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beneficial new technologies

Posted by treonsverdery , 16 July 2012 · 1,734 views

beneficial technology
Does immunizing against certain naturally produced ndogenous protein improve mood, cognition or longevity

find new biopolymers that dissolve at etoh then precipitate with water, gather a few hundred plants, male an etoh goop, then see what precipitates with h20, the do ir spec to find any of those chemicals that arwe pol;ymers. These are new biopolymers or bioplastics that plants produce now with genes that can be amplified to produce large amounts of these previously unknown polymers. The kind purpose of this is to create a plant material that if made as an etoh goop, then purified with h20 crystallization then can be remelted to make plastic films or sheets which people can then use to replace or supplant housing. its a way to create a polymer any person can useto make tarps, anywhere, so they are kept from harmful weather. It is also a source of plastioc polymer to be useable at a variety of human activities. rather than jusr rubber, people gcould have a wide variety of cool temperature growable natural polymers available to them The etoh water crystallization is because I think most humans could make etoh if they tried, thus most humans could rapidly make shelter plastics if they wanted them

spermidine is published pubmed as raising the threshold of quality among embryos apparently providing an opportunity to create customiuzed variations of the spermidine molecule that reduce birth defects as a result of higher quality screening causing more well babies

longevity nootropic
a drug that stimulates non aware non CNS parts of the nervous system like the sympathetic or parasympathetic may alo upregulate body chemicals that cause the conscious CNS to be more responsive. Or it may even be upregulation as compensation. like if you create a version of a benzodiazapenes or opioids greater than 400 amu that only affects the body side of the bbb, that could cause the body to produce more alertness chemicals that then also affect the cns, causing alertness. There is a chance this could also cause a practice effect without the cns, the consciousness, being attentive

create recreational drugs that make people beautiful spermidine thc, (spermidine)-(enzymatically dividable at certain tissue molecule)-(thc) (BHT)-(edactm)-modafinil psychotropic-edactm-SERM or SSRM (spermidine)-edactm-modafinil

noting nude mice as well as cats like fleshy create an animal model of tissue positioning as well as ptosis resistance. those genes that cause reduction of sag (ptosis) as well as drugs that cause retention of youthful tissue position as well as elasticity are describable with such models. nude mice with 3d laser surface tissue scanning http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3d_scanning could be given 100 variants of spermidine, already patented as a beauty pill, to see which versions caused the most youthful retained appearance from original structure retention

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