I was so close to pulling money out of my wallet to give to the children, and offer to buy them anything else in the store they had wanted; and then lecture the mother, until she had begun to cry, yet…I failed to do as I thoroughly planned out, I acted not, and feel bad about it. Continued…

Continued…I did however, find solace in speaking with the cashier, as I had put my produce on the belt, paid for the items, and vented myself to the cashier – a middle-aged man, (whereas, he is obviously homosexual, and/or gay), and I mean not to discriminate, I exemplify and elaborate within this expression because I feel as though gay men are more sentimental than their counterparts.) We spoke, if only momentarily – until another customer was ready to check-out. I had expressed how I felt about the situation, and said something like…”children are like animals – innocent by inherit nature, and to see innocence suffer, as where it should flourish beautifully, not despairingly so – is beyond tragic; but it is hopelessly melancholic and bleak in ideological context.

The cashier concurred, and expressed himself in a similar way – innately, he composed his thoughts intelligibly, and brought me enlightened relief, as I’m easily angered, and apparently temperamental; yet – this man found words to relate to my feelings at the time – and he may have saved me a lot of frustration, and potentiated and/or eventuated legal repercussion(s), and/or literal endangerment, via the crazed woman’s husband, boyfriend significant other, etc., before I excused myself, I shook his hand, and gave him a smile; a sentiment of contemplated contention – that which I feel he did not receive much, and said to him, “thank you, man, and god bless you.”

I left the building, and sat outside for a while, gazing at oncoming, ongoing, and concurrently fluent – how seemingly flowingly like traffic, lit a cigarette, and thought to myself – “if I wish to make a difference in the world, I cannot be provoked by the wickedness of the fleshly, but in place – I must digress, I must endure, I must suffer affliction(s) how varied in reproach; to make a difference, one must be calmly collective in intelligible speech patterning and written composition; one must become educated and experienced: one must be naturalistic, neutral – and surreal in a coldly and darkly atmospheric world, to which is our reeled reality.

Sincerely and unapologetically composed,

Jacob A. Eder;

All Rights Reserved; 2011-2015; copyright protected:

(T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder; Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering;

Thanks for sharing - I found this very interesting.

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