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Outreach Talking Points - The Kardashev Scale of Perennial Youth and Life Extension

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Posted 19 February 2016 - 11:10 PM

Many around the world are wondering what can be done to fight death and the battle is starting in new places everyday. So I'm developing a Kardashev type scale that can give people an idea of what technologies they can apply to their lives and what to work for. The indicators will tell you how well you or your society measure up to a perennial youth lifestyle. The more that is provided and available to a society, the higher their rank, likewise, the more one does to achieve perennial youth, the higher their metric. The purpose is to improve how you and your society measure up. Where technologies are presently known or well predicted, they listed specifically, where they are not, they are described more broadly. As our understanding of things change, the projected technologies will also change. Moving forward, some metrics which are described will likely be replaced or become redundant, though at the time of writing is not. An example of this is Adjuvant Healthcare being replaced by comprehensive gene therapies which remove the need.


Type 0: 

These methods of resisting death and aging are available to everyone.They don't cost much and are simply optimal ways of living to live. Migrating all technologies to Type 0 or replacing them with better, more sustainable improvements is the goal. Give a person a pill, extend their life/youth/health for a day, teach a person's body to make that pill or it's equivalent independently and extend it indefinitely.

  • Calorie Restriction - increases healthspan, youthspan, and possibly lifespan. Also saves money and helps feed more people. CR is very effective for increasing lifespan, healthspan, and youthspan in rodents. Calorie restriction's benefits have been known since the time of the ancients when it was a secret referred to as "ambrosia." You'll notice in artwork that ambrosia is represented as many different things, but it's always a small amount of it. Eating kills us slowly by causing some of the types of aging and the less aging we accumulate, the less we'll have to reverse and the sooner you can have teenage grade health forever. In the long run, this will save alot of money on therapies and advance the speed, efficiency, and efficacy of our progress.
  • Health Education - Know what kinds of food to eat and what foods have what benefits. Eat to live rather than living to eat. Some foods will make you smarter, faster, and more motivated, while others can do the opposite. An ancient philosopher once said something along the lines of "Let your medicine be your food," and this has given us the foods and lifespans that we have today, though this philosopher's adversaries are still among us or so it seems and producing more junk food than ever. Don't buy it and get as many people off of it as you can so the resources that go into making it will be reallocated to producing things you're willing to buy.
  • Stress Management - Stress is good and bad. Your genetics will determine your optimal stress level and stress patterns. You'll know when you're stress level is right by knowing when you thrive. Sometimes stress clears out old damaged cells, and sometimes, especially when stress levels are elevated long term, it accelerates aging. Think of stress management as continual self improvement and make a a commitment to that effect.
  • Risk Management - Lower your risks of dying. Don't do dangerous things and practice responsible behaviors. Find the most responsible ways to enjoy your life. Establish stable long term relationships early and stick with them.
  • Basic Healthcare - Inexpensive things such as low dose aspirin can extend life and slow some aging pathologies.
  • Supporting the Effort - Voicing your support, volunteering your time, helping others, and even taking up collections to contribute to education, development, or cost reduction of existing technologies. Encourage community and government leaders to prioritize the wider dissemination of healthcare and access to higher quality technologies. Demand that efficiency be improved and savings be passed on to the consumer at all levels. Become a leader.


Type 1:

These are available to some, but not all people presently. People need to be educated on the existence and benefits of these. Examples may change or 

  • Vaccines - These lower your overall risk of dying and improve your health and quality of life long term. Not all of these may be on your "CDC schedule," but who wants to risk not having a vaccine for something that could impact their lives someday. Disease travel, and more people are traveling than ever bringing animals, insects, and all manner of other disease carriers your way.
  • General Healthcare -
    • Use healthcare when you need it and hold it to high standards. Know that it's regulated because it's dangerous and know that common things like antibiotics can cause lifelong harm. Always know all of your options and get copies of any and all test results and strive to understand them. Also know that FDA approved medicine meets standards that make it more well understood, but also that is can take a decade to bring therapies to market, so it will always be behind the curve in the sense of what can be done. You won't find the most cutting edge therapies in the FDA approved realm, just the best described ones that we have the most clinical experience with and whose reliability is well known.  
    • Don't abuse healthcare. Some therapies from your doctor can negatively impact the direction of your health compared to other choices that you can make. Insulin therapies for diabetes are a prime example. Though only 3% will achieve this (I'm not sure if it's simply due to reliance or preference for Pharma, or a much more complex reason that would require me to write an entire book or chapter on it), you can lose weight, change your diet, and make other improvements to your health that will reduce or eliminate your need for some therapies and the results of doing so will greatly improve your outcome and health. Testosterone (optimal level, not achieving minimal levels) therapy in men is a good example. It can improve blood sugar, BMI, and a host of other health elements without resulting in risks. But it is more difficult to achieve, and as with anything, you'll need to improve your habits and hit the gym to make the most of it, and you don't want to become reliant on it, the perpetuation of reliance on medicine comes from generations of accepting death as a reality. We're beyond that now and can reject death and rejuvenate ourselves. We've reach a the range of change where hard work in our lifetime can result in teenage grade health forever! It seems as though this kind of care is more difficult to get though. Try inspiring your healthcare providers when you visit them. 
    • Give a copy of your insurance card to your kids at all ages (or get them the necessary government issued ID card) or tell your parents your should have one. There are contact numbers on the backs of them and you can get advice and information from their websites to help avoid side effects and what not. Everyone should have access to healthcare. The more people who are able to get healthcare, the sooner it the initial investment in the technology or drug is paid off and the price can be reduced. It's really just a volume sales thing.

Type 2:

A type 2 person or society will do or provide these or things like this. These are all available at the time of writing.

  • Genotyping I - Get genotyped. The available data on your genome may change, but your genome isn't moving all that fast and using this data will increase the efficacy of all other life extension pursuits.
  • Routine Blood and Other Biometric Testing - How are you to know the efficacy of your efforts without testing the hypothesis? Know where you stand and where you stand to gain the most from your efforts
  • Adjuvant Healthcare I - Healthcare doesn't cover everything. Supplements and supplemental technologies (an example would be a sonicating skin cleanser) can offer cutting edge technology long before it's FDA approved and even then it is often at much lower cost when it's DIY or made for home use. If it's not a specific disease, chances are your doctor doesn't treat it, though they may be able to offer advice on things outside of their specialties. Supplements work, and the research on them is done in such a way that an understanding of Pharma and the relevant sciences can give you theoretical ideas that you can test on yourself with substances that are fairly safe. Get creative, you might even think of some solutions yourself. There is much low hanging fruit for those who will make the effort to find it and the LongeCity community has already benefited from many developments of this kind.
  • GMO and Designer Foods I -  Along with a healthy diet, one now consumes food and beverages designed to increase their achievement of perennial youth or slow their loss of it.


Type 3:

Using information and technologies for serious improvements that generally require more study and creative application of technologies not meeting the standard of higher types. Signing up for cryonics and establishing an annuity for your continued care and other advanced planning are also type 3 metrics.

  • Genotyping II - Genotyping is used broadly along with AI in a clinical setting to predict the rates and level of success and optimize your level of perennial youth.
  • Gene Therapy I - Gene therapies are already available to children suffering from terminal diseases and some adults are electing to get gene therapies expecting them to lengthen their life/youth/health spans. There are some risks involved, but you're getting this because you need it or you and a well educated group of people believe that it won't have a negative impact on your life/youth/health span.
  • Adjuvant Healthcare II - One's supplemental health care, supplement regimen etc. is able to reverse many signs of aging and restore youthful function and appearance on par with available technologies being developed in the lab and stretching into the theoretical realm. One might grade themselves against the SENS metrics.
  • GMO and Designer Foods II - Foods which are (re)designed to make more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. If you're eating type 3 GMO and designer food, it is food with little to no aging overhead and significant cognitive and health benefits. 
  • Cryonics, and an Annuity or Life Insurance - A young person who expects to achieve optimized perennial youth in their lifetime will have a healthcare annuity that will allow them to benefit from advancements before they are provided by the government. One who doesn't anticipate making it will fund a life insurance policy or an annuity that will be able to pay for cryonics or flat line healthcare procedures as these technology probably won't be broadly available in their lifetimes.


Type 4:

While as of this writing, most Type 4 indicators are not available. You can elevate your metric by supporting LongeCity with a membership, sustained giving, or an earmarked donation. 

  • Gene Therapy II - Gene therapies that are tailored specific to the one's needs and which confer achievement and optimization of one's perennial youth. 
  • Cyberization and Functional Biological Enhancement - This would encompass the integration of chips and circuits with biology such as "internet in your eyes" and "cell phone in your ears," an implant that processes glucosepane or other toxins, and nanomachines that improve one's perennial youth metrics.  
  • Membership, Donations, Working and/or Volunteering - As Type 4 indicators are otherwise unavailable, one must support them with annual memberships, sustained giving, volunteering, or devoting one's career or business to research and advocacy. The future must be made and has since the dawn of civilization been designed by those who work for it.

Type 5 Indicators:

An award given to business people and politicians.

  • Lifetime Commitment - Creating a sustainable business in line with LongeCity's mission. Type 5 also be awarded without application at LongeCity's discretion (board decision) to those who create sustainable businesses, in public office, or similar, who are deemed to have done something that brings us closer to achieving the objective of our mission.

Type 8 Indicators:

An award for philanthropists.

  • Large Scale Donations - Donating large sums of money, creating sustainable business, advocating for LongeCity's mission through political office, or commitment to bequeath substantial funds to LongeCity or other organizations of our movement via life insurance or other assets upon death or cryopresuspension. This is obviously a time limited opportunity that not all will reach or have the opportunity for.

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#2 Droplet

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Posted 20 February 2016 - 12:46 PM

Could you please explain more about genotyping yourself and biometric testing? For example who does this stuff, what exactly can you learn and how do you apply the data?


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Posted 20 February 2016 - 08:22 PM

Could you please explain more about genotyping yourself and biometric testing? For example who does this stuff, what exactly can you learn and how do you apply the data?

This is more of a map than a comprehensive explanation. I think what I'll do is make this the first in a series of powerpoints for local chapters and keep drilling down and expanding the topics as I go. I suppose I could specify the costs of these things. 

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#4 Droplet

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 06:27 PM

This is more of a map than a comprehensive explanation. I think what I'll do is make this the first in a series of powerpoints for local chapters and keep drilling down and expanding the topics as I go. I suppose I could specify the costs of these things. 




Explanations made simply fro those of us who don't quite understand would be wonderful. :)

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