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fbi polygraph

Posted by treonsverdery , 24 May 2011 · 1,135 views

well Im back on task

I lack knowledge of where any criminally harmed persons are buried

I suggest the FBI polygraph Annie Gorman as well as Josh Yockey to see if they are aware of that material

I suggest the fbi agent known Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

micheal be polygraphed to see if he knows of or has met annProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0


Its as much as I can think of to identify people who would know about what I reacted to

If the fbi people near me cannot polygraph those people they should find out why not

anyway I haven't written up the termination of all medical technology yet. or a few other things

The fbi might be able to try a kind of structured funcion thing where rather than a person doing what they think, they could write three variations like polygraph AG polygraph TV then do whatever the draw group said, rather than steering it with the active mind

thats because I percieve a few possibilities: the fbi knows annie gorman knows about the crime yet their supervision isnt letting them know OR a kind of hypnotic field directs inquiry certain ways, thus grabbing a course of investigation from a kind of card draw could reveal things that a hypnotic field would have made an effort to guide people away from doing


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