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entry 9 : I'm tried as shit, this is not workless, work

Posted by perception is projection , 28 December 2014 · 922 views

tired as shit
My posts are probably at best, a piece of shit.
By the time I am writing these I am so out of it, burnt out and tired.
All I want to do is go to bed.
I am sorta half-assing tonights entry.

This morning ritual was kinda shitty because I went to bed super late and had to be somewhere in the morning. Didn't get to do my morning ritual as I wished.

That being said rest of the day went pretty smooth.

On a Noot side note.

I did Ashwanga(spelling is fucked up). That shit for social anxiety is the shit. I hung around of people that scare me tonight and usually with this group of people I am SUPER quite and just observe them interacting. I get extremely interverred and self conscious that its hard to talk. (i have social anxiety, but its always the worst around this group of people by 10 times)

Anyway i was able to be free me. I was able to tell jokes and shoot the shit like a regular person. It was awsome. I also did some public speaking today and that went pretty well. I was fluid, not as articulate as I like, but it was sorta improv public speaking. I got the crowd laugh so I thought it was pretty good.

On that note I am ouut.

tomorrow will be somewhat of a rest, lazy day. Hopefully I can report a higher quality entry.

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