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Ultrasonic Devices and Cognitive Performance

Posted by YOLF , 27 April 2015 · 1,412 views

alzheimers dementia cognitive impairment food impairment ultrasound beta amyloid plaque
Alright, here's the details I promised in that thread. I'll eventually find a link to the device I'm using and post it here or in a follow up article. Good stuff in that post starts here.

Starting status: Headaches in the top center of my head presumably caused by eating stromboli for two days. Usually responsive only to waiting it out. I've taken only my first round of pre shake supplements today (off to a late start), they include MPH, Vit C complex with 1g C, 200mg hesperiden, 30mg of citrus pectin and 200mg of C. bioflavanoids?, an adipostat supplement from LEF, Garcinia, and piperine. I don't have dementia or Alzheimers, but b-amyloid can be detected at 20.

Headache is pretty much gone, though it may not have solved all pathologies, just the pain part. I started off in the top center of my head knowing this thing works on those as an added benefit with the intention of then doing my temples, but spent 4 minutes doing my whole head and neck as I would usually do it. I don't recognize anything but benefits. If I use the clinical setting for too long, or too briskly on any given surface I might exfoliate the skin, but that's about it, I've learned not press that hard and this shouldn't be a problem anymore. It did remove some hair which I expect will grow back in time. I don't think I'm losing it permanently but I am at risk of going bald (several genetic risk factors from 23andme and promethease). With the headache pretty much gone (don't remember if this effect is permanent or not), I definitely feel better and closer to my usual self. My skin feels great and a little numb. No detectable cognitive deficits of sluggishness. Typing as fast as ever.

Expanded my coverage in concentric circles until covering the top of my head, then did around the ears. I use this thing for persistent ear infections too. Its design isn't particularly optimal for this, but holding it just right with the bristles making contact at just the right parts of my ear offers a limited vector of solid penetration into the irritated areas. This could work very well for ear infections with a properly designed doppler or brush attachment. Oh, and don't want to forget that I can target the depths of my ear from doing my neck right on the artery. Tinnitus can also be at least temporarily resolved this way. My mother was telling me about a friend who has a type of Alzheimers/Dementia that is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain from plaques in the carotid? artery? Not sure if regular sonication will prevent that type as it apparently requires an operation every 6 months to keep clear, but I'll be sure to take lots of tocotrienols and other artery health stuff. I have a feeling that will turn out to be the case in this matter.

Then did my face and went around the back of my head. I love the way this thing feels at certain angles around the nose. Might improve breathing or the function of nasal membranes, something feels better in my nose after using this. The whole thing is very pleasurable, though time consuming and addictive. Then did my neck.

All in all, my head feels clear, though I'm not suffering from Alzheimers or dementia. I have noted and even gotten this thing out at time when I just wasn't feeling up to the challenge of the day. I know that in respect this thing works for cognitive performance that is slowed by bad dietary choices. That's no surprise to me. I may make it a weekly part of my regimen instead of something sporadic.

The efficacy of these devices has long been proven but there are many look alike products that are just rotating or oscillating brush machines with no ultrasound component which are fairly useless. I used to own a name brand mechanical nonultrasound brush back in middle school and if anything the brush hurt my skin and aggravated my acne like the alcohol wipes and all the other crap they sell to desparate kids.

So in conclusion, I think this approach would likely be very safe and very useful, not just for dementia, but also overall cognitive improvement for those who bic their heads. Looking at this thing again, it looks like I put it through a shedding cat. Also, as I have this thing around, I tend to reach for it and use it on any minor itch I might have on my face. It doesn't prevent the itch from coming back, though it might considering some of the better skin oils and creams I've been making for myself work quite a bit better than the stuff I used today (need to make more), but it does feel better than scratching an itch and would likely do less damage to the skin. These things are a must for those wanting to stay young and take care of their bodies. Not all are created equal though. I went to great lengths to find this particular device. Most have two or only 3 settings at several times the price. This one represents a better value and feature set for the serious and responsible user, though big name brand manufacturers may have decided that not everyone using these things would read the instructions. If I didn't already say it in this post, this thing will eat your skin off (exfoliate) on the high setting and cause what looks like a sunburn if used too briskly and for too long on the clinical setting. Though I didn't really find that to be a problem, the skin that peeled was the stuff that looked older anyways. I also take creatine and things that boost/protect ceramides and hyaluronic acid to plump up my skin and that could give me more protection than the one off user of this device. My skin creams are also formulated to protect my skin from just about everything or help it recover faster and without residual damage. I've used it on several cat scratches and don't get scars from them as I usually would.

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