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An Addition to my treatise on 'Ghosts of Time,' an expansive revamping of Einsteinium Relativity;

Posted by Darkly Origins , in Biological/Mathematical Concepts 14 January 2016 · 1,822 views

mathematics quantum mechanics quantum physics general relativity special relativity relativity astrophysics astrodynamics t3tinnovations nuclear dynamics

(All figures are accurate, as they are mathematically validated for the sake of scientific method. This is excerpted and taken from my fourth book chapter, being segment 2.1(out of 4.0) dissertating upon E=mc2, giving layperson explanation to the fundamentalist rules and logics behind thermodynamical ruling, and Einsteinium General Relativity (G)R/S)R.


Regarding Einstein’s exemplary treatise – essential to [Dick & Jane’s Clock/Paradox]
(Expansive reworking on Special Relativity)


Multidimensional; one, two, three, four, five, six, etc.
Interstellar: Male lead (actor) – (relating to plot), find himself in his daughter’s bedroom, gazing backwards into time (lost) by relativity. His (then) adolescent daughter saw a ghost (wherein the plot also began), turning out, the ghost was/is actually him (in the future) having detriment and necessary capability for material and immaterial manipulation; more, and also capability for alteration of past events, happenings and concurrences –…thus becoming ‘present’ time events, happenings and concurrences; to which – have determinant potentiation, in which, ultimately dictate the course of species/generational (special) futures, and their events, happenings and concurrences. Because of relativity and time’s continuum, he and ‘T.A.R.S’ travelled through the black hole subsequently ending up in an [alternate dimension] where though all is five-dimensional (fivefold) – with the totality of potentiated dimensional sums known and conceived in (possibility) being twelve-dimensions.


This is directly correlative to [Dick & Jane’s Clock/Paradox] by means of my dissertation’s title; being, ‘Ghosts of time.’ Meaning, the paradox is infinite, whereas infinity would apply to the film’s plot by means of ‘guiding hands’ for all younger/earlier forms of the male leading role (actor) and his (daughter), subsequent – that she was being ‘guided’ or ‘motioned’ by her father’s “ghost” (Ghost, within this sentence only means in application: that the predecessors or antecessory are but old guiding hands – as the leading actor is for this instance, and the born or ancestors are ancient; this means in essence, that the ‘age’ roles are reversed, for this specific instance.) Continuation, infinitely the paradox exists, having authority over gravity, but being subject to relativity.


(Dependent upon the dimensional perspective you view from)


Alternatively, and/or: infinitely the paradox exists, having authority over light, but being subject to relativity – creating a rifting of paradoxes because light and relativity must unite in force to become what is known as ‘time.’


Elsewise, and/or: infinitely the paradox exists, having authority over light, but being subject to relativity – creating a rifting of paradoxes because relativity and light create a bonding force (that must be united by relativity .r and light .c to become what is known as ‘gravity.’)


Conversely, and/or: infinitely the paradox exists, having authority over gravity, light and relativity being the equivalency of what many would call or dictate a (gods) – meaning, in actual translation: that ‘evolution’ is our sole founder (monotheistic, god, if you will.) Further, evolution is our causation by means of ethological/biological evolution processing, and also our continuance-factor, ensuring our survival by means of perpetuating itself infinitely as a paradox to resonate modes, means, and routes for our survival; for our existence. In this such scenario, evolution is the ‘alien or ghost’ to (male lead’s) daughter, and also the ‘alien, they’ and/or ghost’ to the (male lead and his crew.)


In all angles, the title theme of this dissertation is the soluble answer to this most confounding vagueness of abstraction. The beginning is the answer – as the beginning is also our ending. We either become what we came from, or become undone and cease to nonexistence in formless nothingness. They are of the same essential foundation.
In all cases, the “ghosts of time” are the progenitors, the angels, the demons, the unseen, the ghosts, the spirits, the gods, the celestials, the dead, the undead, the apparitional, the invisible, as well the past, and the future (but exceptional to the present, as the present is where linear-based humanoids or ad-hominem animals exist; as the present is the concurrence in factor, relativity only exists because of the present, because of the ‘centre.’) Without the present (concurrence & relativity [perpetuity]), the past (former) and the future (latter) cannot exist. If not for the present (perpetuity), the former and the latter do not exist, and thus our dimensional beginning of precipice (construct) and our unending/futuristic precipice (foundation) can become “ending” (deconstruction/deconstruct) if the following applies: a spiral without a chord, a cube without sides, a triangle without angles, a centre without a mass; a universe without a beginning, and without an ending or (unending {futuristic]), a universe without multiverses on either side – being void, wholly; to be without light, without dark, and without (everything: black holes) and consequently, the same is also directly applicable to the equilibrium/disequilibrium (nothing: black holes) meaning, literally: that black holes are the creators, the founders, the murderers, the enders; and also the ‘materials’ and ‘atmospheric conditionings’ of “life” as well the ‘gene pool.’


Had a dream that was four-dimensional (fourfold), I was lucid dreaming within my dream; in fact, my father and I both were affected by the lucid dreaming. He had been startled, as he saw a shadowy figure outside the front door of our home; when he approached the door, he shrugged it off, but then I saw something – bright blinding lights. I neared the front door, creepily treading slowly towards and nearer this eerily dreary light, and then proceeded to walk through the door, walked down the steps, my father following closely behind me, and through the driveway, onto the sidewalk we bounded. It was incredulous, it was surrealistic. We were perfectly aware of the vagueness of this perpetuating and resonant lucid state – knowing well we’re dreaming dimensionally; however, still having inane fears, thinking it could be Satan’s brilliant deceitful mode of manipulating relativity, man and mind to depict a false place of obscurity. As I was walking (within this lucid dream-state), I was but moving, where the world and all other material things were not, or but standing still while the world and its materials moved. It was unnerving, it was as though the wind, noises, and even light itself was slowly passing by me, as though time was encapsulating us, surrounding us in a smaller and lesser-realm. We stood still and firm though the wind blows, comfortably warm – disorienting, as the magnitude of the brilliance of the bright light was seamlessly – incapacitating, overwhelming (as to be enveloped and bathed in light.) For every step that was taken, it seemed as though world moved – within the sky, galaxy after galaxy appeared, and star after dying star. For every movement, all of space stood still – allowing us to move forwardly, backwardly, inversely, horizontally, in all conceivable angles. I reached my arm out towards the scorching sun – and my arm (much looking like light-bathed muscle fibres) stretched out far beyond the sun, I stepped into the street, and then my father and I were instantaneously elsewhere – somewhere unknown, in a multiversal universe of a dimensionless place: where though, time was immaterially insignificant – in this place, all of history, and present happenings were visible, instantaneously – as they were instantaneously assimilated by means of some advanced form of photonic magnetism. Drawing everything in, walking nowhere, as all was coming to us – was in fact, acting as a massive black hole, as though we were the black hole – drawing, encompassing and consuming all light waves, all spectrums, all dimensions, all of time and space – and then, a beautifully eerie and darkly lit environment was all that was visible…standing alone with an incredible star, the two of us – standing before a star infinitely distant from us, but so abhorrently gargantuan, that it appeared to be within our reach. It was both cold and warm, positive and negative, light and dark.


Boom. I awakened; I experienced relativity in abstraction (by means of induced/non-induced lucidity states.) I’ve yet to ask my father if he experienced a similar dream – if he had, then this will be my second experience in occurrence of Einstein’s ‘quantum entanglement.’ If he had this dream, I’ll be able to solve relativity, utilizing his dreamt details.


(Resuscitate Tanner Culpit’s dimension-theorem, and correlate values inhere dreams, thoughts, concepts and scientific/mathematical discernments.
One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten-eleven-twelve;dimensional-theorem to be made/founded with utilization of Einstein and Hubble’s fundamentals and laws – wrought thence, conception of dimensional abstraction. ‘Living immaterialness.’


Entry submitted: 11:47 am. Entry submission: 10:39 am.
Inquiry: 11:47 am. Enquiry: 10:39 am.


The Relativity and acceleration of Dick’s Clock is beyond that of Jane’s, which is of normal time, speed. Dick’s inner clock is also accelerated, Jane’s, after 52,000 years is long dead.
g= EARTH GRAVITY Matter - Anti-matter Drive.
1G = 1 Fraction of A hair of the Speed of Light.
Conversion - Matter into Energy, energy into propulsion
1.5 x10 to the 13th metric tons. 13th power. 1/1000 metric tons of pay load.
Consume 2 kilometre asteroid - comparison, impossibility of reason, due to our inability to harvest such technology as of now.


My father once told me, my brain must be wired, or synchronised with the magnetic pull, or gravitational force of the earth – henceforth explanatory for my easily induced nausea, when motioned to rotation, and even one cyclicality of motioned rotation, is too much for my body to bear.
It’s odd how great ideas come to people, through the most peculiar, and uncanny times, of which one wouldn’t expect innovation or breakthrough – regardless, this is something that has happened to me many times throughout my lifespan.
For instance, when leaving the theatre with my father, where we had just watched a film, I was aspired to hypothesize a formulae, an algorithmic base property or function, for a universalist constant(cy) for light speed, and anything which surpasses light speed by even one millionth of a second – thus voiding the stability and relevance of Einsteinium Relativity. So then, here is the work for the inclusion of my calculations.


My hypothesis, is testable and true through dissemination of Hawking’s Radiation, and Black Hole researches. The enveloping of all matter (of all space and time, universal and multiversal)at a rate not only greater than the speed of light, but many times more – for every one thousand-millionths of a second of light speed. Thusly, the ‘travel time’ or more appropriately termed, ‘consumption’ and/or ‘enveloping’ is exponentially greater, as is negatively produced mathematically, through physical laws of Newtonian, Einsteinium and Hubble and Hawking, with incorporation of entropy and thermodynamics, and their various corroborations which support and substantiate each other, for the purpose of this hypothetical methodology, for determinant consequence, and understandability of any theoretical travel at or beyond light speed.
Understand though, firstly, when travelling at the speed of light, the traveller (to which we will refer as the astronaut for purpose of this exemplary) is not affected whatsoever by the physics or febricity of matter, atomicity, synchrony or time, as they are in this relative state of conceptual inexistence, thanks to Einstein for examinable purpose, from his works regarding and referring to General Relativity. In this relative state, the astronaut is unaffected by his surroundings, whereas the (outsiders, which will be noted as bystanders, for the sake of this exemplary) bystander is affected by the physics of time, and consequential entropy/negation.



The four scales of measurability:
Nominal (Attributes are only named; weakest)
Ordinal (Attributes can be ordered)
Interval = PoR; X (Distance is meaningful)
Ratio = PoR; X (Absolute Zero)


10mm = 1cm (millimetre to centimetre)
1000mm = 1m (metre)


System International (SI) Metrics
m = the meter for length
kg = the kilogram for mass
s = the second of time
meters (mols) 1m/s = 1 meter every second
kilometre (km/h) 1km = 1,000 meters, and an hour has 3600 seconds, so a kilometre per hour is 1000/3600 = 1/3.6; = 0.277 m/s
1 m/s accelerates to 2, thus m/s2.
1kg accelerates at 1 m/s2 = 1kg m/s2 (one kilogram-metre per second-squared)
Meter) kilogram) second)


Kilometres to miles – miles to km
Kilograms to pounds – pounds to kg
Meters to feet – feet to meters
Inches to centimetres – cm to inches
Millimetres to inches – inches to mm
Inches to feet – feet to inches
Miles per Hour to Kilometres per Hour – KPH to MPH
Celsius to Fahrenheit – Fahrenheit to Celsius
Radians to Degrees – degrees to radians
Bar to pound per square inch – Pound from per square inch to bar
Atmospheres to Pound per force per square inch – Pound force per square inch to Atmospheres


Astronomical Unity (AU/au) is for instance, from Mars to the sun 1.52 au, and similarly, from the earth to sun, 1.00; an astronomical unit is a Mean Distance between the sun and the earth, or, 149,597,870,700 meters (149,597,870.7 km)
A Light Year is the distance (lineally) and time relative to the lineal distance of light speed traveling lineally for one year (365 days) straight, and without obfuscation or obstruction. The speed of light is 186,000mph.


A parsec (symbol: pc) is a unit of length used to measure large distances to objects outside the solar system. One parsec is the distance at which one astronomical unit subtends an angle of one arcsecond. A parsec is equal to about 3.26 light years (3 trillion kilometres, or 19 trillion miles) in length.


Area (Square, with 1side*4)
Volume (Three-Four Dimensional Square/Rectangle, with 1side*4)
60/s = 1 minute
1 minute * 60 = 60 minutes
60 minutes = 1 hour
1 hour * 24 = 24 hours] 1 day * 365 = 1 year.


Quantity Name Symbol


Length meter m
Mass kilogram kg
Time second s


Electric Current ampere A
Temperature kelvin K
Amount of Substance mole mol
Luminous Intensity candela cd


Trillion 1,000,000,000,000 (Tera) T
Billion 1,000,000,000 (giga) G
Million 1,000,000 (mega) M
Thousand 1,000 (kilo) K
Hundred 100 (hesto) h
Ten 10 (deka) da


Tenth 0.1 (deci) d
Hundredth 0.01 (centi) c
Thousandth 0.001 (milli) m
Millionth 0.000 001 (micro) µ
Billionth 0.000 000 001 (nano) n
Trillionth 0. 000 000 000 001 (pico) p


Calculable Notations:
Figure 1: 1863(365) = 67890000 & Figure 2: 186(365) = 67890 to which are both multiplicative of 1,000,000(10x) per millionth second, because of the SI scaling.
SI/Metrics has 12 modes of measurability, thus the calculable formulae would be an algorithmic constant(cy). Of which, is: 67890000(12)/3.26(1863) = Bp (base property) value of 710725484215787194599. 27983398627393915, which is checked by reversal of distributive property, 67890000 – 12/3.26(1863) = 38667837667.069278385927637393915 (which applied is 6434856).
Exponentially multiplicative to 1 year, and 1 light year, equalling 67890000.


Thenceforth, E=Mc2 (light year =XY)is 67890000 with noting, and addition of the 12 SI (metrics) collectively, with a simplified figure Bp of 7.107255E20(XY).
7.107255E20 (XY)
Au = 3.26 light years (7.107255E20) (XY)
For demonstrative purposes, the Base Property (Bp) is 2.316965E21
For every second of travel beyond the speed of light, relativity is voided, and negated/dejected, thus linearly and lineally, for every second of travel-time beyond the precipice of the speed of light, an x (unknown) amount of years pass, cumulatively.


Formulated as, 2.316965E21/67890000 = 34128223280946.6232787399 06595891, or shorthand notation, as 3.412822E13 (3, 412, 822E13 (Three trillion, four hundred and twelve billion, eight hundred and twenty two million, to the 13th power thereof.


In essentiality, for every millionth of a second to which one is surpassed beyond the precipice of the speed of light, the aforementioned-closing figure would need to be multiplied by the time of travel (instance: year, light year or parsec, respectively) to solve for how much time has passed since one surpassed light speed travelling, and of such subsequence, voided and cancelled the safe stability of gR (General Relativity), and thus, sR (Special Relativity, and its timeless inexistence effectuation.)




A logical impracticality;


In reference to the film titled ‘The Martian,’ I feel implored to discuss briefly some of the scientific elements explored within the motion picture. To begin, understand that which is called ‘supersymmetry’ is a dynamical terminology for the entwinement of telemetry, relativism, topology, quantum mechanics, nuclear dynamics and angular momentum. Kinetic energy is borne when telemetric polarities are simultaneously revolted and constantly met in bond with one another – in circular, clocklike motion, creating propulsion; rather, a formulation of propulsive momentum, which forms electron based fields of force into hyper-velocity standing, effectually creating friction – more specifically, static electricity, to which is termed kinetics.
In this force-field of supersymmetric energy, time is immaterial – and relativity (within velocity and light) acts as a progenitor motivator, which mimics our understanding of nuclear dynamical concept (formulized by Einstein, with respect to special relativity and equilibrium theorem E=mc2) effectively creating a time-lapsing wormhole (if you will) which is identical to the structure of a black hole; moreover, within a black hole, velocity is constant, and light is entrapped, unable to escape the binding forces of atomic photonics (translating to a combined force of electrons, protons and neutrons, acting in unison, thusly forming what is known as supersymmetry and/or relativistic velocity), with mention of timelessness and formless dark matter (which is nothing more than polarised gravity), to which is the most powerful force in existence, thenceforward space, with its vastness, making up for all of the volume of existential materialism, of matter and antimatter alike; forwarded, meaning essentially, that polarised gravity is the foundation for lights-speed. It is through the meshing of gravitons, that matter is materialistically manipulated in such a mannerism, to deteriorate the fabric and febricity of space and formless substance itself, wreaking the black hole, or more appropriately conceptualized, ‘wormhole.’ Within this wormhole, time is inexistent, because matter and all relativistic states of dimension are thwarted, obliterated and removed from variable consideration.
Within this wormhole, only light (the combination thereof colour) is visible, blindingly brilliant and radiant, and with this malformed tunnel (of a sort) only lineal travel is possible. A wormhole cannot be used to travel to and fro – but only to; although and however, the situational dictation is determinant upon which side of the wormhole is entered through, for instance, and sake of discourse, point a – or point b. Because the wormhole is lineal, a person traveling from point a can only travel lineally to point b; likewise, a person traveling from point b can only lineally travel to point a. With formulization, a wormhole can be induced and constructed with manipulation of matter and energy, however – one can only travel from either side of the tunnel, to either point a) or point b) which also infers the incredible notion that is light attenuating itself in reverberation (and with respect to radio frequency and solar waves), light desperately attempts to escape…though it cannot truly escape, as the wormhole consumes all light, compressing it, until it eventually implodes and dimensionally deconstructs into inexistence and planar-magnetic matter (from which its state originated, thus returning to its most primitive state) starts enveloping within and upon itself; within this tunnel of rapidly fading light, velocity is at its maximum aptitude, which is light speed, or (186,000 miles per second), giving the persons within the wormhole infinite time to travel from either respective point (a and/or b, to either b and/or a), but understand relativity still applies, as one is immortalized within the wormhole, however – time changes not outside the tunnel, meaning ones’ destination may no longer exist by the time they reach it. It needs be understood, though light speed is the fastest mode of interstellar travel, considerably long distances (which are referred to as light-years: meaning, a beam of light traveling lineally for one year) can still take incomprehensibly long periods of time to travel – though relativistic only to the adjacent observer, seemingly unchanged and unnoticeable, effecting only that which is not within the confines of the wormhole.
Moreover, as per conceptually understood by physical law of nature and dynamical relativity, traveling lineally at light speed within the wormhole would be applied effectually for each person traveling from either point a or b, without entropic defenestration, and without finite inevitability, a person would travel until they reached their destination – to say when or what that would be is construed by observatory statistics, maths and fundamental inceptions; and besides, as one is traveling, light is enveloping upon and of itself immediately behind the person traveling upon (the respective) precipice of light within the tunnel, raising conflictual problematics for either traveller from point a or point b (if two or traveling from either point to either point within the same wormhole), as they would be consumed by the polarised envelopment of matter and antimatter both – rendering them inexistent. If and when considered, one per tunnel can travel, and only one person – from either point, irrespectively, it matters not which point to what point, length or end, so long as they reach their destination without obstruction of some unknowable sort (a newfound energy, being an unexpected contingency, or similar componentry in theoretical basis and insoluble idealism), as the lineal travel cannot and will not be interrupted or otherwise reversed when motioned – but in essence, one would need form two holes for travel to and fro – to reach the destination/ascertainment, and return from where one came from. This presents a problem because one would need the technological understanding, and the resources too – for returning from whence they came. Unless paralleled dimensionally, into dimensions unfound, this refutes successfully, the idealistic notion (albeit beautiful in inceptive innovation) any chance, or possibility of reason for such mode of travelling. Light speed is not achievable by applicable means, but only by replicable means, from which is controlled in its environment and atmosphere – by conditionings simply mimicking the structure of the atom, the photon and immaterialness (dark matter), as which, is more mockingly confounding in tapestry and contortion, because even the impossible is unachievable without proper grounds, resources and atmospheric conditionings required by presupposition…from which must be inherited in its present state. If finite, then solving for light speed in applicable measurement (outside of theorized conception and replication) and velocity times light in application is impossible. If infinite, then possibilities are endless; though, we must understand – but because invariability exists, for as far as randomness in and of propagation exist, infinite procession, succession and recession exist also – similarly, infinity in variation (variably infinite, variant, radian and degree) and within those aforementioned respects, a literalistic form or mode of applicable (per physical manifestation of matter, of atom and Adam) is not possible by any such means other than those such grounds and atmospheric conditionings, to which make life infinite, effectively immortalising oneself, and forfeiting entropy and naturalistic componentry such as decay, defenestration and dematerialization by eventuation. There is no realistic perspective to be had of time travel, or of achieving light speed (ever) with use of fuel, and propulsion based transporting vessels. If without the possibility for manipulation of n2 and h2, allotting the atmospheric conditioning necessary (for necessitated grounds and merits for atomic crushing electromagnetism, forcefully entwining compressively, electrons, protons and neutrons into one supersymmetric force field of kinetically charged super-energy, effectuating the variance for gravitons and magnetic disruption and manipulation for wormhole creation), then Einstein, and other assimilar physicists and their idealistic conceptualisms are nothing more than pipedreams.

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