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There is a key to your wildest dreams buried someplace, and it can be yours.

Posted by brokenportal , 17 October 2009 · 1,452 views

Humankind searches for gold, through the jungles for rare animals, for love, in sports they thrive on getting balls across imaginary boundaries, for good spots to build houses, they long to chase fish in open waters through the dusk, they long to get that new pair of shoes that might highlight their character.

There is a key, buried someplace in the world. It unlocks a door to the rest of the universe, and all of the mysteries that abound. The space behind that door contains the answer to the nature of infinity. It contains the answer to whether there truly is a god, gods, no god or something else. It holds the secrets to how we got here, and how this universe got here. It offers the opportunity to achieve every dream you can ever fathom. It gives you the opportunity to know what all an infinity of possible combinations and scenerios offers. Such as, perhaps virtual reality, star flight, dimensions, and aliens. It allows you the chance to know every pleasure, and the extent of each one. Do you really think that resting your feet after a hard days work is it? That the pinnacles of sex are the greatest pleasure that the universe offers? That the taste of a glass of water after going thirsty for days has no superiors? This door also holds the ability to achieve universal elimination of fallacy, which is an existence hitting on all cylinders, alive with atomic explosions of incredible intensity, glory, and mind blowing wonder that we cant even begin to imagine, that the combined imaginations of everybody through out history hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of.

It’s the key to the inside of your casket, lets find it, prop it open and break it off in the lock of that bastard. Carrying balls across imaginary lines, hooking some random fish in the mouth, and getting brown shoes will avail you nothing. The key, it’s the search for that key. Its the meaning of life, thats the driving force, the reason, where its at, the search for the key, that’s where it is at. Help us search.

Forget about all that other garbage. Lets find that key.

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