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Lactobacillus reuteri (ATCC PTA 6475) - Most potent thing ever?

reuteri anti aging testosterone health

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#361 Oakman

  • Location:CO

Posted 09 June 2019 - 08:47 PM

Thanks for your reply, and especially your documentation of your fermentation technique. I just ordered Osfortis from the US, and will follow your guidelines - I have a lab thermostat at home back from when affordable sous-vide wasn't a thing, and am happy to put it (basically) to its intended use. I make natto and occasionally sauerkraut too, fermenting is addictive, and smelly.


I'm a physiotherapist and I commute daily on a cycle. your data is interesting. my resting HR is higher than it should be, I'll be sure to get base measurements. though I don't think I'll be able to provide proper HRV data. it's n=1 anyway, but we'll see.

I wish there'd be an easy metric for gum heath, and I really could do with some improvement - though my lower incisor gap is always lightly inflamed, I'll try to take a foto to document a possible improvement.


Any change in your sleep patterns?


Fermenting is addictive. I think of how to ferment a lot. Maybe co L reuteri and beer fermentation is a thing :) ?

To get your proper daily HRV data use HRV4Training & smartphone. Their website has good info. It's not a perfect science, but is useful with practice.

Gum health metrics - all inflammation, so bleeding while flossing or scrapping and/or deeper periodontal pockets - are trouble. Daily floss both physically and using a water jet after a brushing, and scraping of gumline troublespots. Minimize wiping out oral biome with toothpastes and mouthwashes. Try to inoculate the right bacteria in your mouth.


No noticeable change, just the same 7-9 hours, interrupted only by nature's call, coyotes howling, or emergency vehicle sirens.

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#362 Oakman

  • Location:CO

Posted 12 June 2019 - 12:42 AM

I''d also like to share three recent fails and two successes with making this yogurt, in case others have experienced something similar and wondered if it was just them. Last week I had three failures in a row, and by failures I mean the yogurt totally separated into curds on top and whey, almost half and half. I'd experimenting with some additives to enhance the process and it appears they worked differently and more strongly than I had wanted!


Very soon in the ferment, within the 1st 6 hrs (I didn't watch), there was an aggressive separation and rising of the curds, pushing against the jar cover, even overflowing into the water bath. Pretty much what ta5 showed in his post here, except it was all 8 of my jars, all at the same time. The first time I threw it all out, but the 2nd & 3rd time I strained the curds, which I'll call cheese from now on, and saved it. Wonder of wonder, the cheese was excellent!! I put some in a serving cup, added some jam, and what an excellent dish! It was a mix of the texture of farmers cheese and fine curd cottage cheese. I'm eating it still and hoping it has the good bacteria in it.


So I recouped, went back to basics and my original recipe and bought some more Gastrus tablets, 2% Lactaid milk, and siggis yogurt. It's been fermenting now for 26 hrs and it looks perfect again, like the yogurt it is supposed to be, and as it was initially. I guess simple is better, unless you want to make cheese!!

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#363 aribadabar

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Posted 13 June 2019 - 01:36 AM

 Here are my latest results from "bacterial cooking" :-D


No syneresis (thanks, ta5) this time after 15hrs;)


The most surprising result was from Gastrus whey sitting at room temps for a couple of months now judging by the texture. Granted, it is not as firm as coming from a real starter but from whey only I can't complain.

Biogaia Protectis and Jamieson BB-12 performed as expected with slightly more whey on top than usual.

The fridge-stored Gastrus whey seems in worse shape than the room temp one if the result is any guide.

The store-bought yoghurt is midly disappointing too - expected firmer consistency.


All 5 jars were prepared with 2% Natrel cow's milk at 100F and placed in pre-warmed oven at 110F or so, which was turned off and closed shut and let magic happen for 15 hrs.


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#364 holdorfold

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  • Location:London, UK

Posted 20 June 2019 - 09:58 AM

I had the weirdest experience with the yoghurt. I made it with coconut milk and gelatin and sugar , sterilized everything well, fermented for well over 24h (closer to 48 probably).
Eating the yogurt made me SO INCREDIBLY TIRED! All day, I was living in a fog. Couldn’t do anything. I didn’t realize it was the yogurt at first, and it just kept getting worse. After 3 or 4 days I tossed the yogurt and the tiredness went away.
So this is second negative experience from people in this thread. Any suggestions what would be the mechanism of my symptoms? I’ve made yoghurt with same technique before with no problem.
This makes me question - do we know how good is their quality control? Are we sure we are getting what’s listed on the box?
Not related to gastrus, but there was a study on other probiotics showing huge discrepancies between label and contents.
I also once sent a yogurt from a different probiotic to a lab, and results showed 50% being unlisted bacteria.



I had a similar affect when I was experimenting, just not as pronounced. I put it down to increased oxytocin which is something known to promote sleep. It made me feel lazy, tired, but with a kind of warm fuzzy feeling accompanying it.


I knew the strain was working on some level because of that oxytocin like response response combined with heavier feeling testicles after a couple of days. Also, sometimes I would go into sneezing fits after taking the yogurt and the strain is known to increase histamine, so there's that correlation as well.

#365 Nate-2004

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Posted Yesterday, 03:25 PM

When I first saw all this I jumped the gun a bit, motivated by my desire to increase oxytocin, which, genetically and experientially I'm apparently a bit low on. Might explain my failures with dating and social difficulties through life altogether. So I was motivated to make this yogurt, bought a sous vide pod and a container for a water bath with a lid, BioGaia, inulin, Ultra Pasteurized organic whole milk and went to town. First batch was quite yogurty, though likely because I didn't use any additives it was not nearly as thick as the whole milk Chobani yogurt I usually eat.  I combine yogurt with my bean dip recipe, full of prebiotic fiber and resistant starches. 


I have yet to discover whether using the previous batch to make more is going to work or help to prevent me from having to buy $29 worth of BioGaia every 3 batches but we'll see.  I'm going by the basic recipe and 36 hour fermentation time. 

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#366 Colorow

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Posted Yesterday, 05:23 PM

Nate, I just finished a batch and am reminded that for me, second generation is the most creamy and delicious.  I use the basic recipe (1/2 gallon ultra pasteurized half and half, 4 tablespoons inulin,  starter, Anova sous vide, 36 hours at 100F, uncapped mason jars).


I don't drive my self crazy being sterile on each batch except the batch to generate the starter.  


For that batch I boil my mason jars, whisk, tongs, measuring spoon and let everything cool before using as sterile technique as I can to mix and start the yogurt.  I then freeze ice cubes of the resulting kinda curdy yogurt and whey and use these as my starter.


The yogurt made with the starter is fabulous.  Very thick and creamy.  No separation. Not sure about health results but I am in this for the long term. 


My theory is that I am minimizing contamination for the starter and as I never go further than second generation I am staying very close to the Gastrus organisms.   I get around 12 batches from each starter.  I think I could use less starter and still get good results but I have not tried.  


I dont know how to get the inulin sterile and my better looking yogurt results have been when I pulverized the Gastrus tablets in a nutrabullet (vs crushed in packet and pushed out in a more sterile manner).  Advice welcomed on how to get this part of my process more sterile if even necessary.


I make yogurt 1-2 times a week and each batch is identical to the last, takes me 5 minutes to set up.   Advice appreciated if anyone thinks I am deluding myself and I need to just keep with 1st generation each time.  But as Nate pointed out, that costs$$ and the yogurt is not as good as what I make second generation.



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#367 shp5

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Posted Today, 06:36 PM

Received Biogaia Osfortis 6475, at a very reasonable extra cost and delay.


The first batch is fermenting, minimalistic, Saint-Exupéry would be proud: 1 litre UHT milk container with screw top, content of one capsule thrown in, lid losely closed, fermented 36h at 37°C. Yields basically buttermilk with a pleasant sour taste. Am going to ferment it a bit longer to see what happens.

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#368 JPowers

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  • Location:USA

Posted Today, 08:01 PM

Received Biogaia Osfortis 6475, at a very reasonable extra cost and delay.


The first batch is fermenting, minimalistic, Saint-Exupéry would be proud: 1 litre UHT milk container with screw top, content of one capsule thrown in, lid losely closed, fermented 36h at 37°C. Yields basically buttermilk with a pleasant sour taste. Am going to ferment it a bit longer to see what happens.


When this was first released recently and was only available on Everidis' website, I held off because the shipping was too expensive. I called BioGaia and was told it would be sold through Amazon, and I just ordered a bottle from them with free shipping the other day and it arrived within two. I plan to make yogurt soon, but you're the only person that I know of who has done this. The capsules have a much higher bacteria count than the previous Gastrus tablets, so I'm not sure how many capsules to use. One capsule of the Osfortis doesn't sound like a lot, but should have more bacteria than an entire package of Gastrus, correct?


I don't think fermenting longer than 36 hours will help. Subsequent batches should get thicker and thicker. Just eat/drink what you have and save a bit for the next batch. You might want to use a prebiotic, or glucose/dextrose, as others have mentioned.

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