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Talking out of my ass, spending out of my class

Posted by Luminosity , in Personal 01 March 2016 · 1,653 views


Lately I've posted a number of things on Twitter where I didn't look at what I was posting about. I posted something defending one of Kanye West's temper tantrums, probably the one where he asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars. Somehow, I had the impression that it was something more serious. I rebuked the other posters saying that slavery would take more than 400 years to get over.


I applauded Chris Rock's Oscar speech based on other people's tweets about it. I've heard since that he called to task people who boycotted the Oscars. I didn't know that.


In response to a tweet, I posted that Bernie Sanders supported the war in Iraq. I remembered seeing that in the media, but memory isn't always reliable, nor is the media. Since, I've seen the opposite said in the media. I should have checked with a credible source.


Was this new information? No. I have been a journalist. I have done meticulous research. Here's a link to something I did right.




Unfortunately, I haven't slept through the night for three years due to neighborhood noise. Further, publishing at the touch of a button is just too tempting sometimes. The layers of people that used to be between me and the public made me more reflective.


My computer access is far less than most people's. The conditions under which I use a computer are very bad for concentration. Trying to find and look at relevant videos is often extremely challenging. I can barely hear the audio. I should have refrained from commenting on stuff I haven't looked at. Duh.


Twitter is so therapeutic. It feels good to comment on current events, to be part of something, to share wisdom, and to be acknowledged. Twitter is the new town square. I can't believe how shoddy the above posts were though. It's not like the 226 people following me were waiting with baited breath for anything I might say. Yes, please @Luminosity3, tell us what you think of the latest Kanye West dust up. We can't go to sleep until you weigh in on it. And don't bother to check on what it's really even about.


I'd like to apologize to anyone who was affected by my talking out of my ass outbreak or any other misapprehensions I have had.


These events remind me of the saying, when you assume, you make and "ass" out of "u" and "me."


And speaking of that, I bought $140.00 jeans. I went to an inexpensive clothing store but they had sold out of everything. The mall has been redone so I kept walking to see what else was there. I haven't been able to clothes shop for a while so it seemed like I needed to seize the day. I ended up in this famous store that has cool jeans. It always seemed too expensive but I thought I'd check it out. There were two really good sales ladies there. It was a slow day so they worked on me. I found these cool men's jeans I liked for $140. I'm a plus size woman with an hour glass figure, but surprisingly, they looked good on me. I'm tired of the dork ass plus size department store jeans that seem to be my only other choice in this town. I bought the $140 jeans. They are sending for them in my size.


I bought a three dollar green tea from a kiosk because I forgot to bring my tea bags from home. I also bought the usual lunch, and berries. A few weeks ago I bought a faux fur cape that is really nice, actually. It was only $50.00 on sale, but I had been thinking to conserve money. I'm glad I bought it though. I thought about buying some extras of them today cause it won't last forever, but I didn't.

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