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ITI Innovations is coming soon!

Posted by Darkly Origins , 26 August 2015 · 1,748 views

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It has been a long time in the making and founding, but I am ever-nearer, and my life-changing innovation that is (a brain-integration system) is on the way!


My Website is still under construction -- as I'm busy and expressive in detail, my contributions are had, and my time come!


Have you seen the film Chappie? If not, go watch it and come back later -- it is done, ITI Innovations has succeeded in this respective. I need more time to establish everything commercially and internationally, resources and assets necessary for such propagation and foundation, though the time is near, soon you will see the world change -- as we usher in a new era of technological brilliance.


ITI Innovations is a corporation founded upon the constructs of the applied sciences. We seek to lead the world in technological innovations and scientific contribution. I3I is for the advancement, furtherance and overall betterment of all mammaliaformes and existentialistic intellectuality amongst humankind's evolution...join us, support me in my purposeful cause!


Within the following, one can navigate to various creations, scientific contributions, innovative technologies (concurrently progressive) and/or view academic articles on physiological, psychophysiological and ethological attributes.


In Medical: (non-homeopathic concepts) & alternative optionality for advanced disease(s) stages.


In the Physical: applied and theoretic proprietaries such as the biologic's "Cortical Constancy" Project,; moreover, or even the quantized frequencies created in vast array for good and bad. Of these, I will sell full-packaged digital downloads (and physical copies, if requested) for the following problematic terminology(s).
Medically-based books (with proofing) will be availably sold too (e-book/physical copies, that's entirely up to you), pertaining to advancements (underground, secret, or theoretical and diagnostics) informations on cures, treatments, tips and tricks for battling diseases and dealing/coping with illnesses and ailments.
As of this moment, ITI Innovations is the sole foundation, construction and manufacturer of Jacob A. Eder, a learning (Academia-training) and working on his Doctoral Medical-Fields Biologist,; or more specifically, of the fairly new scientific field 'Ethology.'" That's evolutionary psychology, with two minors within (1: mathematics) and (2: quantum mechanics.)


I will happily and endlessly work for the satisfaction of any and all customers, with no discriminatory reasoning or rejections due to biased religiosity though I am freshly running a company (now commercialized), I still have school, family and several individualistic jobs and intellectualistic endeavours to partake in. I'm busy, however I'm available, as I will make time (and dedicate my exhaustive efforts) to the creation and founding of your orders, requests or otherwise.
Down below (The Footer) there's a link for anyone so kind and interested enough as to donate to my company and cause...

  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Dissuasive/dualism disorders
  • Depersonalization/Serotonin Syndrome (Treatment, these are currently incurable.)
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia (Treatments/Relief) & gene therapy/cell reconstruction and relocation calibration services (by request, I will acquaint you with the theoretic researchers ahead of these advanced Nano-technological medicines.)
  • Headache Reduction/Elimination
  • Cognitive Conduits/functionality enhancers, betterments and treatments
  • Dissociative Disorder (Multiple/Split Personality Disorder)
  • "Brain-Fog/Fatigue relief
  • Likewise, I offer an effectuate sleep-aid that is extremely effective and fast-acting.
  • Neuron-algorithmic conductivity and (electromagnetism 'bathing' of the brain) - requires special orders (as they are made according to requests), these kits include comprehensive direction, instruction and mode of operative attenuation for self-treatment with utilisation of 'electromagnetic bathing,' or "electric therapy."
  • Anger/Depression (neutralisers & help-books with comprehensive instruction on non-homeopathic, actualized medical advice for instantaneous relief/elimination (if life-changing choices as opportune are taken by medical advice) of the aforementioned symptomatic(s).



As always, thank you for your interests, your support and your donations! I have worked long and hard to make it to this point and I won't give up until I'm defeated and dead.

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