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new technology inventions ideas

Posted by treonsverdery , 07 July 2016 · 969 views

technology inventions

Electrophoresis cosmeceutical peptide with active receptor group side towards dermatocytes with emswirl applicator that way the molecule has highly anisotropic amino acid electronegativity
Cofocalized sonication of abdominal fat even among skinny people to cause greater wellness (different amount of leptin)
Make halogenated nicotine does topical nicotine or similar molecule change circulation to cause paleness
Regular keratin or hair polymer coating that is microsize diffraction grating like hologram candy it could make hair iridescent with flatiron
Utilize awns (chaff) that are polymerized to minimize evaporation at agricultural water courses, the awns could be coated with hopanoids or only durable hopanoid microbubbles could float at upper surface reducing evaporation so there is greater amount of water at cities as well as agriculture
Do evanescent waves support polarization thus quantum linkability this causes effects without contact like with the evanescence meeting object 180 degrees from the quantum linked evanescence (or photon) at the imagng absorber outside of obect viewing system technology , this is then even less invasive than photons producing new medical scanners as well as airport scanners
Note the possibility of a grid of evanescent waves # if something like the (UC Berkeley (or caltech) online physics tutorial with the two wax prisms, near yet absent touching each other) wax prism had a grid on it a grid could then be utilized to sense or regiospatially customize energy more effectively at a Cartesian field
OTC pressureject botox 3 dose erases lines
Longevity technology what is the effect of pleural area polyamines like spermidine compared with oral polyamines like spermidine, also do lymphaticaly circulating polyamines like spermidine have new longevity effects, as compared with oral or circulatory polyamines like spermidine
Could mammography be accomplished with les radiation with a (*) radial center pattern or a grid pattern (#) that could utilize 1/9th the radiation think graph paper
Could the peptides measured at milk to reduce cancer be genetically amplified or otherwise amplified to make human milk ducts more resistant to cancer. One study, possibly with golden hamsters, notes a whey protein chemical that causes greater longevity which could be oncopreventative
Equal pay for equal work handyphone app have top line (eentsy symbol area)of handyphone have a “you would have earned $amount” rotating number showing women just how much more they would be getting with an equality raise, a mild continual reminder to get a raise
Beer brewed to have nonabsorbable carbohydrates goes with less body mass (some form of carbohydrate that is absent absorption) so that it has viscosity without calories find a yeast that makes the nonabsorbed carbohydrate
Photonically adjusted invisalign like braces the photons tighten or loosen the polymer wire with computer guidance this could be accomplisged out of office daily causing more rapid alignment with higher quality
Deeper cofocalized laser at perspiration glands zaps them causing absence of perspiration neutralizing scent
Cofocalized lasers at depth of tissue cause internal microstriations (basically like one tenth of a millimeter wide invisible scar tissue grid that pulls apart side of eye lines or also nasolabial area)
((o)) expandable onion layer breast implants, each layer can be separately plumped or softened to be more like the actual feel of actual breasts. Lasers do the chemical effects that cause variable viscosity as well as volume
Deuterium moisturizers, even oil based have different isotope effect diffusion causing the moisturizer to be more durable this causes greater skin hydration. I think deuterium might be $4 a gram or less
Also at moisturizers microparticles of water reflecting polymers could cause greater durability of hydration (although sunscreen has polystyrene currently) polylactic acid is a natural polymer, PTFE or HDPE could be better than polystyrene as well
PTFE shoe liners could cause greater comfiness
Groupon like near moment movie tickets, they fill unused space with people that provide publicity or also earn funds
Finding epigenetic beneficial chemicals that cause greater happiness kindness as well as beauty is beneficial, this epigenetic approach would cause peoples children to be kinder happier as well as of greater beauty. Finding these chemicals goes with making a brain grid at clonal mice than noting if their clonal progeny have the morphology of greater kindness at the limbic system areas of the brain. As well as clonal mouse progeny with smoother skin or various shape parameters of dimensions of preferred bone structure directions at human faces (high cheekbones)
Neural network technology do deep learning neural nets have any kind of data anisotropy like if it were actual vennlike diagrams O-O-O-O-O or |_\ triangular aliasing where two lines are smooth the other is steppy; could an accumulation of aliasings (nonoptimal data anisotropy) cause a wider gap area (a zig zig channel) what do these things mean at the data processing of neural networks, fewer unresolvable areas or misresolves
Evanescent waves are described at a UC berekely or Caltech online physics lab sheet where two wax prisms form an evanescent wave between them. Is it possible to make evanescent wave tweezers kind of like laser tweezers Also, it is possible to do evanescent wave cooling (like laser cooling) these are nifty because they could motionize things even without direct photons or electrons (evanescent wave is, if I remember a wave rather than particle effect)
Creating proton conduction with lasers think of a :: array of electrons from the photoelectric effect like at a laserprinter does the :: array cause a proton to prefer to pop out at the middle, could such an electron pattern be produced with a laser on like an Se surface? This would create a new thing to me which is proton conduction as well as production pathways from laser and the photoelectric effect ::^::These could be large multichannel things that direct streams of protons. I think they could be printed at like 2400 x 2400 DPI at nkjet printing like technology then lasered to cause the protons to surface then flow. Motioning protons could have electronic device utility, new sensors, or even do nanochemistry
Causing greater happiness with computer applications Social networking app actually uses a neural network (deep learning) to guess which new items (“you are awesome”, compared with “have you grouched yet?”, only with neural network subtlety This will cause greater happiness then sorts these to the top, producing a measurably happier social networking experience pupillometry could be used to measure happiness as well as digital themography (anbar) polygraphy while this is being developed
Is it possible to use a genetic algorithm to produce a higher happiness causing emojii? Just as the : ) preceded the emojii, could a genetic algorithm emojii cause measurably greater happiness. Particularly at the Chinese (different cultures might have differing greatest happiness producing emojii) a 1.4 billion people 100 utilizations causes 140 billion moments of greater happiness
Nessie looking soup crackers weighted or lightened soup crackers or breakfast cereal that floats part way up
Crimp tubes with goop at them could be modified so that a filler or puff bag at crimp area makes all product available
Colored contact lenses could have coatings of the beneficial chemical methylene blue on them this could actually cause the persons eyes to be blue while causing a longevity wellness efffect
Swirling motor brush like sonic moisturizer applicator produces novel swirling cake frosting swirl decorations
Causing trees to grow more rapidly with genetically engineered or bred tree moisturizers(like humectants) that cause phloem to function longer producing a longer growing season. The heightened amount of hyalonuric acid or sorbitol that the tree produces causes plump phloem which thickens tree circumference
Could at semiconductor fabs wafer be measured with evanescent waves at a grid, these would actually extend at depth of Si at the wafer measuring things a new (to me) way this is evanescent wave interferometry to heighten yields of semiconductors. It is possible that quantum linked evanescent waves could also be functional. I have viewed images of semiconductor wafers with a circle with one flat side shape. I think it is possible for these to be more circular with less flat area yet robot processable, that could heighten semiconductor yield 1/100 which could replace or compensate the previous entire defect amount
A sphere will float on an air tube, this could be glitter that floats there could be lasers that cause this to be glittery as well as vivid
Laminar flow at cleansing waterstream has greater coherence causes cleanliness with less water
Aptamers linked with accutane, or retin A only concentrates at dermis

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