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fasoracetam adhd racetam ns-105 lam-105 nsn

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#331 Agatao

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Posted 23 July 2016 - 04:30 PM

 I've used fasoracetam for about a year now and combined it with many things. The only downside I've found to fasoracetam is that it tends to increase one's sensitivity to pain and with diabetic neuropathy that is a problem for me.

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#332 PAM2

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Posted 25 July 2016 - 10:27 AM

anybody knows a decent EU vendor?


I've tried this substance before, but I didn't feel much of it honestly.. maybe it does it's magic long term?

intellimeds seems to be a reliable source

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#333 Geoffrey

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Posted 31 July 2016 - 07:21 AM

Fasoracetam is by far one of the most valuable nootropics shops items. Its benefit is in its brain changes and rebound, not its effect. find the dose where you get no insomnia from it and take it before bed. Then after a week  increase that dose by 1/3rd of the original initial dose & do this 3 times until you have your dose doubled. Then use the same method to double that dose. Permanently take that every night before you go to sleep. Throw in 1/10th a mg of naltrexone and 20 milligrams of sage spice.
Is it true things are sought after to cause an adaptive upregulation of receptor systems yet do not cause significant upregulation? Yes thats true.
Is it true abstracts of papers have stated certain things upregulate receptor complexes but those abstracts turned out to be false in clinical practice? Yes thats true too. 
Are these two things true in the case of Fasoracetam? No. Fasoracetam really-does significantly upregulate GABA-B. It works and is real.

Could you explain your reasoning with the LDN and the sage spice as synergistic with fasoracetam? I happen to take LDN anyway for an inflammatory condition, so interested to know in what way it might complement the effects of fasoracetam, and why you recommend taking it at night.

#334 jroseland

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Posted 21 November 2016 - 10:45 AM


I havn't tried to orgasm yet. I've been on the No fap thing for quite some time and have found when going weeks without the orgasm usually isn't that great when you finally do it so I don't know if I want to waste my energy seeing if I get powerful orgasm's. I wouldn't be surprised if possibly it was more intense due to the phenibut. I'll report back when I decide to pull the Trigger or If a pull a girl.

Just tell the girls about all the drugs you have back at your house...

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#335 jroseland

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 04:34 PM

Biohacker Review of Intellimeds Fasoracetam
I used Fasoracetam for about a month and was pretty underwhelmed by it. I would typically use a dosage of 20 milligrams. There is a bit of a focusing effect similar to other Racetams but it's pretty short lived; 3-4 hours. I didn't find it energizing like Piracetam.
I did get aroused and had a very normal orgasm while on it. So no negative effect on libido here.
Since I've enjoyed Phenibut for quiet a while I had hoped that Fasoracetam might be the best of both worlds; the cognitive edge of a Racetam with the pro-social effect of a Gabaergic. Disappointingly, it didn't have a noticeable effect on my verbal skills or ability to socialize.
I had two experiences that were a little odd while on it...
One evening while doing my meditation I found myself very short of breath despite belly breathing in the proper taoist method. I decided to continue my meditation standing up and then I had an urge to shake my body. So I shook my body for several minute in a bit of a jerky jig that would not look so out of place at some discos.
One day I upped the dosage to 30 milligrams; which didn't have notable Nootropic effect however I got a therapeutic massage and I really had a tough time totally relaxing my body during the massage. I get massages frequently and usually I'm able to properly relax all my muscles during them so the masseuse can really work out all knots.
I can't blame these reactions on the Fasoracetam itself but as a Biohacker that self monitors closely they were noteworthy.
Related Rant
Fasoracetam is another example of irresponsible misrepresentation online of drugs that lay consumers really shouldn't be using. One of the first results on Google for Fasoracetam is the content farm Nootriment.com; their article enthusiastically recommends it for everything from intelligence to anxiety and irresponsibly fails the mentioned the numerous undesirable side effects reported. It also fails to make a clear distinction between this very dubious research chemical and cognitive enhancers that are proven by meaningful preponderance of human double blind, placebo controlled study. 
While the Internet can inform us of very helpful drugs like Piracetam it also informs the masses about drugs like Fasoracetam that really don't belong outside of laboratory.
Nootriment concludes:
Although it is young, Fasoracetam will likely become a beloved members of many nootropic stacks.
God I hope not! I can't come up with any benefit of taking this risky drug that isn't offered by a much safer drug.


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#336 Ricah

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Posted 24 November 2016 - 05:37 PM

Can anyone refer to GABA-B mechanism? I mean I found research, where it's said faso suppresses somehow these receptors, but don't know if this means at least to antagonise or inverse agonise these receptors? I've never used any GABAergics, but I'm looking for something that block these receptors, as they're heteroreceptors at dopamine neurons (thus blocking them, dopamine transmission should enhance).

I'm not junkie or something, but I believe that my symptoms of depression (apathy, anhedonia, lack of libido) is highly connected with GABA-B receptors activation (due to SSRI treatment). Upregulation of these receptors is not best idea, but i'm thinking about possible instant relief.

Edited by Ricah, 24 November 2016 - 05:45 PM.

#337 John250

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Posted 22 May 2018 - 04:44 PM

So what’s the update on fasoracetam? Energy? Less anxiety? Sleepy?,etc..

#338 normalizing

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Posted 22 May 2018 - 07:04 PM

i got some fasoracetam while ago and havent used any, but ill start soon and put my report here. until then, im also curious, anyone else using it and have any reports??

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#339 Keizo

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Posted 06 April 2020 - 10:11 AM

So what’s the update on fasoracetam? Energy? Less anxiety? Sleepy?,etc..

No. Probably the last thing you'd want to take if you want to feel something that makes you think you are getting "enhanced" or good. If you want to feel something it's my experience that piracetam is way better or any number of substances that are hyped by some. I've only tried piracetam and phenylpiracetam and fasoracetam as far as racetams (also noopept), but the two former were complete garbage for me (noopept was underwhelming), but I can see why some (especially healthy people with no diagnoses) would like those substances as they make themselves noticed more readily (sort of like caffeine). 


I will however say that, at times fasoracetam has worked like no other substance for my ADHD and for studying. It's up there with dexampetamine and methylphenidate for me. Only problem is I do get some of the muscle tension and so on (which I think eventually leads to brain fog), especially over time, so I'm pretty much sticking to my vyvanse/elvanse for adhd/studying purposes due to it being more tolerable and easy-going. I really think fasoracetam could be more optimal, because it's not as distracting as the actual stims that can make me waste a lot of time on unscheduled stuff.

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