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Posted by Darkly Origins , in My Poetry; 04 October 2014 · 1,932 views

poetry sentimental dark
I am presenting this pencil, as this pencil is a representation of my persona. The pencil is basic, and also simplistic in appearance; but its’ underlying fiber is finite, such as we, mankind. We are finite in the sense of lifespans and longevity. We as people also appear to be basic, simplistic in appearance.

We also share a common founding-factor, being that of our combined need to be used. We are not to be used too harshly, but also not so lightly. We can both be pressured, albeit – finitely, until we reach that breaking point, behest of those who use us; we can both be dulled, we can both be broken. Similarly, we can both be reshaped, in such senses as our skills, and senses thereof discernment sharpened, we can be reformed for precise, or unethical use.

We both have such capability, we can write and instill into the hearts of men, ideologies; and also we both can be used passionately, with emotion, whence motioned. We both face adversity, and also tragedy. How meaningful, how adept is our depth, fruitful can our works, our words and also our writings be. We share a considerable capability to conceive, we both have a sense of selfness. Life.

We can be used for good, or be used to commit acts of evil, which are of dark and heart-ridden desire. We both strive, and yearn for an opportunity to be known, to be recognized, and also to be treated fairly, without ill-intent, without a judgmental nature, without error or misunderstood interpretations, we wish to express ourselves freely, truly.

Although we both become sharper with age, duller with use, and shorter in the physical as time passes, what we wrote, what we continue to write into the hearts of other, what we leave behind for loved ones, and for future peoples will always remain. The hearts of those we have touched, and continually touch will be forever changed, and our imprints molded, entwined with the essence of life. Our works, will remain in a state of perpetuated, and possible bewildered existence.

What we do in life should be thought out thoroughly, with compassion and with bleak disregard for our own shapes of despair, modes of despondency, insecurities and fallacy. Alas, and behold, we are finite entities, animate and inanimate we exist, with or without a sense of purpose we live our lives. Our knowledge, our existence how significant, are infinite; so long as we write onto the hearts of men sincere and unapologetic forms of impressionable memory, how beautiful are made, almost eternal.

Though’ we die, and although we fade with the dust of time, we also live, to live is a gift in itself. To live and experience both beauty and tragedy is magnificent, it is artistic perfection; the idea of beauty and tragedy coexisting, how entwined, create twilight. How beautiful to live, to experience anything, and all things, how wonderful to witness compassion in action, love in motion, and new life flourish whence one dies.

Alas, and though with time, how inevitable, passes. All considerations, all forms of our once bright, memorial, and significant existence also pass. One absolute and beautiful philosophical ideology remains forever – our works, our imprints, will be forevermore used, improved upon, and appreciated; remembered.

Know this, we did leave impressions, footprints. Know we had an impact on past, and present forms of life. Know this, whoever and wherever it matters not, all men are not equal, but all men are of significance; all of existence is relevant, we all have a contributing part in reshaping, changing and affecting our world.

Each and every one of us, has and forevermore will have impact on the ever-changing world. You are worth more than you think, you are loved more than you know, and also are you missed deeply, whence you are below.

All Rights Reserved; 2011-2015; copyright protected:
(T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder; Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering;

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