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Injecting NMN


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#1 mitoMAN

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Posted 24 August 2020 - 10:45 PM

I am wondering why there is almost no source about S.C or I.V. injection of NMN?

Almost all the promising studies are done with injection (IP) on animals.
Of course it easier to sell a product via oral intake, thats why David and others want to make as much money as possible on oral pills.
I mean no regular dude wants to inject themselves. Thats understandable. But regarding NAD+ and NADH - the effect on chronic illness patients is much much more intense.
I am doing NADH and NAD+ s.c. with great success contrary to ZERO results from oral intake. Have been taking 1g of NMN for about 5 months as well without any noticeable difference.
Injections of NADH will make a HUGE difference about 30 minutes after injection already.
(Chronic illness patient here - so oral probably is not "enough" to help my mitochondrial dysfunction)

I am suffering from ME/CFS with low intracellular ATP and high lactate buildup on low Watt cycling.


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