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Antioxident apocynin for skin rejuvenation

rejuvenation col17a1 y27632 apocynin

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#61 Rorororo

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Posted 01 November 2020 - 03:01 AM

Any updates on this? I wish there were sources other than eBay. If I were to use this it would be through oral ROA. The trust factor for me is the biggest issue. I don't want to put something in my body that I purchased off of eBay. I'm not saying it's fake I'm saying I'm not willing to take the risk. Maybe this is a stupid question but why haven't companies like Nootropics Depot come up with their own Apocynin product? Not enough research on it? It seems like a potential game changer in terms of skin rejuvenation and other areas of the body including the brain! Arteries too!

#62 Fafner55

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Posted 02 November 2020 - 05:12 PM

I took a 8000 mg dose of apocynin 2x/day for 5 days. This dose targeted a 100 uM in vivo concentration, assumed 40 L total body fluids and 8.3% bioavailability. No positive outcome was observed.


(100 μM)(166.17 g/mol) = 0.01662 g/L = 16.62 mg/L
(16.62 mg/L)(40 L/body) = 664.5 mg/body
Assuming 8.3% bioavailability, 
( 664.5 mg)/0.083 = 8006 mg
Before taking this dose I was aware that apocynin could increase susceptibility to infection by its suppression of extracellular NADPH.
“Apocynin suppression of NADPH oxidase reverses the aging process in mesenchymal stem cells to promote osteogenesis and increase bone mass” (2015) https://www.nature.c...icles/srep18572
In fact, shortly after this 5 day self experiment I experienced a large, painful stye under my right lower eyelid. It took months for this infection to disappear. This was my first stye ever and an unlikely coincidence.
I don't recommend taking apocynin orally.

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#63 ZuoCi

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Posted 19 January 2021 - 01:17 AM

Micro-needling sounds quite invasive. I've read a lot of unhappy stories from people trying it.

There's a major difference in opinion between cheap roller users and high quality stamp users. The overwhelming majority of bad reviews come from people using $10 rollers off of Ebay - and I agree that's an absolutely horrible idea. If you can't afford medical grade steel stamps/individual needles, then just skip needling altogether. Deep rollers are obviously a bad idea on healthy skin. A tube is going to not just penetrate down, but at 30 degree angles as well (which just serves to shred up skin). I would be terrified to use a 1.5+mm roller. The only time I would consider a roller would be for thick scar tissue. In that limited situation the fact that a roller is basically stabbing and ripping chunks of dermis out might be a plus. I would never use a 1+mm roller on healthy skin. 


I can confirm I have the most noticeable results using right after triggering skin renewal. I would say micro needling makes the most sense since the damage itself from it is what the results are from, so apocynin would assist that renewal significantly and that's what I've found. This being from a 1.0-1.5mm treatment. But a .25 which is for penetration of products would likely help somewhat too, that can be done every day if one wanted. I use the derminator 2 from owndoc.com and found it to be a good investment. I bother mentioning it because there really aren't any other worthwhile options out there. Rollers and stamps are a nightmare I thought I'd try and save money first lol. The easy of use, results and lack of pai,n and improved accuracy of the derminator are overwhelming. This may sound obvious or self evident but it really isn't, I've tried apocynin in a serum after micro needling maybe 3-4 times now I noticed a massive difference between what I normally do which I would say is a normal treatment going over the area around 5 times and what I did two weeks ago with last treatment which was around 15 times because I wanted to do a more intense treatment. I would say increasing damage has a significant impact on results because of the increased skin renewal it allows apocynin to effect. I've done these overly intense treatments and normal ones a decent amount of times before without apocynin to know the difference.  

How does this compare to using copper peptides after needling? I also have a Derminator (classic) from OwnDoc and I found treatments to be more effective with CP than without (I have not yet tested Apocynin). And have you or anyone else reading this tried using both copper peptides and apocynin post-needling (1+mm)?

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