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I (An Introduction;, ingenuity and exemplary work(s));.

Posted by Darkly Origins , in Biological/Mathematical Concepts 03 October 2014 · 1,695 views

innovative neuroscience plasticity human biology mathematics cortexial cortical brain-hacking evolution brain alteration
Imagine, storing your brain – and all that is within the complex organ. Imagine, ideas, thoughts, memories, skills, languages, etc – capable of being transferred via cables or WI-FI (cordless(y)).

I. Imagine, in place of the mystery of Quantum Entanglement, the reality of Mind Transference. To have visuals, auditory, memorial, idealistic, practical consideration in though, how thought patterns are individualized, now could minds be merged, or transferred to younger human vessels, or bodies.
Imagine transference through electron manipulation; to extract information of all sorts, of all forms and also formats from the brain.

Project T-3-T is working endlessly to provide this generation with such unfathomable capability, of longevity – eternal personifications. cont.

cont. Project T-3-T is going to make your brain compatible with computing software – stored in a spatial, or abstract – molecular space; free from unintentional alteration, misinformation, theft and manipulation.
I.5: Perhaps the human brain chemistry (as it is undergoing alteration) changes or is readjusted in direct correlation to chemical imbalance, instability, disease, and steroidal components – such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, opiates, sugars, salts, fats, water, and various elements from the discovered and known periodic table of elements.

II. I once was fixing a century old pocket-watch for a friend, as they entertained themselves playing Guitar Hero, I was discovering, re-animating and recreating molecular structure – altering our senses thereof time and existence. I fixed the clock, but on that I had a dark though enter me, perpetrate my mind, and I then injected myself with Magnesium Sulfate – which was summed, or wrought by my unwitting creation, it was created through polarized magnetic ions, titanium-lead-and aluminum based properties with electrifying and gravitational components and structures.

II.5: Momentarily after the injection, besought clarity I did, and had – found it, and received it I did that night. I was left in a rush, with such clarity, as never before experienced – it lasted for twelve hours, and increased my brain functioning, as well did my cognitive functionality increase-th; on that night, ideas, thoughts how brilliant in conviction, and how beautifully conveyed through written word, and number-theory befell upon thee, I was filled with newfound knowledge. I was anew, I could truly see – since that cold summer night, I've experienced wondrous things.

III. I started to create algorithms, mathematical formulas, and frequencies in which all worked in unwitting ways – they correlated and checked as accurate. I know the answers to questions I haven’t been asked; I have premonitions – my hearing is superb, however my vision is fading, failing me – fleeing me. I have since then altered seven minutes of time. (Travel, non-forwarded, and non-reversed motions were constructed).

III.5: Numbers, I use them to construct awe-inspiring, and wondrous marvels, masterpieces. I've found a temporary cure for various types, or forms of cancer – and have found what most cancer is accumulated by, and from. I have proven impossible things, and I see individualized atoms,’ beyond counting measures – everywhere I go; the photons are not what I see, but it is the very fiber of life – that which is our foundation, and our constructor. Atomization in any case is not yet possible, but soon; with newfound power in science, Project T-3-T will reveal to the world alien-like technologies.

IV. Our brains think us into surreal submission; into simplicity, and lies they give us homes. They try exceedingly hard to keep us from, or freeing us from our own self-consciousness. The brain is not allowing us exposure to realism. We want to believe as we have always known things to be. We’d rather live in blinding darkness, shrouded from the truth and the mystery of what we are capable.

Think to, or cite to Brain Games, trickery and brain-hacking. Our brains may be capable of deceiving us, but we are as well capable of deceiving our brains.

Sincerely, Verily, Unapologetically,
Jacob A. Eder;.

All Rights Reserved;, (T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder;.

Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering

Darkly Origins
Oct 03 2014 12:54 PM

To be added soon: theoretical approaches, ideals and mathematical modes and/or pursuits of reasoning.

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