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The Brain; through a psychoanalytical viewpoint; (psychophysiology)

Posted by Darkly Origins , 29 March 2015 · 1,320 views

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I received a lot of positive feedback from many Professor's and scientific community members for this paper. This was my first written paper for my first general class course in College (Psychology 101) -- and it's but a short thesis, that I created impromptu with a pencil and paper -- a projector for my papers, and my mind to thoroughly elaborate and emphasize mine idea's upon. I hope any readers find this short-dissertation of value, and can find the conclusion relating to oneself. Thank you.

Now, through Biological, and Psychological study; we’ve come to such a conclusion as to determine that the hemispheric properties are in actuality, reversed; in neurological methodology.

So, if you’re born right-handed, you’re by evolutionary standards, inherited to metaphorical doom. That’s because you are by nature, a product of your brain, and also your environment.

Such an associated breakthrough in science has led to the absolute conclusion, that those utilizing the right-hemisphere of the brain are not a product of constructive interference, but actually – destructive interference.

Whereas, those born with the utilizing of the left-hemisphere are by nature, not as generalized – lesser, or more so unsophisticated; doomed to inherit negative attributes throughout one’s lifespan.

In actuality, those who are of the left-hemispheric conditioning are indeed affected by constructive interference.

It’s a genetic role-reversal, if you will – for people such as myself, this is a great piece of research, which has proved to be powerful in aspectual consideration, due to scientific breakthrough.

In conclusion, think before you act, as well be considerate with your words, and be cautious with socialized norms.

A lot of ideas are of general neutrality, but more ideas are generalized and seen as negatively influenced, behest – negatively impacted peoples are afflicted by social-norms, and humanistic generalizations.

To conclude absolutely; be careful with generalizations, as they’re not by some absolute, and humanistic standard – truthful.

If there is something to be learned from this, take this with you tonight – the brain is a powerful thing, and our sense of self, our consciousness can well be considered the soul.

Take heed to the idea all men are equal in the physiological sense, but we are not equal in social-affluence, and that is what we need to change.

Thank you for listening.

(It's underdeveloped, unsophisticated and sloppy), though -- it's rudimentary basis is true, all are equal, and such is proven scientifically; forgive the notion of this being my first College level paper. If you' think me to be passionate, you're absolutely right, because if we aren't good to each other, on a minimalistic or relative level (at least), then what point is there for discourse -- and attempting furtherance and continuance in the sciences if we've animosity among us; ...segregation? And degradation for our insignificant subjective characteristics, being a confounding perplexity of physiological differentiations, psychophysiological indifference, social dissonance, and attitudinal disdain. It doesn't matter if one is homosexual, bisexual, trans-sexual, heterosexual, or if you're a hermaphrodite -- science has proven that we're products of evolutionary inheritance, and this must be accepted -- as this is not subjectively appealed, nor ideologically indoctrinating -- but is rather, absolutely objectified.
Ethnocentrism, culturalism, nationalism, spiritualism, sociability, agreeableness, introverted, extroverted, left, right, politically identified, socio-economically placed, personal preferences for foods, musics, arts, or sociality...it's all the same, we're no different. We're simply products of profoundly small differentiations of genetic mutation, procurement, proliferation, mastication, and domesticated in genes, and deviating manifestations of evolutionary inheritance. In essentiality, we're all the same, of the same, and will always become the summed same -- in totalistic inquiry, and invariant abstraction; perhaps the greatest quote that can be related to all peoples, creeds, races, ethnicities, identities, societies, cultures and lifeforms -- an excerpt from the 'Holy Bible' being: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
It's beautiful, antecedent, and true -- we're all human, we're all mortally, and morally flawed -- intellectually forfeiting at times, and overly judgmental; the point is, we can be better, by simply being better to those you interact with regularly, and to those you don't -- by being polite, kind and sincere in approach and aspectual considerations. When we do this on a subjective level, it becomes collectively normed, so that within time's eventuated future, more tolerable, soluble and rationally sincere discourse and interaction becomes the new human normality. Let's work together to achieve this, for the sake of all that is good -- the children, the innocent animals, our elders, for our parents; let us do what is right: co-exist forever.
John 8:7 So when they continued asking Him, He lifted Himself up and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

In closing, treat one another in humility – with decency, with humanity. Be altruistic in all endeavors, small and great; be good, fruitful and gentle.

Sincerely, unapologetically,

Jacob A. Eder;

All Rights Reserved;, (T3T Innovations); Jacob A. Eder;.

Darkly Origins/Eerie Flickering

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