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Can someone with an average IQ become a genius? How or why not?


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#121 gamesguru

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 12:15 AM

genius does not equal savant.  That guy doing arithmetic in his head on david letterman is not the same as terence tao solving unsolved math problems in his sleep.


some quotes, for a laugh

genius is a promulgation onto the unknown

a fish will never be a genius if you judge it by its ability to climb trees

talent hits a mark no one can hit, genius hits one no one can see

genius without ambition is like a bird without wings



all of these tests are fairly reliable


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#122 N.T.M.

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 06:02 PM

Maybe somebody already posted this (and if that's the case, I apologize; I haven't read all the posts). Anyway, you can become smarter by stimulating your mind (this has been shown), but this isn't possible to the extent of gaining 40 IQ points, which is the difference between an average score and a genius score. Sorry.

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#123 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 07:48 PM

Yes only thru brain damage..., if you have a major head injury that doesn't disable or kill you, it can turn you into a genius or savant... 


Ah! So that's how one out of a billion cannabis users experience an increase in iq as opposed to the commonly seen decrease.

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#124 Meggo

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 06:22 AM

genius = creativity

#125 jack black

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 05:06 PM

Genius is as genius does. Genius according to who, and for what? Arts, sciences, leadership, politics, military conflicts - all have geniuses of different kinds. Genius comes from protracted periods of work in a given field. Horsepower is highly overrated. A highly intelligent person with no work ethic is just going to be someone who finds a resting point a bit higher than the average person, but who won't produce anything remarkable. An average person with work ethic will surpass a highly intelligent person with low work ethic in almost every case, and I have seen this first hand when I have tutored students in mathematics. If you are lucky enough to have high intelligence and high work ethic, then that is a recipe for genius perhaps. But many who are considered genius simply used their time more wisely than those forgotten by history, or thought the things they did when the time was right to be thinking them....there is plenty of luck involved in addition to high intelligence and hard work.


As far a raising IQ, mine has jumped 20 points in 14 years, from 125 on the WAIS-R to 145 on the WAIS IV. This is not supposed to happen, but, it happens more frequently than you might think. Larger gains are certainly possible. Mine came through a combination of nootropics, academic work, and general improvement of my living situation. I don't think IQ is very important for achievement. People who do poorly in subjects usually just don't try long enough. They fail once and it makes them feel stupid, so they stop. People who believe they are intelligent (perhaps from IQ scores) often see temporary failure to grasp something as a challenge, and will simply try again until they get it. When they do, they are seen as more intelligent. I've seen plenty of people, once they learn the trick of simply "Trying long enough", learn things they didn't think were possible.


Don't let IQ be your metric of genius. Genius comes from lots of determination and work, and probably a large dose of luck to. Without the luck, you will certainly master a topic anyway, which is reward enough.


well said. i noticed the same in my family. we have some persons who are incredibly bright, but struggle to function due to low motivation and at the same time the less gifted ones are very successful through drive and work ethics.


i can also believe in increasing IQ by training. It can be done: https://blogs.scient...tive-potential/


#126 Major Legend

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Posted 17 January 2017 - 06:36 PM

I think IQ isn't really the best indicator of how smart someone is, there are many types of intelligence. Social intelligence for example is lacking in many people who are highly

intelligent STEM subjects. The brain is large, but it only has so much energy to expend at any given time, so there are actually physical limits to the idea of a genius, because

when we say genius we tend to think someone who is SUPER at alot of things, when in fact people tend to sacrifice other abilities if they are overly good in one thing.


Of course that's not like I deny the existence of genetics dictating base intelligence. 


And I would argue its possible to some extent.


Very importantly the methodology of education one adopts, if they adopt the right one and continue learning new things and keep curious about other subjects

and also have a good methodology of how to put what is learned into practice. I think over time one can actually become smarter for sure.


Education alone changes how the brain approaches problems, therefore affecting intelligence.


On the other hand, to reach genius level. I really believe people need to do drugs like LSD, Ketamine and so on, these open their minds to see and perceiving things

they never could have without the drugs, just knowing how malleable our own perceptions are alone, can greatly contribute to the ability to flexibly problem solve, or look

at things in a different context, or spot patterns.


When people say genius they usually mean people that can "jump" several steps ahead, or connect two seemingly unrelatable ideas, and I think nootropics, drugs

actually facilitate this kind of thinking.


The truth is a lot of people considered geniuses have experienced a wide range of completely different things, and they are simply able to cross-pollinate ideas.


This "experience" driven way to improve intelligence, is actually the opposite of what academia actually is (which is to just focus on one subject only), as a result a lot

of these people end up being unable to make huge "breakthroughs"


And finally where do you learn how to think like that? - Art School...There is a pretty good reason why so many things come from places like California where they are encouraged

to think like an artist and try crazy shit.

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#127 kurdishfella

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Posted 14 January 2020 - 09:29 AM

It's remarkably easy to go the other way, though!


I had an IQ of 178 as a teenager, had a long rough battle with EBV in college and it knocked down to 150, started having "ADD" and "depression" after that, go figure, stupid f*cking psychologists and their 19th century views of the workings of the brain (adderall made me hyperfocus for days and SSRIs only worked one time for me when I was super bummed about a breakup), then years of binge drinking, untreated sleep apnea took it down a bit more to 138, and in the past year I've had mild cases of both hepatic and viral encephalopathy, and God knows what it is now.


At least I have my physical health -- oh wait, no, that's all f%cked up too. Well, I can curl up underneath my physics PhD to keep warm.

what do you get out of lying about your iq online? nobody believes you. I doubt you are over 120.

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#128 Jesus is King

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 02:33 AM

There's something comforting to being a dumbass just like me (and being aware of it). You can live life knowing you're never going to be a target of a drone attack because you're a nobody living in a world of 7 billion people.

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