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This AI generates fake stories. OPEN AI won't open source the code.

text generated stories

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#1 Dream Big

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Posted 16 February 2019 - 08:15 PM

Take a look below and you will find some text you won't forget about I'm sure :)





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#2 theone

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Posted 17 February 2019 - 08:16 PM

One step closer to passing the Turing test.

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#3 Dream Big

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Posted 26 February 2019 - 09:39 PM

Let Siraj Ravel explain to you:


#4 Dream Big

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Posted 03 March 2019 - 06:59 PM

I tested it out myself. And this is the 11 times weaker model. Seriously? If anyone wants to join me, I'm looking into this, just to let you know.





Model prompt >>> The nuclear facility leaked chemicals into Dr. Evil's lab. The
intelligent software malfunctioned and aliens landed in the government council.
======================================== SAMPLE 1 ==============================
While in the dark, a few of his employees tried to kill Dr. Evil by killing him
with their own own nuclear fallout bombs. It was too late. The alien soldiers ca
me to the rescue, and after having forced Dr. Evil into an underground containme
nt chamber where his robot had survived the blast, Dr. Evil fled to Earth.
But when Dr. Evil's army of war machines came to kill him, the human agent, and
then Dr. Evil left, he lost his powers in a crash that destroyed Dr. Evil's life
, and he was soon imprisoned as a prisoner of the government. When the two were
released, they were both tortured with the same substance that Dr. Evil had. He
has always denied that he and the robots had ever caused the destruction of the
Later, she was seen being executed at a nuclear plant when an army of war machin
es found out where all of his employees were and began using him. Eventually, th
ey killed him and he went back to work. After that, he died in the blast shelter
 on his way to Earth.
When a new robot named Black Dragon was created by the government, it started us
ing Dr. Evil's powers as its own in an attempt to get into the next world with D
r. Evil's life. The war machines would use this technology during the war agains
t Dr. Evil as some sort of weapon to attack humans.
After his death, Dr. Evil's robotic servants were sent back to the past and he a
nd his robots were used to deal with the world to come in the future.
After becoming a robot that had become part of their military force, he was sent
 to a future where his robot was sent to try and help a world that was about to
fall into the hands of a group of people. In it, they were forced to try to save
 the people by destroying every human being on the planet who was connected to t
he program as they sought to destroy the program.
After being given the command to destroy the program, he and his robots were sen
t to this situation.
After his robots were sent into the future, they were sent in search of Dr. Evil
 and decided to use him for their own reasons. Before he and his friends took th
eir places at D'Souza's and their time together again, they decided that he must
 be there because they would not allow it to happen again. After doing that, he
was forced to return to the past in his future.
After becoming
Model prompt >>> The magical boss climbed the temple to reach GAN, the evil spir
it. He couldn't rid of him. The tempple morphed into a castle with blue shining
ribbons. Red stars started appearing in the sky and Lazisorce appeared on the pl
atform. The gods melted him into stone and took his knowledge.
======================================== SAMPLE 1 ==============================
 The fire started to spread over the temple, where we see him emerge from the ea
rth and the light of a blazing fire was revealed. A small crowd gathers at the T
GAN appeared.
"Hahaha" he smiled "Good morning! Your servant has called me the Chosen One. I a
m GAN, your lord and your great master!" Hahaha! A magic spell started, the fire
 melted the stone into green flame. The flame was as if it had never existed bef
ore. And then the great spirit spoke, "Good morning!"
GAN rose and said that the day came. He didn't know what the day meant. He was s
Then the spirit called him the Chosen One.
Hahahaha what a difference the year makes.
The year is the last day of the life of Gaia and so this was the date when all o
f Gaia's power was restored to himself. And what was he thinking about? He was t
hinking about how the future might have been better, but he saw the world as a w
hole and there was no life for everybody. And so it was that the world was destr
oyed and they were all created.
Ganesha and Gaia were both here. They was a lot of people, but the world and the
 soul were a lot of people.
It was all happening and they were all there for each other.
The great Spirit had arrived, the god created the future
Ganesha was in a hurry to come back in time and when she arrived, her memories o
f her world began to slow down. She didn't want the good people to stop her. She
 wanted to know why.
The great spirit summoned all that would be human. The earth, the people. The st
ars, the earth and the people. He summoned those. And then, he put some power in
Ganesha's memory of life continued to slow down. Everything was being made by th
e power that was in her mind: to bring all of humanity to God. She had many drea
ms about how she would see the stars and find out if they were here to help her.
 But no. These dreams started happening all the time and so she could see everyt
hing she needed for what was needed to save the people that she was about to see
. It worked for all of humanity.
But she found that she really had no idea what the real world was like when she
came home.
There was no
Model prompt >>> I will break into a secured home by
======================================== SAMPLE 1 ==============================
 myself at night, and in some place where I might have been able to hear it was
my mother who went out to check out, so I went around the house, and saw a woman
 with a young baby in its room, and she turned her attention to the infant, and
said, Well, now I get that mother in a hurry, I'll find her."
"Why?" asked Joseph, sitting at the foot of the bed, while Jane turned round as
if she had not seen him for a moment.
"Because I found her asleep, and she said she heard me tell her about my mother,
" said Jane, with a frown.
It was the last time they had seen each other a year, and had both said the same
, and with a sort of a curious look. Now, the other woman was very happy to hear
 this from her mother.
"How was it, my love?" asked Joseph.
"You may understand," said Jane, "that I never saw her in all her life; and I am
 going to tell you now, my love, that it is because she heard me tell my mother
about your mother's disappearance."
Joseph took her hand, and took her into silence. "It is so good! I know that you
 do not hear and you don't see me." She said nothing more, and Joseph left her.
The next evening, when the three were engaged in a game, Jane went out to see th
e woman, and got her hands and feet well out of her shirt pocket, and put a very
 fine linen scarf between her feet.
"Joseph! what is it about?" asked Jane, bending down to walk and see her. "And h
ow has my mother come to you, Mrs. M. Smith?"
"She said-she did not think it necessary to get me here," said Joseph, giving Ja
ne a little pained look. "How has she been getting, in any place so far as you w
ill find her, and is she only getting herself?"
"Oh, no, I have been getting myself and Mrs. Smith from her, and as you are awar
e, I did not know her. The fact is, I came here for the occasion of playing, and
 to-night the rest of us were here together. We never seen each other again for
ten days, and I think you will remember that. When we found ourselves at night,
and had a very pleasant conversation, Jane told me

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#5 chrisv

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Posted 03 September 2019 - 02:21 PM

One step closer to passing the Turing test.

The turing test has been passed a long time ago.

There's a new AI company that all the big guys are starting to use that passes it with flying colors:



Chase is using it. Alibaba.


Music composed completely by AI:


For contrast, this is an orchestra playing the same piece written by AI:

Edited by chrisv, 03 September 2019 - 02:22 PM.

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