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.....farther than the moon.

Posted by brokenportal , 14 August 2008 · 3,119 views

When you're a kid you don't realize everything there is to life. You work on exploring a couple of toys that are presented to you each day and it takes you forever to totally get over how interesting and complicated they are. To them the mysteries of these things are as far away as knowing the moon is to us.

Months and months go by as you remain fixated on these things not even realizing there is a room around you. When your mind finally does soak in everything there is about the toys you start to realize there is a whole room. You start to wonder how that closet door hangs there, and why there is a pile of clothes in the corner. Then you explore the whole house, Its been almost two years working on this.

Soon by the end of 3 you've almost mastered the whole house and the back yard. But your always finding new stuff, like a large rock you hadn't seen that totally reformats the character of the back yard in your mind to you. Or maybe you stumble upon that door to the attic which makes the house seem more mysterious.

Of course then you get out into the real world, but the same thing keeps happening, at first partying and hanging out, your new apartment, the new buildings and land marks and lakes of the new town and trying to get to class on time seems like the world, then you find that cars breaking down, jobs getting stressful and travels to India are all real things, you've started to study some rock formations for a class and your watching the history channel and thinking about times come and past.

You hear they may cure more and more diseases but your not sure when, you hope but you don't put your money on anything less than maybe 500 years so you don't really worry about it ever effecting you. You know the moon is there of course, youde like to see them go back, its interesting. If your lucky youll get to explore a small fraction of one percent of our world, If your lucky youll remain healthy and able until your at least 90 or 100. Then youll float away, rather quickly actually, in one last gulp of excruciating pain, your heart will give out and youll drift off into oblivion.

There are many children that die at the age of 3, or 9, and like them youll die never fully knowing or grasping that there was anything to know or explore farther than the moon.

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -Eden Phillpotts

When a baby is born should it care to figure out what is out there? Should it care to figure out what it can do, what it can know, what it can learn? Would it be acceptable for a 9 year old to stop learning and wanting to know what its like to be a more full person and remain 9 until they die? If the average life expectancy became 9 then would it be alright for those 9 year olds to think that a full life is 9 and that you should worry about living a full life in that amount of time and not worry about living longer?

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