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use gravitational lensing to produce retrocausal quantum linked photons that support uinverse wide simultaneous computation

Posted by treonsverdery , 27 February 2015 · 1,890 views

delayed quantum choice
Gravitational lensing to modify the past to actually produce a new communications media
I perceive that the physicist tipler could have written that using a gravitiational lens that viewing material with phtons at a distance the frorm of the view could function like the retrocausal phtons of the delayed quantum choice eraser described at wikipedia thus approximately two or more near earth observatories, possibly obn earth observatories would view a distant light source near a gravitational lens because they view this from slightly different angles it is possible to actually retrocausally preferntialize the path of the photons with a physically occuring thing similar to the retrocausal delayed quantum choice eraser i perceivbe tipler said it would be possible to modify something about 10,000 years previous
then with that as a technology this imp[roves that technology route the preferred photon path through diffuse matter like disperse atomic ions such that they absorb some of the redirected photonic pathway light then reemit it as fluorescence find that particular area of the obserable space where the fluorescing ions are near clumps of matter to do multiple retroreflection somewhat like the shimmer of layered air that is schleiren this produces a new reflective direction of the fluoresced photons with mirror effect. notably mirror effect is used at beam splitters at numerous phyics experiments thus thuis creates mirror effects at a retrocausal premoment with a gravitational lens among the numerous effects of mirrors are beamsplitters beamsplitters are published as capable of making quantum linked phton pairs from stellat light thus it is possible to create quantum linked photons at the retrocausal premoment notably because these areq quantum linked phopton is if one is absorbed the other reacts similar to the quantum camera described at new scientist magazine this is a way then to view the far past laterally with quantum linked photons produced from retrocausal phons that result from gravitational lensing experiments that tipler described New scientist states that the velocity of linkage of qquantum linked photons is more than 1400 times the measured velocity of light the experimenters used optical fiber to make the measurment thus retrocausal photons that creat3e quantum linked photons can amplifty their chronodescriptive cabability a multiple of 1400 or possibly more so if these retrocausal photon groupings that produce quantum linked photons are caused to propagate towards the earth from a delayed choice quantum eraser that makes a bunch of blobs of area where more rapid than photonic velocity communications are possible as well as describe the things laterally viewable from the side as a reseult of the fluorescing schlieren mirrors this also has computer computronium singularity technology applications

godel theorem modification with growing geometry (dish grows faster than question permits simultaneity with extra space)
as i minimally comprhend what i have partially read of godels theorom the linguisit or comprhension state space
of a phrase like "Variable T is Not T" has the effect of causing any symbolic system to be non system consistent. the thing is though is that if you just look at t or not t being a possiblity like a dsitribution at a kind of geometry or a dish then this (moment) variable(moment) T (moment) sudden death on all humans before my next breath people go to Heaven when they die creator of Heavens original purpose Heaven

tchnology content to improve the lives of sex workers it occured to me that a biometric overseas mutual fund could be activated from atablet pc app if a person gave a sex worker money they could have it go far beyond the surrounding cultural persons then be outside of refundability until a month had passed this way rather than persons asking the sex worker to remit further funds from their profession tehy would be automatically whisked away beyond organizational as well as governmental jurisdictions thus sex worker clients could say hey look at this handyphone app then the sexworker would accumulate funds outside of organizational purposes

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