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Suicide: a growing concern among society(s);.

Posted by Darkly Origins , in My Poetry; 10 October 2014 · 2,049 views

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Suicide: a growing concern among society(s);

Forwarded; suicide, it has always existed, and always will - it has always been sad, and tragically veiled, however, - as of recently it has been growing in intensity, accumulative in statistics, exponential in count - and I feel as though the concept is growing in boldness among young peoples. I graduated from High School in 2009, and from vivid recollection, I know 10/250 people have taken their own lives, 5/250 have committed irreversibly detrimental crimes, and have consequently condemned themselves to life imprisonment, and 12/350 have been the victims of murder, drug abuse, overdose, sexual trafficking, sexual assault, weapon proliferation, physical and psychological abuse, and at least 30/250 are severely depressed, poverty-struck, or neglected in dark disconsolation.

Forwarded;: as of late, within the last weekend - two young women, aged 27, and another 23, (my age) have taken their own lives, one with a firearm, and another with legalized narcotics; the latter, (23) year old girl was someone I knew well at one point - she and I shared our first kiss together, outside our middle-school one cold and dark evening, the other I knew only vaguely, as she was married to someone I'm relatively acquainted with, and the truth has not come out yet - as it's only hearsay, and gossip on my behalf to state I feel as though the (27) year old girl took her own life, in front of her three children and husband in their kitchen because she is/was a victim of physical and/or psychological abuse. She was a beautiful woman, and I'm sure, her personality befit her image well.

The second, as I'll again refer to, as my first kiss - was a beautiful and bright girl, sweet and compassionate then, and presumably now: she had great aspirations, and was working on her master's degree in [Speech Linguistics & Pathology]; and to me - it seems like a greater loss (from a subjective perspective) to give up on education, and as one has so much invested, wholly their lives are consumed, perhaps the stress was overwhelming, perhaps it was accidental drug use, (abuse) turned overdose, - albeit regrettably unfortunate, and how tragically irregardless;, it's despairing to think anyone would feel as though suicide is the only answer - especially within a country as our own (United States) whereas compared to many nations and principalities, we're blessed, as most of us are not skin & bone, starving, yearning for but a bite from a biscuit, nor dehydrated due a lack of water, but more often than not because of refined sugars and carbonated consumables.

Forwarded;, I have myself faced attempted suicide, and still suffer from longing and depression, to anxiety and agoraphobia: and even though every day is challenging, as I watch my precious parents age, I watch my nephews and nieces grow - from once innocent natures, to responsible/irresponsible adults, as I see my loves ones flourish in intellectual capacity, and emotive aptitude, I gravely despair inside, as mine own heart feels like a void, a hole of unreason, of helplessness, of empathy, and narcissism;, cont...

cont. although I take many medications, and shorten my life by willing and witting intentioned' cigarette smoking, and the consumption of fast foods, even though my rhinitis and cortical components bring me to misery, leaving me withered up on the coldly hard floors, and through the wrought usurping of hopelessness, I press on - as I feel I must;, you see, we all must, - because we were gifted with life, regardless of your living condition(s), regardless of your state of health, we' need be grateful for our allotted life and gifts thereof;, for the very air we breathed is living and breathing in its own demeanor; the very sunsets we witness, soon become the darkness of the night, and the beautiful stars we stare at in awe and wonder, knowing well they are our ancestry and origin(s) are also living, and dying;, to die is natural, and inevitable;, but to live, that's exponential, astronomical and beautifully unnatural, we're lucky in ideological sense(s), to know we are living, we are conscious, aware of our actions, having the ability(s) to communicate thoroughly, and collectively forward our existence, how mournfully wondrous,; how sentimentally virulent,; for all things, earth and matter - could in the potentiality of thing(s), be undone in an instant by meticulously thriving specters,; and in manifestation of sinister dishonour, we could, with due time - learn to live forever. Continued...

cont. Until those days of unfolded glory come to pass, we must continue to eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge, sorting the good from the bad, we must aspire to consider and compromise existential mannerism(s);, alas, in despondency and dissonance, we seemingly delve deeper, in recluse and recklessness, we easily sink deeper, yet the more we give, the more we work, the harder the sacrifice, the greater the rich roots;, drink from the well of wisdom, and hear that bell so morbidly toll we must, until we are confounded and united in unhallowed rendition, to become remnants of our great predecessors,; so that we too, may work for our children, and whilst we live, we must truly comprehend, for understanding in things can make amend(s), live now, breathe the coldly dark air, thrive in bewildered bereavement, be unspoiled in nature's enlightenment, be astonished, in unfounded awareness, of the inherited bleakness, how, once so beautifully written, and eloquently spoken,; read now, my friends, my children and kindred’s, reap now your rewards, before the selfish bequeath it. Gifted appraisal, live not for yourself, but for your brethren, so we may all experience our brief piece(s) of momentous existence, in relative tranquility, then entwined with peace, we can all achieve at least one thing, whether by individual vigilance, or by historically brute lessons,; I now sit contemplating ever so placidly, within this brilliantly quiet solemnity.

I digress, we must engrave into our hearts, the invaluable nature of our complacent part(s);, we all have worth, in potential or idea, it matters not which you are now represented, collectivism, to assimilate our varied cultures, to accept indifference and tolerance, condone and disengage, break apart, fall away, like wind among tropics and thunder, ride bravely, across that cold dead sea of depravity and dispersion, may we all live now, and forevermore, if only to experience just once more - iniquity and disdain, ruthlessness and compassion, fire and water, light and darkness. To live is to experience, and to experience is to understand, to understand how very fortunate we are to labour and breathe, to have a consciousness, and appeal to the senses, to give and feel love, life is truly worthy of reverence and fulfillment;, sleep now, my friends, my children and kindred’s, listen to the clock tick, and encompass ones' essence;, be ye encumbered by fearful existence, but by life's contradictions, we so gladly say with glee and splendour, that to live was and is, forever spectacular,; how blessed are we, that breathe and think conscientiously, how adorned have we become admirers of ourselves, faint not and perish, sifting slowly, instead, behold this glory;, the heavens are here, with us now and forever, as long as there is peace, as long as we're together.

Be grateful;, we're by mathematical impossibility alive, we exist;, we are fading colors, pallet onto a great steeple of (metaphorical) integrity, as we are all equals, gods or bangs, we know not absolutely, cherish every moment you have with your thoughts, and your emotions;, live fairly and in definite unified justice, be personified, as a person of innovation(s);, love all equally in unequivocal mannerism, treat all as memoirs to a greater purpose, so we can collectively redesign our meaningful destiny(s).

Verily, Unapologetically,

Jacob A. Eder;.

All Rights Reserved; 2011-2015; copyright protected:

(T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder; Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering;

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