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Lesson(s)/My Approach to (The Cortical Constant);, J A. Eder

Posted by Darkly Origins , in Biological/Mathematical Concepts 03 October 2014 · 1,353 views

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The Cortical Constant (Constancy)
Author: Jacob A. Eder

I believe the mind is made up from various major components; from the neurological cortexes’; that which allows us to assimilate varied sensations; how entwined with our sense of self, what we call our consciousness thus creates the mind.

I. Let Px represent the plasma’s expansion into any given, and applied cortex.
II. Let IC represent the time constancy – (an altered version of c, equaling speed of light, a measureable, however, non-linear mathematical terminology used in astrophysics); IC represents the linear time constancy – a value for the finite scaling versus formed entropy and/or decay of life.
III. Let (eM) E® represent electromagnetism times energy = rate of expansion; as exemplified with (eM) E® is approximately equal to X3(Electron); times E (Electron); XYY (Neutron) i
Y3 (Proton); times E (Proton); XYY (Neutron) i
IV. (Px) = X3 Y3 XYY
V. IC(E) …Thus, is the ‘naturalistic expansion of a controlled cortex. (NECC)’.

Cubed, in these such cases represents the mathematical accumulating factor for 1/3 memory capacity each third representing one terabyte.
Whereas, i represents finite lifespan, as such – E represents entropy; decay, finite.

Moreover; (EAC) which is my grouping for my correlation (correlative) theory –
Cosmos – Brain
Stars – Cells (Cellular structure)
Nebulae, and Novae – Energy (Electrons)
VI. Cx represents the accumulated whole for the sum of collective cortexes’.
(Exemplary): A = Auditory Cortex; A36, hence – the rate of controlled compensation, and naturalistic expansion – in addition to naturalistic entropy: decay, to age.

Hence; The Atomic table of Naturalistic Expansion is borne.

(Px) MG; Plasma in which is integrated and entwined with Magnesium Sulfate;

The idea behind T3T’S “Mind Transference,” is to computerize various neurological cortexes’, in which have finite memory capacity, and then – also finite lifespans; hence, it takes time to be capable of having memories, media, videography and books instilled into your brain for personal use – however; whence enabled, one would (in the theoretical) now be capable of listening to music, reading, or at least – vaguely comprehending books without truly seeing them with your eyes in the physical (photons, visualization, etc.,) and watching videos, as again; stating if only in a vague mannerism of, and in the physical (visualization of photons, etc.,).

To further elaborate in exemplification; read the following: as an individual ages, any given cortex may, and will be afflicted by biological and naturalistic decay – as to, the more you age, (irregardless of one’s state of health) any, and in the potentiality; all’, cortexes’ will begin to deteriorate as applied to their given purpose to the neurological networking systems; to the brain – in which is a physically manifested human organ/muscle. As one ages, as is natural and inevitable – a cortex may decrease in accuracy and potency as to how it pertains to your bodily, and neurological functionality; hence – cortexes’ begin what is referred to as “compensation.”

Within this compensation, the given (failing) cortex will reapply its resources (chemicals, neutrons, electrons and protons) and redirect its circuitry to redistribute the remaining resources and (metaphorical) powers to another cortex.

In example: a failing visual cortex will begin its compensation process; in such – naturally accommodates and increases the functionality of another nearby cortex – such as the auditory cortex. With that being stated, the now fading visual cortex – is emptying itself as it redirects and redistributes its varied resources to the auditory cortex; in which – gives about computable space in the rapidly decaying cortex; (in this scenario, the failing cortex is as recently stated and implied – the visual cortex); so, (in the theoretical, I made up a maximum storage capacity as accordingly to any given cortex), and that maximum and computerized storage capacity is three terabytes.

As of now; one can successfully implement and instill into the visual cortex, (as the biology of the neurological process of compensation is undergoing over an extended span of time, yet finite in mathematical measurement(s)), as pertains to entropic decay, and naturalistic, albeit – slow death; as death is not instantaneous, but a gradual, and frail process, in which takes nearly a hundred years to occur for the average person of relatively fair health); can now (as continued) implement and instill into the exemplary cortex (visual, in this regard), varied forms of videography, media, text – reading material, photonic knowledge, etc., and in such – begins a newly founded age in humanistic expansion, in technological and scientific knowledge, and of personal growth.

The ideological concept behind my theory is as follows: (an exemplary notion); think to decay – what we’ll call “naturalistic decay.” Within this naturalistic decay a cortex, or multiple cortexes’ fail – or continually fail in aptitudinal and literal power; as such, and behest of human mortality – and finite lifespans; “aging.”

Moreover; think to this exemplification: Let (VCX) represent the visual cortex; and let (ACXY) represent the auditory cortex; now, within this context, I’ll elaborate.

(VCX) is undergoing naturalistic decay – (as is pertained and pertaining to natural humanistic lifespans, how – finite; and/or man-made goods in which cause decay to progress, and also more so rapidly deteriorate. Within this decay, behest of age, television, fluorescent lighting, etc., exists a brain function in which has a concurring elemental procedure to it – that being named “compensation.”

As (VCX) is concurrently, consistently, and slowly progressing in entropic decay – memory “foam,” or “brain matter,” is being deteriorated into (metaphorical, if not literal non-existence). In such, there is free room – so to speak, as which – nothing exists, and in which compensation for and of a certain cortex would occur.

Within the compensation of the (VCX) memory is (metaphorically, and technologically) freed, or (a better exemplification) would be to say the cortex in discussion – (VCX) is allowing for compensation to occur – from the second discussed cortex (ACXY); into, and for the first cortex discussed (VCX).

What compensation does is as follows: Compensation is the allotted and very finite number of rematerialized and reaffirmed substituting neurological chemicals, (how, many and varied) compensate for a lack thereof cortex aptitude, and functionality; so – if (VCX) is undergoing, or being affected by naturalistic decay, and – “inadverted” decay, (being that of secondary modes of progression and decay such as television, fluorescent lighting, computers, etc.,) then (VCX) will have it’s decayed, decaying’ or erased components therein the cortex (VCX) compensated by the second discussed cortex (ACXY); as to improve (ACXY)’s functionality and overall performance – as to make use of the decayed and (metaphorically speaking) opened mode, or allotted opening of excess memory capability – behest of varied decay mechanics.

As that has now been clarified, the idea behind the constant I’ve wrote must be exemplified in a simpler mannerism: Now, this is where man, and science come into play – and theory versus. Application shines.

At the cost of “potential, or potentiality,” thereof a cortexes’ improved functionality and aptitudinal awareness in neuroplasticity; we can imitate, and then redistribute our own man-made form of controlled compensation to be instilled into the given cortex. Such as: books, (thesaurus, dictionary, books, poetry, art, etc.,) multimedia, videography, and computerized components in which can anew and improve our human brain functioning as a whole; by simply redistributing the mode of collective compensation, we instill our own mechanized version of compensation – as stated above; in which – would give the subject an improved form of a certain, or randomly applied genetic code(ing) and/or piece of information; or the ability to use internet, or more likely (a GDPS, or 4-6G) formed technological communications transference; perhaps in place – you’d prefer music, movies, books, historical knowledge, etc., anything is game, fair – possible. Programming and such may be installed after the proper constructs and applications are first instilled; in addition, amd most importantly – the space is finite – but grows in capacity as one ages; due to naturalistic decay, and then – a more so, and varied mode of decay in a possible, or potentiality of eventuated decay in several, and additional cortexes’. (CX) Superscript = memory capacity; subscript = S-notation reference.

Jacob A. Eder;.

All Rights Reserved;, (T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder;.

Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering

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