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The Detriment of Meat (and impracticality of protein consumption)

Posted by Darkly Origins , 29 March 2015 · 1,402 views

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03/09/15 – Eder

(Citation: referencing NPR: WPR – Environmental Specialist)

The ‘average’ American consumes 66 lbs of beef every year; (keep in mind, that’s just one of many meat byproducts – consumed by nearly every United States citizen annually.) I’ve been thinking this for a while now, that being: meat in generality is bad for human physiology. This case is especially pressing when you take into account seemingly evidential studying of human beings over decades, etc., noticing their protein/creatine intake – and then correlating the two to found a description for their reduced cognitive functioning as correlatively related to protein and creatine ingestion, and/or substantially evident when taking environmental, atmospheric, psychophysiological and consumption variables into account – isolating one variable from many is difficult, but isolating one from few is easily achieved. Thus, I’m confident in my own studies, that my conclusion on this hypothesis is more likely than not – correct; as seems prevalent, excess amounts of protein and creatine have detrimental effect on the human brain, affecting severely the cortexes (where the senses are based) and thus decreasing overall brain/cognitive functionality – having more detriment and severity with the more protein and creatine consumed. Memory for example, is something that is noticeably affected and negatively so by protein and creatine consumption; vision, hearing, and sensation (having some unknown effect on blood circulation causing numbness in some cases, with permanence all over the body), affecting taste by its salts and preservatives (the proteins and creatines) I reference to, and because of those salts and preservatives, one craves unhealthily foods more often in frequency and quantity. In extensive and long-term consumption, things such as diabetes, cancers, dementia, Alzheimer’s and bone degeneration diseases, as well atrophies, and dystrophies; and to make such worse, severe forms and mutations within the complex diseases to which alter genetic-make-up: most likely due to preservatives within that which human beings eat, from which animals are fed for hormonal and quickened growth, fattening, shedding, and overall production; then of course – extended and extensive though, excessive amounts of protein and creatine. (To note: you must know, that protein and creatine are by evolutionary inheritance , necessary for stabilizing neurons within the brain’s biochemistry – though, it takes very, very little protein and creatine consumption to achieve the necessary requirements.)

To base the point of this digression, the specialist on the radio program peeked my interest, as he is the first person I’ve heard from that thinks similarly in context to this subject matter as correlatively accordantly to how I think; further, he also links evolution then, to our ironic, devolution now; also showing that not only our species is being threatened by excessive meat consumption, but also all other land-mammal species, and also many marine-based lifeforms; as nitrogen, oxides, chemicals, hormonal/genetic mutations made by means of laboratory-created medicines, antibiotics, injections and subsequent implementation of acidic chemicals into foods consumed by animals – causing intestinal deterioration, internal bleeding, corrosion of vital organs, and tense-forming (making tense the muscles to which we consume from other animalistic species and lifeforms, greatly reducing the nutritional value of the muscle tissue (or meat) and as a byproduct or secondarily consequence, abuse and fear instillation of and to animals.) Having detrimental effect on the global environment, adding to carbon pollution, and overall global warming.

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Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering

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