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Entry 10: damn I almost gave up today. I DESERVE SLEEP!!!!!

Posted by perception is projection , 29 December 2014 · 1,266 views

fuck motivation
I just finished doing a hr meditation(actually it was more like 30 minute meditation and then I fell asleep for 30minutes).
Anyway, when I woke up, I almost said fuck my habits, I am tired and want to go to sleep.

Now given that I am sleep deprived and need rest. That being said going the extra mile, especially when I am tired, like right now(its hard not to fall asleep while typing this) and doing this habitually when I get in this state will help put me ahead of the pack.

I was thinking of a quote from some person, He says, "what makes the great, great, is when they have nothing left in their tank, in their bank account, when they're tired, when they have no energy, is when they get started."

Any chump can go till he is tired, that's easy. It easy to do this shit when I feel good, but the difference that will make a difference is doing this habitual and automatically when I really don't feel like doing it, when I am tired, when I just don't want to.

Today review: today was harsh. Not much sleep and the world asked a lot of me.,

That being said I am very happy that I stayed up till 5am to get all my goals done last night and 4 am this night to get everything done.


I'm just adding this extra in, I wrote the above an hour ago.

THere is a question I should ask myself, "DO i Deserve sleep tonight?"
When I am able to answer yes to that question, there is nothing better than that.
There is nothing better than the challenge of going past what was thought possible.
Nothing better than best your ass all day, giving, trying to be the best person you can be, working on self improvement and helping others till you have nothing left and still caring on.

This is gonna sound manic or crazy, but I think the truth is when one is willing to go to any lengths, GOD become on your side. I know sounds crazy, but go to anything for a cause, do it more than just a day or a week and see what happens. DON'T STOP!!!

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