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GPCR longevity technology quantum linked photons from quasars, MWI

Posted by treonsverdery , 13 January 2015 · 1,019 views

longevity astrophysics mwi longevity science
All of these ideas are public domain More technology files are at https://mega.co.nz/#...82gybPbLAlAFaYA
also https://onedrive.liv...AGHBl-eRM5NIMaE

Gprotein coupled receptors are part of neurons as well as many things making gpcr more durable as actual molecular mechanisms at identical or improved receptivity causes greater receptor durability thus greater neural durability greater neural durability is a longevity technology the other things that have durablized Gpcr also have greater durability thus sustained capability the actual refresh velocity, regrowth nterval as well as durbility of youthful Gpcr is part of youthful tissue responsiveness possibly from a cybrnetc perspective

gpcr has twirl tubes emanating from a blobby quasitoroid the stiffness of the twirl tubes or the radius of the blobby toroid are genetically as well as post translationally processing effected

it could be than younger organisms have different post translational processing at making gpcr The pharmceuticals that improve or guide post translational processing of gpcr to be of the youthful form are youthifying pharmaceuticals

Quasars I read that qusars are actually 1 trillion times more energy emitting than the sun thus I think that it is possible tht like the sun they produce quantum linked photons noticing quantum linked photons that come from quasars gives the ability to note what the paired photon is absorbing or otherwide being nfluenced at. so if a human observes a quasar at distance quasar_distance_distance the the ability to observe the universe from afar could actually be twice quasar_distance_distance at the farther angle, at side angles the quantum linked quasar photons could observe distal areas that are farther than other photonic approaches
also I read that human scientists were thinking of making matter with energy so if there is a process near quasars that makes matter from the 1 trillion timess greater energy output of the sun, which then reemits photons it is possible that quantum linked quasar photons could note or measure the automatic creation of matter at a distance another area of quantum linked quasar astrophysics is finding out how much energy a gravitational singularity produces at its photon making accretion disk then compare the way two gravitational singularities near a middle gravitational singularity could cause the middle gravitational singularity to have its mass migrate towards the distal gravitational singularities causing it to go from a gravitational singularity to a pure energy emitter as the 8 becomes 00 becomes O O from the distal gravity sources they could figure out if that is quasar sized energy amounts
also I read about an efffect that the physicist Gott described where a jupier sized sphere has a central area where gravitational chronomodulation causes things to occure at a velocity 6 or 8 times different than the surface what is the gott sphere chronoeffect of a quasar it is possible that 1 nanosecond is like 10 seconds (trillion effect) which could cause amazing measurement variations like what id the gott chronosphere is a different shape with an asymptotic area possibly neutrinos or photons traveling a trillion times different velocity next to a region where they travel at vacuum velocity cause cumulative absorption or possibly just effects from being a trillion times different

sexy handyphone meetup app people get to autofavor others that view their favorite content lke cunnilingus sex manuals so if 20 or 100 people respond those that have viewed the persons preferred sex manual tutorials sort to the top causes more people to be better lovers as well as improve sex among sexy handyphe meetup app users

the tactile motional keyboard is epaper the perimeter is drawable or rewritable with reminders

laser nflateable carpet padding the carpet padding has polymer bubblefoam with a chemical that becomes a gas when lased thus becoming softer as well as higher ultradeluxe continuous softness with roombalasers that keep the carpet ultrasoft much longer chronological amounts

optical fiber coatings that are polymer like vinyl could be made eentsily electrically conductive that way rather than unconnecting to trace path they could do external microconductivity to trace path this causes less datapath variation from figuring things out

million year edible snacks These are snacks that are stay edible across numerous geologic varitions there are numerous formulas like lasermicrolaticced microbubbled titanium dioxide with sucronic acid (1/5 of million times sweeter than sugar) at the argon filled microbubbles there are numerous approaches

seepout glowchems at halides
MWI schrodinger equation MWI at hydrogen atoms noting that the schrodinger equation predicts much about the hydrogen atom the MWI at the varied possible hydrrogen atom unverses seems lss mathematically risky creating an etalon that givs regular matter patterning to a plurality of hydrogen creates a multiatom area of less risky mathematics to do MWI things with notably compare the quantum chronovariation of phosphorescence where a photon (at a percption of what I read) vibrates around a few seconds prior to reemission that quantum process when considering the size of a wave function like a hydrogen atom or all things causes desynchronization of quantum wavefunction as an effect oof the actual amount or kind (like phosphorecent materials) of matter at the wavefunction the accumuated desynchronizations could possiby requir syncronization to actually catsup to cause the question of "so does the wave function make more universes or beep out" this could actually be measurable how
much desynchronization at the schrodiner equation is sufficient to preserve or nonfunctionalize the descriptive accuray at hydrogen atoms thus te multihydrogen atom etalon could mesure desychronization resynchronization effects at the scrodinger equation then it could be possible to do MWI effects on a few atoms simultaneously on purpose with nflationay nergy to create a new unverse or with measurement actually describe spans of mattr or space where the wavefunction is too desynchronized to have the catchup that actually resolves the wave function creating a ntire universe MWI so that could be pysics that says we can create new universes the thng is that the MWI where every person had dated every other person has a desynchronization effect describable as (numeric description) which effects the human behavior implications of the MWI I have personally had expriences where a paranormal entiy described at detail variations of my future suggesting that macrosize human universe variants at least planet size are possible it could be though that drinking some harmless chemical that is quantum desynchronizing like edible phosphorescent material could actually change the quantity of alternative futures that actual person might experience I heard that objects that are ultracooled function longer the metals become stronger I think I read that this wa linked to gradual emission of lattice vibrations which is a gradual synchronization emmissions phenomena that way a thing made o metal or a frozen oocyte couldactually have much less wavefunction desynchronization strongly favoring its MWI duplicative propagation as there is less catchingup to actually produce a fullmatter wavefunction

Research protocol velocitizes longevity research

Creating a group of 40 cohorts (groups) of 11 mice each Where each cohort is a different month of age quantifies longevization effects of new molecules more rapidly

thus there are
11 mice at 39 months of age
11 mice at 38 month of age
11 mice at 37 months of age
continuing to
11 mice at one month of age
at the beginning

Giving each of these cohorts a longevity molecule then noting the p value of any longevity effect causes rapid data gathering as to effectiveness

I may have read that 8 mammals are sufficient to generate a p value at .05
thus 11 mice have higher validity

Trending such as when months 28 to 37 all show a trend to greater longevity improves the p Value further

A cumulative value similar to a meta analysis of the entire multi cohort is also producible

This creates the ability to bring valuable new data to publication more rapidly as well as improves the quality of the research.

There are places that maintain breeds as well as genetics. These could improve the quantification math described here then create Ready to research multiage distributions as a

MWI scrodiners equation modifications the wave function is a part of schrodingers equation i previously recorded how at a double slit experiment a neutron electron or molecule at the double slit could be noted as wave or particle the thing is though that immediately at the double slit the wpduality has gravity that simultaneously effects both detectors thus the gravity measurment or effect occurs prior to the wpduality actually reaching either detector if it is a particle detector then the prechonological gravity effect would be concentrated at particle diameter at a wave detection the greater diffuse area of the wave would be a spread gravity chonopreeffect that suggests that there is a velocity of saturation effect at the wave function as the gravity version occurs or could be measured to occur prior to wave or particle that suggests a velocity of propagation Then with a velocity of propagation then the entire universe considered as a wave actually has a chronological saturation duration such a chronological saturation duration effects the quantity of MWI universes created also the velocity of wavefunction saturation at the detector is highly technologically adjustable think of a phosphorescent material it absorbs photons then reemits after a delay from what
I read this is because the energy absorbed is at a quantum nonexistent emitter band thus the photon excited molecule does a lot of something similar to revibrating prior to reemitting a photon that is a completely quantum atom wavefunction saturation delay which thus effects the velocity of MWI universe generation
also with the double slit experiment what occurs at a nondetector absorbance say a 7/8th pie chart is at the front of each wpduality detector the wave detector always notes part of a wave presence the particle detector has a 1/8 likeliness of noting an entire particle Thus as an entire universe wave function the amount of absorbed mittences could ffect the MWI quantity a photon emitter surrounded with phsphorecscent material could create a nonresolved occurence thus every quantum event pathway that has N likeliness of a nonresolved or resolvable occurence creates MWI universes-nonresolved at entire universe wave function distance or MWI-azeotropes the span of MWI prior to nonresolvables wwould actualy cause more wavefunction functionalizations at eensier distances or matter or energy concentrations Thus a stellar object above the galactic disk would produce many more high diameter resolvable MWI occurnces because it avoided being near the kind of azeotropic nonresolvabl matter concentration layer so aiming a laser at the milky way could actually be less MWIriffic than aiming it perpendicular

The view each page of a magazine then think of an idea approach to generating beneficial technologies
enroute fast food prep rather than produce then bring to address fast food prep

I have seen a mirrored window what about a halftone screen mirrored window less mirror higher light transmission about equal unidirectional view
vehicle windshield is at angle have high velocity movement ssoft panel trvel same angle as windshied if nonpurposed vehicle contact

dashboard multiconsole although datacomm to handyphone is obvous having a plurality of microcameras viewing handyphone tossed at electricity refill pad then making the touchdisplay of the console be the vehice as wel as handyphone touchscreen could be new

lenstube knurled surface is actually touchscreen touchpad with variable geometry image effects like happy fun sexy fascinating either as autophotoshoprecurve or reartistspalletteization like pastels
faster than side of camera view n modify
singalong nurtable polymer human figure
quntitatively measured to improve childrens optimism as well as capability

create transparent hueless mycosporine

geometric form variation of plancks constant i saw an image of a mid 20th centruy physicist walking near Kurt Godel then I thought about a convesation they could have well there is gravitational lensing then the other says at least part of the mathematics is limned with ncomleteness theorem so is there a a way to describe plancks contant with lest refuted mathematics or actual geometry well think of a triangle with a cirrcle drawing hypotenuse at one particular side side ratio the rational number will actually be the plancks constant number thus there is a way to produce that ratinal numbr from just a circle drawing now consider the triangle as three geodiscs at the surface of ntersecting spheres where those spheres of actual physics material ntersect the plancks constant rational number is produced what then is the spatial noneuclidean geometry that most parsimoniously produces plancks constant is it three overlapping spheres or possibly two nested spheres ( O ) at a distance ratio also the idea that the spheres would change psycs spatial relation to each other to parsimoniously conserve a rtional number could go with all the spheres actually being gigantic distributions rather than absolute entities the universeal wave function ikely changes only eentsy amounts moment to moment if that is regraphed to be like curved line geodesic as one of two or three ntercalatd spheres then only one or two other ultracalm pysics distributions could create the plncks constant relation as a rational number
plancks constant as a nonconstant geometrically formed rational number could affect the schrodiger equation a well as the MWI

I read at yahoo answers that the scrodinger eqution is able to predict electrons or EM field even if either are the complex i variable They yhoo answers description also noted that Schrodinger used peexisting diffuse action around a particle equations from a previous mathematician It is possible then that if different math capable of describing a multiunit array existed then that math absent complex numbers or sqrt(-1) would be much of the schrodingers equation actual form Thus it is possible that restating schodingers equation completely with matrices or the 2,3 automata removes the sqrt(-1) thing along with matrices or computational automata I think it is possibl that nherently chiral geometric circles or spheres together as an ellipse or oval would always contin an array liike assemblage of two continuously relatable variables a completely geometric structure note this is different than calculating a spheroidal orbital from an equation it is using a plurality of circles or spheres at a volumetric relation to represent the array like simultaneouty of electron with magetism so the thing is does an all geometric sqrt(-1)less version of schrodingers equation produce new technologizable perspectives as well as possibly effect the MWI

technoology that improves a variety of research microcoating nonvertabrate foods so they have identical flavor even with varied molecules. I read about how a molecule ibuprofen caused drrosopila to live longer the thing is that that molecule causes humans to note things tasting different (fter ibuprofen or naproxen sodium things taste sweet) thus it is possible the drosophila food flavor effects the amount of food utilized thus causing longevity variation Thus coating the studied molecules with lactose or digestable polymer the measuring identicality of quantity ingested possibly with stable isotopes even at molecules nonvertebrates avoid eating improves research

online image editing filters could produce muliple simultaneous edits of an image as an image file with multiple simultaneous images at one filename it is possible that 128b CPU are better as notably multiparallel image processing

vehicle bumpers could have custom deceleration effects thik of a graph that goes soft to firm to soft to minimize vehicle risk the metal tube has a variable radiuss core so the compressability varies with which part of the metal @@@@ is beig compressed at a vehicle bumper this causes soft firm soft response to preserve occupant well being also the @@@@ could actually be replaced with a wve spring that looks kind of like stacked lissajous gaskets to create the soft firm soft response at a different eentsier form size

recreational drug along with supplement combinations that improve employment seeking effectivenesss quantitative psychologists could measure the effect of recreational drugs on effeciveness of employment interviews then if any were noted to cause a larger quantity of interviews or online or other employment communications these could then be packaged then given away to employment seekers possibly caffiene with microdose MDMA causes activity with optimism among some while high dose docahexanoic acid the omega 3 lipid with a microdose of GABA receptor activator could have a different casualness with slight amplified sense of notable adequacy

<prepeaceful concept 0.1>
this is a prepeaceful concept as a 0.1 version it is scheduled to be imroved prior to being thought of as an actual functional concept During the 1st century AD there were groups that physically effected each other

if the effect had caused persons at those societies with ancestors with longevity at the 99th pctile or higher to be the only persons that could have children then longevity genes would accumulate at areas with population changes then the persons with longevity gene ancestors would have longevity gene progeny The gene awareness effect would support the entire refill population having ultralongevity the ultralongevity benefits the concernless agovernmental preexisting thus is harmless from the perspective of existing humans

write a science journal article

I read that Oral Rehydration Therapy ORT saved many lives during the 20th century AD could it be that ORT improved with bibulous peptides that cause greater spontaneous water drinking improve effectiveness also vasopressin causes people to pee less it is possible that vasopressin peptide reengineered to oral availability could cause improved hydration thus as a ultraffordable microvolume ingredient vasopressinlike peptide aat ORT could improve effectiveness

gene therapy at hair follicles that causes humans to produce a wide variety of beneficial peptide drugs giving immediate pharmaceutical availability combine BFP (like GFP) with a variety of things like cyclooxygenaase II reducing petides also bibulousness(water preserving or accumulating) producing peptides antibiotic peptides or proteins like lactoferrin as well as opiate receptor peptides as well as things ike CART peptides that are stimulnts as well a variety of other protein or peptide drugs Then ceate an version that is linked to aptamers so that the peptides or proteins have orders of magnitude greater concentration at particular tissues with some diffusability to area cytes have the aptamer drugs produced at areas at the persons head or pubic hair with gene therapy this gives every human hundreds or hundreds of hundreds of immediately available curative pharmaceuticals as well as the ability to grow recreational drugs 24 hours of hair growth would create tens of thousands of doses at 1 milligram of hair is 1k micrograms which with aptamer linked physioconcentration creates more than 10k doses of each of the pharmaceuticals

chronologically identical rotating function libraries made with different code

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