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gathering gold as well as other preferred elements from sea water also fluorescent minerals sculpted with lasers to be at brighter than tiffany lamps

Posted by treonsverdery , 27 June 2016 · 1,248 views

gold seawater ectraction algae mutation mutagen fluorescent mineral tiffany lamp extraction

Laser crafted aesthetic curved mini fluorescent minerals Think of using a laser to form curvy beautiful shapes from actual fluorescent minerals.
Also make brighter more colorful than Tiffany lamps with fluorescent minerals or fluorescent glass vivid like a cloisonne glowstick from a UV LED. The brighter than tiffany lamps could have sweeping open curves to view the inner surface that was getting the most UV light.
This idea is ancient, or slightly novel version of previous idea Gold as well as highly valued elements from seawater. Rather than grass this would utilize algae. Describing it with grass though, think of a square meter of grass, at 1mm spacing, that is 1 million different plants. A mutagen like an azide or radiation would cause mutations, then the million plants would be given water enriched with the preferred element, they absorb the element differently from each other, then spectroscopy is utilized to note which grass has the highest concentration of gold or preferred element. Theupper 999th percentile of these grasses are then bred together to produce even higher element concentrating plants. Now do the same thing with oceanic algae cytes, these are microscopic, perhaps millions per liters, then use flow cytometry through a tube with a spectroscope to process them , to find the oceanic algae that are most active at absorbing gold or preferred elements from seawater

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