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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Philosophy of the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension

Posted by brokenportal , 11 May 2010 · 1,803 views

Part of the Philosophy of the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension

Any person can continue to experience anything they want, and they can experience everything there is in existence, the requisite 8. If a person looks at that and decides they want it, then they can help us accellerate the movement that is underway to get there. Hypothetically we can continue to experience anything and everything indefinitely.

Our ancestry has fought and brought us here through the cumulative epics of good times and the bad times, through their persuit of dreams, the joy, the pioneering, and the discovery, through the blood, the sweat, and the tears.

They have lived and worked through all of our amazing history to deliver us here to the cusp of this great transhuman era of time in space. The legacy of progress they have left to us, we must continue to pioneer, as a homage we owe to them, for everybody alive today, and for all the future generations.

We can have an indefinity of the experience that existence has to offer, and so we work for it, we pioneer for it, we forge forward for it, in the spirit of our great ancestors, this is our destiny. We can not, not do this. This is the natural flow of the human time line that we are in right now.

Noone can say for sure what death might or might not bring, but we can say for sure what life can or can not bring. Life can bring the requisite 8, and life can not bring eternal obliteration, we can not say the same for death, and so we work to stay the course of life.

This is what the natural order of what the evolution of life, and phenomenon like this thing we call science that we have stumbled upon is for, to see what all we can do, and see what all we can come to experience and know.

A world that knows about this movement is a world that supports this, and a world that supports this is a world that gives us all a chance to have this happen for us all in all of our life times.

100,000 plus people die every single day, we have no time to waste, if we do not continue to inform the world so we can all support this cause, then soon we will all be one of them.

Dedicate your life to this cause and together we will all continue to open up the doors that will allow us all to be able to know the requisite 8.

The requisite 8. To experience:

the nature of "infinity"
if there is a god, gods, no god, or something else
how we got here
how the universe got here
what all else is out there like hover ability, light speed, aliens, populated galaxies, dimensions etc..
all forms and extents of all pleasures current and undiscovered.
all goals that time brings you to want, resteraunt owner, pro football, climbing mountains etc..
universal elimination of fallacy

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