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Monthly Longevity & Supplement Newsletter

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#1 Chris Pollyanna

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Posted 20 June 2019 - 10:09 PM

Hello all,


Since the beginning of the year I've been sending out a monthly email to family and friends with my take on the biggest longevity advances of the preceding month, as well as an attachment containing links to the main papers connected to various supplements published that month. It is a labour of love and takes me on average five days to put together as I trawl through Pubmed and other sources. 


It just occurred to me that I could post them in the blog section of this site and that they might be of interest to some of you.


I won't go into the rational here for choosing these supplements, suffice to say that I take most of them. They are in alphabetical order:





Nicotinamide Mononucleuotide

Nicotinamide Riboside





Non-Supplement: Rapamycin & Senolytics 


Also papers concerning nutrition, fasting & exercise.


Here's a link to May's newsletter: https://www.longecit...ngevity-review/


And the index page: https://www.longecit...ity-newsletter/


I would love to receive feedback, both positive and negative, as my friends and family never say anything more than "thanks for that!". :|?


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