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Longevity as well as physics as well as math as well as high volume genetic engineering notes

Posted by treonsverdery , 13 January 2015 · 923 views

longevity physics math genetic engineeri
audio as well as image files at https://mega.co.nz/#...82gybPbLAlAFaYAare all public domain if the audio file says noot then there is nootropic technology

Which parts of mathematics that are least affected as a result of godels theorem are useable at the schrodinger equation Is this equation rewritable with a least refuted mathematics lso at some versions of the scrodinger equation pi is part of the concept is it possible that a nontrigonometric geometric form like wavelets could more physics predictively describe that is predict the the function of atoms hydrogen wih an s orbital I sometimes thought of as spherical thus a d orbital might be more functionally predicted with a wavelet transform

prevent or cure cancer with lipopolysaccharides lipopolysaccharides are the nonamer things on the exterior of bacteria that I read the immune system responds to when removing bacteria that aptamers linked to lipopolysaccharides where the aptamer was structured (or coded) to link preferentially to oncocytes would caus the immune system to notice the oncocytes much earlier then removing them prior to oncodevelopment

dermal topical pharmaceutical improvement a blend of liquid crystals has some at each molecular AMU such that some are crystalline while others are liquid as the person naturally experiences .5 kelvin warmth fluctions the liquid crystals have components that crystallize hen uncrystalize causing the othe ngrediants two swirl slightly which improves absorption the blen of differing liquid crystals is such that the viscosity is the same however the microparticles being formed or micromelting are countinually varying which swirld the other active pharmaceutical topical ingredient then measure this improved effect with stable isotope studies of either systemic effect or topical accumulation of the preferred ingredient like a peptide or longevity chemical or aptamer linked beneficial chemical

Is it possible to create energy storing amounts of an effect similar to phosphorescence with quantum exclusion structures I read that when things are phosphorescent the atoms electrons reach higher orbitals that are actually kind of excluded from quantum function thus it is miutes to have the light appear rather than femtoseconds is it possible to create quantum exclusion atomic structures on purpose to create new materials that continually emit light at high brightness from creating engineered variations on this effect It is possible that the quantum stabilized atoms described where an effect similar to a partial circle of aluminum atoms causes a central nodal effect to function like a chlorine atom could actually have tunable quantum states such that controllable phosphorescence is produced the lasers configuring the aluminum atoms cause creae rapid or gradual emission of absorbed energy that could travel distances or be immediately near a ting like a photovoltaic frequnccy optimized to the new adjustable quantum exclusion light emitter this creates a photonic battery which also is able to produce electricity

saliva activated cunnilingus fragrance becomes conscious as well as nonconscious remembering cue when a woman or girl wears this her partners become aware of the the association between the fragrance with sexiness then if she wears that fragrance her prtners are consciously or nonconsciously reminded of the attractive sexy cunnilingus activity
also lesbian beneficial

I read at the life extension foundation magazine that hawthorne causes much larger cardiovascular wellness with either 90 parts per 100 reduction of death or a different beneficial cardioimprovement halogenating pharmaceuticals causes them to be more active at receptors from the halogen atoms greater affinity It is possible that halohawthorne drugs could prevent much cardiovascular event illness a new dosig opportunity could be halohawthorne like chlorohawthorn at socks or even shoes thus creating a prevent medication without remembering oral pharmaceuticals Hawthorne slightly improves sexual pleasure at orgasm thus some halohawthorne molecules could be sexua pleasure drugs that prevent cardioevents saving lives while creating greater pleasure

Hedonistic Imperative Technology
The hedonistic Imperative as David Pearce describes numerous improvement to human well being Do empathogen neuron receptors cause comparisonless equality

Software that improves learning at an audio or video presentation each of the words of the presentation could be pitchshifted to upwards query as well as velocitized to cause the viewer or listener to be measurable more attentive then quantitative software notes that ceran each word pitshifted patterns cause greater content memorability its like a velocitized TEDtalk only each word is lilted slightly differently to maintain attentiveness possibly nonconscious attentiveness to improve content retention

Creating genetically engineered plants that have more beneficial physiologically chemicals is amplified with a multigene simultaneous plant species improvement approach Create a list of perhaps a hundred or more beneficial chemicals like omega 3 lipids DHA also EPA, AEDG epitalon peptide, anthocynadins, royalactin, Vitamin D, cyclooxygenase II reducing peptides, sulphofuranes, apoaqueorin, carnitine possibly acetyl carnitine, reisjii active chemical, resveratrol (P. cuspidatum gene) improved choline like phosphatidyl choline, Coenzyme q or pqq, ribose, the dermal improving ceramides, whey longevity peptide, argine, folic cid, curcurmin tissue repair active chemical, ECGC antioxidant, stevioside, thaumatin, monellin, huperzine, astaxanthin, spermidine from LKM51 organism gene, pteroslibene, amealpeptide,indol-3-carbinol,tart cherry, AKBA, alpha lipoic acid, Omega 7 palmitoleic acid, n acetyl cysteine, chlorogenic acid, as well as numerous phytonutrients then with that longer than described here list of wellness as well as longevity producing chemical of organism origin create a plasmid panel where each of the more than 100 gees each has a separate vector or plasmid as well as a promotrer sequence then all more than 100 beneficial chemical genes are distributed to separate scientist researcher technologist who already exist each with an actively produced plant specialty so the honeydew melon scientist would get an eppendorf of combined more than 100 different genes the barley as well as oat researchers would each receive a an eppendorf of combined while separate genes tus about 300 different widely produced plants of all kinds each with a noted researcher would receive the combined separate plasmids or other vector eppendorf Then at each of their labs which already do genetic engineering at that scientist researcher or technologists plant of expertise the scientist, researcher or technologist uses their existing nfrastructure to produce a plant The actual capabilities or functional abilities of the rest of the plants genome then determines which among the more than 100 benficial chemicals are produced It is possible that Oats are highly effective at making ribose or tomatoes apoaqueorin thus rather than the researcher predicting the capability of their plant of specialization they find out which among the more than 100 beneficial chemicals their plant has spontaneous greater effectiveness aat producing while a lettuce researcher might think lettuce would be effective at producing sulphofurane rather than make multiple sequential efforts at that they could not the beneficial chemical among over 100 lettuce is mot effective at producing If they might have made 10 or 11 efforts to produce sulphofurane lettuce while are able to make just one effort to produce the nonpredicted ergocalciferol then this approach produces beneficial genetically engineered plants that produce wellness chemicals ten or eleven times more rapidly which gives people large numbers of new plants globally that save lives give greater longevity as well as prevent cancer as well as prevent cardiovascular disease while the researchers are doing the methods they are already highly capable at

Beauty technology thinking about a beautiful woman with an hourglass figure I thought are there genetics of midriff narrowness tthat cause the hourglassish shape as compared with secondry sex charteristics of breasts with hips hips the particularization of different areas of the hourglass figure as beuty genetics technologically improves human well being

casual illumination effect having spaced illuminators of different colors causes the area behind a person to be different colors rather than just a contrast between well lit with absent photons noting the harmless computer guided high velocity laser that zaps mosquitos color lasers that avoid the human visual area could give people vivid or mildy hued traailing outlines

fresh water precipitating from the sky causes the surface of the ocean to bee fresherwater creating nonvisible precipitation gathers possibly with organism produced polylactic acid 22 that float t the surface which accumulate fresh water t shapes creates aquatic freshwater sculptures of appreciated pleasantness

aptamacr ORT paper

go,bochs at spheroids that rvere different side up sequnrially as data word spheres are a ,ath geometry form they could be used to creat new kinds of atomic nuclei atoms from quarks with sequential effects to build sequential computational function new molecule as well as chemistry from Another mathematical physical chmestry application of GomBachs is the multigombach spatial molecule stabilizr a bunch of gombch is going to prefer a perticuar direction with a tropism then placing them with lengthy linker molecules like polymers at a a grapheme or crystal table causes the regression of the median motionality of te crystal table to be much more motionless a plurality of crystal table creates areas between them that like AFM patforms has the calm to micropoition atoms to creat a gombach tropism translationally calmd nanoassembler environment

longevity technology lichen appear to grow radially it is possible that measuring their chronodurations s radial areas tthat some have ultralongevity it is possible that the algae fungi are producing a fungi longevity chemical that longvizes other prokaryotes thus if ultralongevity lichen make chemcals that cause yest ultralongvity those lnovel longevity chemical could be measured as to effect o lab mammals

the fuselage of airplanes could lengthen at particular velocities to improve velocity of energy efficiency because IFR flight I previously recognized having a tapered tubularcanopy extend to lengthen the fuselage could advantageously shift the boundary layer or laminar turbulent flow location along the length of the aircraft

beautiful new material to put beautiful graphics harmlessly at living plants quantum dot colors that are on helium fwilled aerogel that has a gooey coating would adhere to the plant surface when the goo changes the helium filled aerogel then lifts the colored quantum dots to float away from the living organism so the person is again able to create beautiful graphics on beautiful plants absent harm to the plants

Improved awareness genes with similarity to cognitive amplification genes Researches could note the diameter of the iris as well as area of the retina at near species like mouse with beaver if they have notably different aperture to retina illuminance ratios with similar or higher visual acuity then those are genes of higher visual acuity then finding similar genes at humans gives humans genes of much higher visual acuity based on iris aperture to retina ratios from a cognitive perpective viewing more possibly tranfers more thigs to have cognitions about with a glance

happiness furniture quantitate happiness psychology researchers note that electronic stochastic queries about subjective well being produce quantitative data about what causes happiness Different kinds of furniture could cause greater happiness possibly gently swaying couches with is a couch happiness technology

I favor promoting that people sleeping on their backs

to encourage reading I think schoolbuses could have complimentary comic that's about 10 0 or 40 minutes of reoptimized educational reading opportunity if an area has schoolbuses
schoolbuses could haveducentric wifi qs well causing personal electronics to favor educational content

I read about nuclear isomers at Wikipedia is it possible to make a nuclear isomer isomer hydrogen with new optimized quanta this could affect the MWI forms that could exist based on how the new hydrogen isomer uses a different version of the schroding equation

math geometry variation think of a 3e printed Mobius strip where the center of a laminate actually goes from a crystal to a ga then there are two Mobius strips ultraparallell to eachother mathematically a Mobius strip divided at the center become two linked circles rather like a venn diagram mathematically this creates something similar to en elective light cone separatore or nsulator thinking paper the two circles could touch each other or be absent contact eac represents a geometry of possible nteraction from the transhumanist better than lightccone perspective now if you actually create a Mobius strip with the evaporative middle laminate then divide along the center then evaporate the middle laminate then there are plural linked circles which can communicate or be separate (like lightcone separate) is it possible to make a database function logger with a plurality of absence of contact along with contact circles possibly thus a evaporative center laminar Mobius strip creates a new math object as a basic geometric statement of computation as well as transhumanist isolation value capability like prospering at different light cones absent nteration It is possible there are numerous other simple geometrie like layered Mobius with inherent function() generating form
computation capacity

Oceanic plants as well as fish that remve sodium as well as chloride ion these genetically engineered creatures make nonsoble coated moleculs like MgOH or molecule to mke the oceans freshwater

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