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Bacopa dosage and safety with Alpha-lipoic acid

bacopa himalaya alpha-lipoic acid ala metal dosage

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#1 ccnootropics

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 11:50 PM

I recently purchased Himalaya's Bacopa.  According to the supplement facts (if I am reading them correctly), each capsule contains 250mg Organic Bacopa standardized extract from the whole plant, with 60 mg of 24% Bacopa saponins.  Below that it states that it contains Organic Bacopa Powder containing 10 mg. of 2% Bacopa saponins.  
The FAQs page here states this recommended starting point: 300mg (50% bacosides A & B) bacopa extract once in the morning or 750mg (20% bacosides A & B)
So, my question is, how does this translate to Himalaya's supplement?
Also, being that Bacopa is a hypercummulator of metals, would taking it with alpha-lipoic acid mitigate or increase dangers?  Thank you!!!! 

#2 neuralis

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Posted 19 May 2014 - 06:53 AM

I didn't know that Bacopa pulls out heavy metals from the soil. I've been taking it daily for the past 4 months. It helped wonders for my benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms.


I emailed my supplier do find out where is his Bacopa coming from and does he do any testing for heavy metals. Yet to receive an answer, but considering the price I doubt he does any testing. Probably imports in from India for a cheap price.


I've also been taking ALA daily for even longer period of time, so I'm wondering if I should be worried or not.


I hope someone more knowledgeable chips in soon!


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