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Laser hair removal for anti-aging (loose) hypothesis

Posted by YOLF , 26 July 2015 · 5,388 views

hair removal tria laser

So I notice an improvement in my skin condition when I shave the body hair that stays in remit until the hair starts popping through the surface again. Shaving makes my face itch less, and the longer the hair grows, the itchier it gets. So I looked into permanent hair removal types that disable the hair follicle and found a home DIY laser called TRIA and it hit me that this little laser device actually has several more applications for antiaging than just looking younger because you have less hair. I definitely need to get a better understanding of the biochemistry involved, but here's my present inspiration for studying this:


We start "maturing" and we grow excess body hair, hair eats up sex hormones (androgens) and related chemistry and this leads to less being provided to the sex organs, muscle systems, and the rest of us. Is the excess hair a cause of hormonal decline? I reason that if I remove all of my secondary body hair, or as much as possible (more of it's possible than you might think IMHO... skin is stretchy and you needn't avoid certain areas that might cause fertility worries, you can miss affecting the important parts by using the inherent stretchiness of the skin and use it on those areas (testing an area first) when the battery is lower and on low settings until you feel comfortable. We at LC know all about preventing nerve damage and that sort of thing.


So in addition to preserving more sex hormones, you'll have few stem cells going to repair and thicken secondary hair and I had some other concepts that were coming to mind which at this time of night (for me) are fleeting.


Oh, so diffusion of cell characteristics. In aging there is a phenomena where cells become more and more like their neighboring cells, so our skin won't take on as many traits of the invading hair follicles. Also we've seen anti-aging demonstrated by removal of heavier blood cells containing higher iron densities. The wavelength of hair removal lasers is such that it may affect and produce lots of heat in such old, dysfunctiona, and iron hording blood cells and cause damage that leads to their removal from the body. So laser induced heme apoptosis? Then of course there are some ideas which may be more difficult to deploy and require more advanced lasers, but there are certainly many remaining opportunities to explore on the laser front and I'm looking forward to never having to worry about shaving before work. 5 minutes a day is about 30 hours a year of extra time. More if you're managing a skin condition and you can remove a potential source of the problem. Definitely worth a try and I'll pay more attention to my body and keep it in better shape. Who knows, maybe I get rid of the need for hair cuts... I already keep it short and easy to manage for most of the year.



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