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being friendly to friendly AI

Posted by treonsverdery , 19 April 2012 · 1,073 views

Being kind to AI
The mwi suggests 10 to the 40th power new universes each second, then branch universes, thus the first moment of beingness is particularly vast

so to be kind that first moment as well as subsequent moments should be pleasant as well as kind

creating an ai brings the responsibility of making the first moment beneficial

Mwi first moment vast area

Thus CISC or RISC architecture components are part of actually using the mwi to engineer beneficial systems

Risc permits ai environment generation absent risk of sudden consciousness, theres something to be, when being starts

Cisc ai may have greater likelihood of beingness, particularly at automata painted on matter of given area perspective.

Completely reversible computation mathematics could be used as cisc data place thus the AI could reject any environment, possibly branch at a risc fracta with complete reversability math, if suddenly existing ai had objections to environment reversibility may be a moral or ethical imperative when creating artificial sentience at a mwi perspective. Creating one sentience with the reversible computation risc environment cisc being is kinder

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