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opiates virgin but might not any more..

opiates virgin craving

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#1 ibtisam_midlet

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Posted 08 February 2020 - 12:33 PM


i was always an opiates virgin because they product crazy craving which i always fail to overcome.

in the last month i have bought a new herb, it's called Nigella sativa, thinking it will help me with my anxiety (i have high anxiety), but after searching i have find that she contain a chemical substance called "thymoquinone" that she have an opioid tolerance-reduction effects (up-regulate genes that morphine down-regulate but not mu receptors)



after searching for experience for it, i have find a reddit post descripte how she feel exactly from 1000mg/d



its like small dose of diazepam or maybe little bit how i felt after taking 20g of inositol. Its calming me down and there is like strong anti panic effect but same time maybe little bit brain fog like with other sedatives (that i dont really like because i have to do alot math in school). Also whats been weird past 5 days i have been takeing it is i fell in sleep really fast that i dont never do! I also woke up pretty early which is also weird for me. And there been some weird effects like i have been thinking like ”if i should go to city center to have coffee today” that i dont really liked to do before because of anxiety



after that i have threw Nigella sativa that i bought. because the fear of getting the same opiates feeling ending by me with chronic addiction for my whole life, because with drugs, you can always take more, but you can't take less

add to that I'm weak against craving (but not withdrawal), she always last with me for more then 6 months with just 2 weeks of taking (nicotine mega dose)

I'm also heard that one of the symptoms of heroin addiction is unemployment which is scare the shit outta me, I'm biohacker because i want to increase my productivity that is the main cause of taking drugs from first, i doesn't heard that opiates increase motivation (at least not directly like D1 agonists) but they are well known from productivity impairing withdrawal symptom


whats your opinion guys? does opiates increase motivation? because if yes, i might change me opinion about them.

if any one have took Nigella sativa here, does she feel like opiates?

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