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Save my dog!

life extension

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#1 Arien

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Posted 23 April 2019 - 05:43 PM

My dog is young and healthy. I'd like to keep him that way. Seven years old, and a small enough breed that that's not bad. Gets a decent amount of exercise. Vegetarian diet cleared with the vet. He is likely to have back problems eventually (because he's a dachshund and their backs are almost as bad as human ones), but nothing like the respiratory or cardiac conditions some breeds get.



We add curcumin to his food at irregular intervals for cancer prevention, but my knowledge of complex supplements caps out at "this NAD+ thing sounds pretty good." What do people recommend that's aimed at life span? I'm not trying to massively improve intelligence or energy levels, though obviously neither of those is objectionable.


The idea isn't to experiment on him to find out what works. It's to have this specific animal stick around as long as possible. He's a bit too long-lived to be a test subject as it is. But if people are interested I can check in every so often to say how he's doing.


Probably this is about the same as a newcomer charging in and asking "SO WHAT SHOULD I TAKE." If so, I apologize. I'm skimming people's recommended stacks, but some of those are hard to sort through what supplement is meant to do what. And as for adjustments for a dog I'm mostly just hoping that all it takes is scaling down the dose.

#2 Boopy!

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Posted 24 April 2019 - 05:09 PM

I have a young and an old dog (I hate the old dog,   hope he goes soon.)   No jk.   He's lying at my feet as I speak,   he knows he's loved.   Anyway,   here's how I look at it:   I don't do much dog food,  even if it's the pricey snotty kind that says it's better.   I give them what I eat,  minus the spices -- tuna fish,  fresh salmon,   pure protein.    They're spoiled brats.   I HAND FEED my eighteen year old cat.   Yes I'm a slave.   Water,   purest food possible,   exercise.    You shouldn't have to supplement any diet if they get all they need.   You probably know what to avoid (for dogs it;s a surprisingly long list.)   It pisses me off when owners try and make their dogs vegetarian and give them prozac.    

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