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Many new to me technologies petroleum geology, physics, math, longevity

Posted by treonsverdery , 13 January 2015 · 1,526 views

ort physics math sexy genetics nootropics
as far as I am aware I thought of these new to me technologies theey are all public domain
more public domain technology at https://mega.co.nz/#...82gybPbLAlAFaYA
also https://onedrive.liv...AGHBl-eRM5NIMaE

write a science journal article

Petroleum Geology Technologies

Laminar massed fracant always goes right side up Fracants prop up petrofluid micropassways if they are are like Gombach tetris pieces their ability to always rotate to a particular configuration side up goes with their ability to nterlik tetrisly us if you spay a bunch of this stuff witt he fracig fluid the stochastic array will drift towards high mechanical strength at greater heights than microsphere would stack The reason they ar laminar is to create areas of ifferent mass at the blob to create apreferred side up as well as possibly greater strength.

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) saved many lives during the 20th century AD I read about water transport channels t cytostructure It is possible that peptide or protein pharmaceuticals could cause as rapid rehydration as electrolyte sugar sulutions with pharmaceuticaals of femtogram to microgram maass a completely different system adjudin linked to follicle stimulating hormone has a 10,000 times greater affinity to concentrate at particular tissues one teb thousandth of a milligram is 100 femtograms numerous peptides are physiologically active aat less than a 1 milligram or even a few microgram dosage linking the water channel cytostructure to an aptamer that has preferential tissue affinity creates a chemical where 1 milligram could be 10m000 doses thus the material could be distributes absent regard to amount with just the research effort

quantitative psychologists measure the effectiveness of am onscreen screativity divergent thinking amplifier first think of little lenses light water bobs on a computer display these cause a few of te words to be visually largere tthan some of the others possibly causing greater association with the ongoing mental concepts that occur from reading then the quantitative psychologist note if this stochastic mild visual emphasis causes surveyed humans to think of a larger number of possible applications of what they just read about if it causes that amplification of the quantity of varied purposes then the water blob on display effect actually amplifies new concept generation at any profession where on screen reading is part of comprehension or practice Then improving the technology is to have the softwar created graphic modified versions of the words so they appear larger rather than the water blob effect while the quantitative researchers also not if particular word or parts of speech amplify the quantity of divergent new concepts produced
This creates a thing like an App that a quantitative psychologist coud say to a CEO or professor if the group you guide uses this app they will generate a tenth or a third more novel perspective on the data they are reading

laser softened festive wreaths

actuarially balanced cumulative value Chinese grocery venues quantified predictive fiscal efficiency with greater chronoefficiency
156 billion minutes or more saved annually 300 million 10 minutes 52 wks releasing about 2.5 billion hours of recreational chronomoments annually

softsittable edutote

erotic mirror or computer visual display A person viewing erotic images sometimes notes that tthey are differently sometimes image refreshingly erotic when viewed at a different angle Thus a livemirror that images a live person then displays them at sideways view causes a live person viewing the other live person to experience two erotic views simultaneously creating greater sexiness (translation have you looked at a sexy image of a woman on paper a few times if you turn the paper sideways it regains its sexiness thus living people could have computer image display that creates sideways images of each other at places they have sex)

I have read about improved beneficial oral bacteria reduce cavities improving that are bacteria like streptococcus mutans that are better at producing biofilms thus these beneficial bacteria are better at remaining at tooth surface than pH modulating bacteria

photovoltaic glow letters with luminance synchronization
undirt corners with aerodynamic eentsy apetures witricity airflow
automated photorefractive keratotamy activity histories
sims equal pay for equal work module

aptamer linked antipsychotic pharmaceuticals also map brain function locations

musical pregnancy hip circlet or acoustic beaming
with music that fetuses have been measured with ultrasound to prefer
That causes measurable happiness at college students ike Pachelbel or chiptunes

laser depilates while sleeping with microsecond narrowbeam ramp up

diagnostic flavor gum nucleotides linked to flavors
also upper 40th genetic compatability

science observations that could favor ethical vegetarianism do fetal pandas masturbate do they masturbate different amounts from various pharmaceuticals

a globally beneficial quantitative psychological study of voluntary employment among those who ceased seeking employment to find those persons that have ceased seeking employment that are responsive to advertising who are also happier as well as more productive when employed

duoatomic particles from argon gel versions of capacitor metals create higher surface area capacitors

genetics of successful repair researchers note a database of those with 99th pctile or higher successful result from things like angioplasty or other medical procedures the reseaarchers note shared genes among the most easily successfully repairable humans then at a different population group the researchen then verifies that there are particular genes that go with successful easy repair then make the genes of easy successful repairability available to all humans as eugenics voluntary preferables

creating an oral probiotic that produces a glomming protein that coats other microorgasisms makes all sneezes less bacterially or other organism transmssive reducing illness

ultrasonic version of the photovoltaic path light repels bugs could this work on tree fruit

I read that at about 2014AD a leading cause of dwelling conflagrations was fabric dryers a slight modification to dryers to puff internally with a vehicle like airbag could reduce risk actuarial financiers could reduce fees among those with conlagrationless fabric dryers

I saw how ambient radiofrequency nergy is able to light up a light emitting diode with an radiofrequency electromagnetic antenna This ambien EM could accumulate at a capacitor then momentarily gather weather data then make a data chirp to the distant coree system producing a multimeasurement spatialarea batteryless weather data gathering technology you could have a bunch of batteryless weathermeasurers like MEMS gatering better data

Probiotics that aactively prevent cancer engineered GI tract bacteria note any oncospecific physiochemicals then start producing an oncostatic drug like tamoxifen or better Wikipedia says tamoxifen is a bacterial product making this automatic cancer prevention probiotic based on existing bacterial products

PTFE membrane cyclodextrin filled floormats also at vehicles

has anyone tried maki an excimer hagen laser with cool plasma superacids or superbases It possible that these Wikipedia items have even greater electron orbita magnitude than halogens

aptamer chronosynchronized romantic receptiveness When a plurality of people feel romantic towards each other they could voluntarily take aptamer linked drugs that synchronize their affection as well as sexiness preferences aptamers with neurotransmitters or ATP upmodulation or oxytocin active at particular mapped areas of the limbic system cause simultaneous attraction trust sexual arousal with limerance at a plurality of people simultaneously noting that aptaamer linked drugs function at particul location the dose at a chronofuncttionaalizeing simultaneoysness molecule is ultra entsy like oscillating diurnal gradual dissolve snorted gelatin or polymer

fun a musement quantum dots on playspheres make visuak color trails
quantum dots are Electromagnetic frequency tuned to witricity to light up surface

medical technologists are able to predict which persons face greater risk of what occurrence among those predicted to have high cardiovascular wellness it is possible longevity producing drug combined with oncostatic drug could prevent eensir than diagnoseable cance thus AuAEDG as a longevity peptide with a chemooncoprentative could be given at asymptomatic doses to lengthen longevity while preventing cancer among those with high predicted cardiovascularwellness
which brings up the equivalent technology among those predicted to skip cancer is there a cardiovascular illness preventative like flu vaccine or antibodies to cholesterol (I read that flu vaccine prevents much cardiovascular illness)

Active norepinephrine neuron mRNA makes nootropic I think I rad that caffeine a mild nootropic functions at the same neuron receptors as epinephrine When those neurons are active they also produce mRNA thus it is possible there is a messengerRNA drug that functins with some similarity to caffeine as a nootropic The other possibility is to have methoxycaffeine (which I read causes sleepiness) cause mRNA that upmodulate exciteability of noreepinepherine neurons Thus that nRNA is nootropic as it amplifies receptiveness siRNA drugs then are new nootropics

preventing or curing diabtes it is possible that more gradual absorption of food reduces glycemic response thus keeping nearer optimal glucose levels thus gene therapy of islet cytes to make appetite suppressing peptides reduces eating preferences when circulating glucose is high also GI tract motility from is adjustable witth peptides gene therapy that gradualizes digestion during high glycemia reduces diabetic physioresponses The islet cytes activity directs gradualized digestion

I have heard of ascorbyl palmitate a lipid soluble vitamin DHA is a membrane lipid that improves flexibility It is possible that ascorbylDHA concentrates where vitamin
c concentrates like ocular areas as well as (I think CNS) thus improving durability of vision from bringing DHA to the ocular cytomembranes

ecologically beneficial Gynomorphic printer paper Printer paper with ) (
sides prints at the same area as well as height while having a twentieth or even a tenth less mass printing with this kind of paoer reoresents a tenth or twentieth of something near a trillion pieces of paaper or more than 40 gbillion pieces of paper annually thus those that like recyclingcould specify gynomorphic paper shape printers

There is a peer reviewed journal that describes photopharmaceutical which are pharmaceutical molecules that change their activity with light Photoactivated steroid molecules like photonically active anabolic or photonically active corticosteroids could be given systemically then just photoactivated with light shone at particular tissue areas to grow just particular areas of muscle or reduce arthritis with just active corticosteroids at motional linkages the greater area specificity reduces systemic effects while computer imaged motion is then able to customize the illumination pattern to produce nost beneficia tissue repair progression

creating structures that have azeotropic like function where cofunctionality causes nondistinguishaability at a quantum system thiss is similar to a mathmaatician noting p=,5 aat a quantum system spatially or volumentrically arrayed this creates areas og spatial quantum nsulation kind of turning a quantum system like a USB flash drive to a multilogic pathway CPU structure it also has MWI functionalities as a universe nsulator or directional proliferator
creating quntum linked electrons as well as possibly quantum linked atoms quantum linked ekectrons could occur from lithium hydrides or hydrogen next to a conductor surface or a van de graaf lke surface with spin polarized gas like spin polarized xenon gas there is also the possibility that plasmons coul be quantum linked Beryllium is a neutron multipier it is possible that one neutron tht produces two could some of the occurences create two quantum linked neutrons that could then be available at a neutron magnetic container like I read about at a physics tome of knowledge with quantum linked electrons they have durability as well as physicality different from quantum linked photons thus a quantum linked elctron grouped with others or with nonquantum linked electrons spread around a sphere surface coud if anoter quantum inked electron at a different sphere surface motionized towards a conductor would causes the other sphere surface quantum linked elctron to zoom taway from the sphere rearranging all the other electrons or creating a conductive filament when you think of a human with a plurality of capacitors
at either side of a planet then physically conducting te quantum linked electrons would effect those at the distant planet area a computer or communicator could occur if an electret polymer surface had a quantum linked electron placed at it with another regular electronspread surface next to it far motions of the quantum linked electron would cause the one restig or hovering at te electret to modify its relation to the other nextarea electrons causing a slight group electron movement this has similarities to a transistor with electron action at a distance from th quantum linked electrons note that usb flash memory functions from quantum tunneling of electrons to acual trillions of different areas 512GB like 4 trillion b placing quantum linked electrons at paired flash memory (possibly with transverse EM or lasers that generate spin polarized xenon gas)creates 4 trillion or more eperate quantum linked communications events noting that quantum linked electrons have electronic component functionality this creates a new kind of synchronized distance communication at mass produced electronics as well as physically spatially distributed electronic quantum linked electron computer circuits

analog view that is outside quantum think of an elements emission spectra then think of a plurality of those atoms moving towards or away from an observer at relativistic velocities each of the spectral lines could be frequency shifted like bluesgifted so that they are at a differ frequency one of the other spectral lines with a plurality of nergized atoms at a velocity distribution tis creats a white light frequency spatial form that is outside quantum measurability from the velocity distribution as well as view it is also possible to create a velocity distribution of a group of emitting atoms that velocity synchronzes at just one color like light blue
I saw an image of a spatial particle detector it was like a big dish with a little dish if a stochastic radiation particle omitted reaching the eensier dish the scientist technologist then has the concept that the stochastic particle is moving at a particular trajectory I read about how a dress beam around a coherent high power bean causes the high power bean to travel further when their polarizations are the same it could be that placing different dress beams aroud the sides of the dish causes farther travel of the particle being detected

happy people making images as well as music a researcher named diener created a quantitative happiness measure then researched superhappy people finding persons who described their being as happy who others described as happy who I think nonlinked psychologists also described as happy they could also do fMRI on the superhappy to note similarities to other people who are experiencing personal happiness while havinf fMRI creating voluntary graphic imagemaking that the superhappy creat images at creates a new kind of happy graphics whih is then aesthetically contributive as well as possibly measurable at others as proding varied kinds of feeling or thoughts than otherwise from other kinds of graphics tthose superhappy person produced images that also produce fMRI happiness as well as well being at viewers are notably propagateable
Nootropic as well as truth technology I read that there are chemicals like Crpicolinate that halve or higher the amount of misremembered items at a memory study Thus researchers could find out if these improvements vary with preference or confusion could be remember more accurately even if their consciousness feels trepidation or even absent consciousness like more accurate keyboarding or computer navigation Possibly Crthreonate cncentrates at the CNS like Mgthreonate It is possible that amplifying the same mRNA that Crpicolinate activates also improve learning as well as recognition quantitatively measured accuracy that mRNA amplification goes with siRNA or germline gene modification or gene therapy

A persin is voluntarily authentically feeling pleasure at a massage chair They are on a recreation drug like MDMA simultaneously which gives them ever higher blissfulness than the already njoyaable massge chair The massage chair has cooling peltier effect modules so the person is cooled like they are on a New Hampshire stroll does simulation cool climates where people have greater wellness with longevity cause greater mammal ongevity this would be verified as voluntary as well as longevizing at lam mammals before making a human artificial new England countryside stroll longevity wellness massage chair

balloon or microblimp computer guided quad nanorotors could bring reflective light ntensifirs to upcast light to cause treenuts to grow more avidly making them more affordable at a mass basis the balloon or microblimp quadnanotrotors could also float a opaque reflecto above nuttrees to crete beneficial coolness or improve water availability because these ar balloon quadnanorots they use minimal energy to position as well as maintain the reflectorsheet they could also build a kind of floating canopy above a nutttree then travel to the next nuttree the purpose is to make mechanically improved electromechanically harvested edible seeds from nuttrees more affordable benefitting vegetarian preferences

is the ere ablend of hydrogen with Argon that is still floats balloons or microblimps that has suddificent blending whoosh to be absent autoctalytic oxidation then that balloon gas mixture is quantifiably less risky than sunny strawheaps I read that Argon is about 1 prt per 100 of air thus is very zeolite diffuser fan producible at a quadnanorotor that makes microballoons as it travels

I favor creting an online site click2divorce that automatically creates then files divorce documents The divorce documents are favorable to children This gives people rapid convient divore absent professional fees or intrapersonal communication

Longevity technology UV light is published as causing erythema It is possible that erythema cytokines travel throughout the body cusing cytoactivity Does surface UV light cause varied effects at different nonexposed tissues if any of these effects are opposite beneficial then finding identical albedo nonclonal lab mammals then noting the 99th pctlie of internal tissue immunity to UV produced nonbeneficial effects or cytokines then noting improvements to longevity as well as wellness at the lab mammals creates the opportunity to do the human research noting a lange number of persons is are there person at the 99th pctlie of higher of non intenal responsiveness to identically absorbed UV light such that those persons have greater wellness as well as greater longevity Then those represent human genes of greater wellness as well as greater longevity as well as cytokine system variations of greater wellness as well as greater longevity that are the basis of things like siRNA pharamceuticals

aultraffordable tDCS or a variety of bodylocation DCS temporal DC stimulation is published at science magazine or nature magazine as give twice the reflex capability at a computer activity The dose was near 9 volts at about 1 milliampere Creating an ultraffordable tDCS is to layer two polymers each with ions as well as circuit lingages to make 9V at 1 milliamp noting thant aluminized candy packages could be patternized as well as the multipolymerlayer of some 20th century AD tertapak like containers gives the ability to produce a 9V 1 milliampere tDCS at less than 1¢ each giving a wide variety of humans a superaffordable electrical nootropic
improving this technology is creating functioning preferably peer reviewed published tehnologies about different areas of DCS there is apatnt on an are of the back wchi causes a plesrbly possible sexual sensation there is the possibility that a decorative polymer polymer applique just up from the pubis near the side of the hip could create greater sexual pleasure perhaps keyboarding velocity improves at nonCNS DCS from some body surface location the 1¢ ionlayered polymer DCS gives humans ultraffordable voluntary personal amplification technology

Acoustic microtetris pieces at 3d printers as warmable glue consider a 3d printed object if one of the 3d printer polymers is a meltable glue at tetris piece shape then nternal reinforcements or strengthenings are possible a person printing curved forms that tounge n goroove or dovetail to make a vehicle surface would then also have tetrismeltglue printed nestable such that assembling the tiles then warming them provides a CAD CAM FEA specificably highly on specification predictable strength to the entire assemblage of 3d printed doveailable tiles so that way aperson could print a a large item from numerous tilish custom formparts whle remaining on engineering specification at the entire assemblage

preventing cardiovascular disease is beneficial I read that immunizing against cholesterol reuces atherosclerosis at lab mammals It is possible tat the immunogenic lipopolysachharide nonamers found at the surface of bacteria create varied kinds of immunoresponse htus researcher technologists could see if at a vaireity of lipopolysaccharides linked to cholesterol a preferred immunorespnse to cholesterol is produced creating an even more effective immunization against atherosclerosis as well as cardiovascular disease

I support a woman as wel as a girls right to have an abortion I strongly favor the creation of an abortion producing electromechanical mechanism an abortion producing robot that can be used anonymously completely absent ny human social activity Improving this abortion robot is the activity of fetal specific anesthesia like opiate pepetides linked to apatamers that preferentialize at the amiotic fluid or only fetal tissue thus causing an absence of any fetal sensation other than euphoria

I think it is possible that when people view an image or a message freuqntly they think about it more possibly creating grater mangintude of activity Creating a merely mechanical gradual message changing fridge magnet with a polymer spring rotates a different message very gradually from vernal equinox to vernal equinox It could have saying like Consider asking for a raise or finding better activities or enrich your childrens ntellectual capacity Or if you feel social talk to people you like rather than people seeking your attention or be the change you would like to see at the world as the phrases very grually rotate at the polymer spring fridge magnet the person or persons accumulate awareness of pobbible authentic benefit to their way of living as well as are reminded of the possibility of authentically benefitting others

Greenfresh probiotic numerous grciew wash vegetation produce they could use a liquid with beneficial probiotic bacteria possible like citrobacter (preservative pH) lactobacillus GG or even LKM512 the lactobacillus that is published as causing greter then 9/10 greater longevity at mammals The greenfresh probiotic improves freshness with optimalpH while featuring reduced glycemic response at lactobacillus GG as well as greater longevity with LKM512
Soybeans are already glyophosphate genetically engineered thus further genetic engineering of soybeans is particularly socioculturally favorable Engineering soybeans to produce sulphofuranes that prevent cancer is beneficial

I read that among the things that saved a particularly lyarge number of peoples lives prior to the 20th century AD cleanliness which reduces nfections transmission is among them I think it is possible that antibacterial proteins like lactoferring or other antibacterial proteins could be linked to the keratin of the palm surface with the Michael reaction Think of transparent henna Wikipedia describes how the micheal reaction actually links another molecule to human surface keratin thus the micheal reaction could be used to coat the most frequent person to person contact surfaces with a keratin rected yet still numerically functional antibacterial peptides or proteins thus reducing the amount of person to prson nfection to save lives

(ethicality of advertising)I read or heard that at the United States 2014AD about a third of people would take antibiotics as directed another third would take some of them then another third would omit actually obtaining antibiotics Thus advertising technology them improves voluntary medical pharmaceutical treatment plan accomplishment is beneficial At the media or computer areas of peoples dwellings or personal electronics a microsd card or other thing could simply produce a software interrupt reminding people to use their beneficial pharmaceuticals if they are viewing media or entertainment Simple custom commercials overlay the other entertainment media thus causing the one third actual effectiveness of pharmaceutical timing to rise to higher more beneficial amounts

wandering around I notice sidewalk chalk graphics I think that a giant polymer spirograph amusement object could make meter sized math images

I also favor having ultraffordabe amusement object microcopters computer guided to hover above the sidewalk gradually moving pieces of sidewalk chalk to make participative draw along with graphics that favor mathematical awareness as well as capability

I like erotic images thus I think the mathematica graphic activity called sprouts which has many curviform aesthetics could be a automatic producible graphic

what does ethynl caffeine do the ethynl group as ethynl estradiol causes it to be orders of magnitude more physiologically active than estrogen are ethynl versions of caffeine or other recreational drugs also numerous
orders of magnitude more effective at a dose also I read ethoxycaffeine causes sleepiness

I read that Oral Rehydration Therapy ORT saved many lives during the 20th century AD could it be that ORT improved with bibulous peptides that cause greater spontaneous water drinking improve effectiveness also

write a science journal article

I read that Oral Rehydration Therapy ORT saved many lives during the 20th century AD could it be that ORT improved with bibulous peptides that cause greater spontaneous water drinking improve effectiveness also vasopressin causes people to pee less it is possible that vasopressin peptide reengineered to oral availability could cause improved hydration thus as a ultraffordable microvolume ingredient vasopressinlike peptide aat ORT could improve effectiveness

gene therapy at hair follicles that causes humans to produce a wide variety of beneficial peptide drugs giving immediate pharmaceutical availability combine BFP (like GFP) with a variety of things like cyclooxygenase II reducing petides also bibulousness(water preserving or accumulating) producing peptides antibiotic peptides or proteins like lactoferrin as well as opiate receptor peptides as well as things ike CART peptides that are stimulnts as well a variety of other protein or peptide drugs Then ceate an version that is linked to aptamers so that the peptides or proteins have orders of magnitude greater concentration at particular tissues with some diffusability to area cytes have the aptamer drugs produced at areas at the persons head or pubic hair with gene therapy this gives every human hundreds or hundreds of hundreds of immediately available curative pharmaceuticals as well as the ability to grow recreational drugs 24 hours of hair growth would create tens of thousands of doses at 1 milligram of hair is 1k micrograms which with aptamer linked physioconcentration creates more than 10k doses of each of the pharmaceuticals

chronologically identical rotating function libraries made with different code

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