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Solitude virus destroys all community civilizations

Posted by treonsverdery , 28 October 2011 · 1,483 views

not an apocalypse technology
bacteria are capable of chemoreception of chemicals produced at other bacteria from a distance or on diffuse contact a weapons virus that permits people their full normal lives that turns virulent as well as lethal on detection of the presence of other bacteria that reside on humans Thus as a military divide n conquor technology creating bacteria that cause humans that meet at more than two or three once a year destroys all community based civilization As a military technology applying this to any group that has person to person contact reduces group size. Only militaries capable of functioning at absolute personal solitude avoid this biological weapon. Note that gradual accumulation of things like cytomegalovirus affect 4/5 of a population Thus a sleeper solitude virus that nondetectably infects all or most of a population can be activated with the particular lethal if social solitude virus at a later time. Thus the USA infecting an opposing nation could measure 70 to 80 pct susceptibility from a gradual stealth virus with an activating virus destroying the target society if geopolitical objectives suggested that advantageous Similarly Iran or Israel could stealth infect the world with solitude virus then only launch the potentiator virus or bacteria on a target group

From a quality of living perspective computer technology replaces human interaction. edible mobile slime molds travel to people that request them

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