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Its our destiny to pioneer the universe, if we dont, then what will know it? Precursors created organic material, were precursors to something greater

Posted by brokenportal , 10 November 2008 · 3,313 views

If we lived forever and we could erase our brains and start our memory over again if we wanted, if we had seen it all, would that be a good idea? It defeats the purpose doesn’t it? The point is to know all this stuff at once.

Thinking about that I realized a little digression, that nothing besides us has the ability to know the whole universe and contemplate all its parts as a whole. Like, the edge of the galaxy and its resources, has no idea that this side exists. So its our destiny to know the universe as a whole, because as far as we can tell, only in that way does the universe mean something as a universe. Other wise its just a dark void that nothing knows about.

Not to mention, how do we know that there isn’t something we are supposed to do or can do that is so great and grand and beyond us than the current things in existence that it would be a cosmic tragedy to bumble this chance? Like say, what if there is something we end up doing that becomes like, the beginnings of a being here or in a different “dimension” or something?

Imagine the precursors of organic matter floating around before life came into being. Imagine that they just continued to float there and never were able, or never chanced to, or cared or bothered to get around to forming organic matter, and that they never eventually became us. What if that’s how it was for “us”?

What if we are in a similar role as those precursors? That we are destined to create something much bigger and better than us, but that not creating life extension and pioneering the universe stifles that and we don’t create it? That would be like the precursors to organic material not creating us. What would that be like?

The universe and existence, to know it and pioneer it is not only an amazing grace and chance, its almost our duty. Id dare to say that it is our duty, and Im sure that there are a lot of people around here that already agree with this and probably already thought something along these lines.. There is more for us out there, being completely paralyzed in a dark cave and then dying is not all there is to life. What we have so far is like that, compared to the rest of what is out there for us.

So hence the solemn gravity of the situation requires reciprocating action. Onward and upward, the stars patiently wait for our wits to grow sharper. (to quote Kevin Perot and Edin Philpotts) So get active for life extension now because the destiny of the universe is not going to wait around for us and help negotiate for our graves to let us stay out a little longer. Pm some people and collaborate. Join the second book making, help plan the upcoming conferences, join the mfuri volunteer team. If your having trouble figuring out something to do or help with then heres a good place to jump in: imminst.org/meetings

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