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Tickle Your Damn Amygdala's You Neurotic Fools!

amygdala visualization frontal lobes brain exercise

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#1 Jesus is King

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 07:06 PM

Ok, so I'll try not to bore you with all my experiences with this, but this needs to be practiced by everyone, seriously.


Amydala Clicking/Tickling Method:


1. Look at pictures of the amygdalas on Google images.

2. Visualize your left amygdala and stimulate the front of it with a feather.

3. Visualize your right amygdala and stimulate the front of it with a feather.

4. If you can, try to visualize both at the same time, and stimulate the fronts with a feather.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 as often as possible whenever you can (except when driving, trust me on this, you'll make more mistakes).


Does it have to be a feather?


No, it can be laser beams of assorted colours (I use yellow or white, some else said they use blue), a soft paint brush, an imaginary finger rubbing it, and whatever else you'd like (as long as it's stimulating the front of your amygdala). You can also use a light switch flicking on and off quickly.  


What does it do?


Activate your frontal lobes, increase positive emotions, creativity, & intelligence. Decrease negative emotions, boredom, and fear. + Much much more...


How do you know it's working?


Well when I first started, I got a lot of the paranormal effect called synchronization (meaningful conincidences). But what you should really observe is your emotional state, because I rarely get synchronism at the moment, but my emotional state is good. 


Are you emotions more positive and less negative? Do you feel happier? Or more stable? Or more silly and fun? Do negative experiences bother you less? Do you handle negative experiences better? Are you laughing more? Do you have more confidence in yourself? Reduced anxiety, reduced fear?


Note the effects can be very subtle, so you need to watch your emotional state very carefully. 


My Experiences


Well I have too many to really share. I've known this method since I was 16 (13 years ago), but never practiced it on a consistent basis. But when I did practice it, I'd get results. Now I've recently started again, and golly gosh everybody, why have I been such a neurotic fool! Even if you or I never have the so called mega frontal lobes *pop*. As a tool to stay in a relatively happiness, positivity, and confident mood, and handling stressful/negative feelings better, I might as well do it till the day I die folks!


But I will share my mini pop I experienced in 2010, when I was practicing it for about a month before bed when at uni. I'll quote another post I made in this forum.



I was at university, I was practicing the technique for about a month, and I was coming back from a night club with my friends in a taxi where I was somewhat intoxicated. I don't know whether the alcohol had acted as a catalyst, but all of a sudden it hit me out of the blue, and I went into a state of extreme euphoria with a complete absence of fear. I had no fear, and I remember thinking it wouldn't matter if world war 3 broke out or there was a food crisis, everything would be alright. Sadly it only lasted for around 15 minutes, but it was something I've never experienced, or have yet to experienced again.


Also about 2 days ago I got a frontal loves shiver in my dream. Was crazy. Also got laughing fits, and generally been in a positive mood.


I Know What You're Thinking


You think I'm crazy right. You think I'm a crazy crazy person who thinks visualization can activate parts of the brain and give you a bag full of goodies. Well it's true and it works period. The best way to find out for yourself is practice, practice, practice! At the end of the day, I don't care if you believe me, I just care that people have access to this information and if they want to try it and find out the bag full of goodies in their head, then they know how to access it free and simple!


Also the research was done by TDA Lingo over 30 years at his mountain retreat brain lab somewhere in good ol' Colarado.




neilslade.com << Student of Lingo, spread the message far and wide on the Internet after Lingo died.


https://web.archive....hp?action=forum << Great hidden resource. Was Slade's old forum on his website (it disappeared after 2010). But read through other people's experiences and techniques here.


https://www.youtube....h?v=G1yBWvROBY0 << Brain Lab Documentary

https://www.youtube....h?v=_JP0fFB2VK0 << Noonday Interview Part 1

https://www.youtube....h?v=b0NwlwcHpUI << Noonday Interview Part 2


http://www.co-bw.com...nceWorkbook.pdf << TDA Lingo's original workbook. You may need to workout childhood traumas to get the big pop, I'm not sure. I'll stick to the simple technique for now and see what happens (I know I experienced a mini pop by just doing the visualization method in 2010, and a frontal lobes shiver 2 days ago in my dream).


Peace out you neurotic fools!

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#2 Jiminy Glick

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 08:28 PM

I did this and I peed my pants. 

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#3 sthira

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 09:44 PM

I don't think you sound crazy for sharing this -- thank you -- I think it's great! Imagine further how effective the exercise would be in virtual reality. With VR to take you in deeper, to focus the mind unwaveringly without the mind-wanderingvand fussy distractions that are inevitable during sustained concentration, the VR would be intense. Create it ...
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#4 Jesus is King

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 02:37 AM

sthira try the technique out. VR is interesting, but one of the things I'm very interested in with amygdala clicking and the frontal lobes pop, is the instant increased & permanent visualization skill you get once you pop.


I remember practicing pmemory (a mnemonics course), and I got to a point where my visualization was crystal clear and the 3D images in my head had great physics (the colours were still underdeveloped though). This was all done without amygdala clicking. However when I stopped practicing, the visualization skill went away. However once you experience the big frontal lobes pop, you've released them, and have access to all the benefits that come with it. Lingo wrote about the increased EQ, IQ, and creativity indexes you automatically get.


The way people have to see amygdala clicking, is if you do the right thing, you get the right result. Or what I like to say, you don't learn piano by practicing guitar.


You could try a million different ways to build up your muscles. But still the nest &  most effective way is to lift weights, and increase the weight over time. By doing this, your muscles automatically respond by becoming more dense and bigger.


You could try a million different ways to lose weight. But the most effective still is cutting caloric intake to what it needs to be. People try diets A-Z, but cutting caloric intake is what it comes down to. And I've seen people not understand why they're not losing weight or plateaued on a certain diets (paleo, intermittent fasting, vegan etc...), like that diet is some kind of miracle at burning fat without cutting the calories. It's not, diets only work for you to lose weight when you cut the calories. I can lose it on mcdonalds as long as I stuck to cutting the cals. Like I say to anyone, the best diet is the one you can stick to.


Or like me you'll discover after trying 100's of supplements over the years, the best ones are really the ones that work most effectively for you, and not the ones you've read works wonders or have so many benefits behind them. I only take 6 supplements now, but they do magic to my health.


Or lets say your sad, so you try to force yourself happy. Think positive thoughts, do affirmations, jump up and down, laugh. You're doing the wrong things, so you're getting crappy results. But when you do that one right thing, tickle that right pleasure switch in your brain, you no longer have to force yourself to be happy, it comes automatically. Then try and force yourself to be in a bad mood, angry, depressed, and you just can't, because you're automatically happy.


It's really late here (2:30am), and my brain for once is actually really tired, so I do need to get some sleep now, and I've noticed my thoughts/writings aren't as eloquent as usual.


Just remember this: 1+1 = 2; it works, it's the truth, and it's absolutely the right way to go about things.

#5 Jesus is King

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Posted 15 February 2018 - 02:36 PM

OK, so it seems like I'm progressing slowly. I seem to be getting slight headaches and I never get headaches. Music is more pleasurable to listen and sing to. I'm a little frustrated at my progress because it's not linear, for example the pleasure of listening to music will come sometimes are clicking my amygdalas, and other times it feels like I get no obvious signs of pleasure. But I need to keep doing it regardless, and not focus on getting another mini pop.


My visualization skill has increased today btw, is this because I've just been visualizing a lot more, or is it because I'm activating my frontal lobes? Or Vitamin B12? You see I just realized, I never got that really good 3D visualization skill prior 2010 when practicing the pmemory course (which requires a lot of visualization). Prior to 2010 my visualization sucked ass, it was 2D and crappy. Then I had a mini pop in 2010 but didn't continue to click. Then in 2011 I restarted the pmemory course (but wasn't clicking my amygdalas forward), but also added b12 to my stack. My visualization got to a point where it was very clear 3D with physics. I'm near that point again today, and I also happened to take a b12 this morning. It should also be noted I did some clicking back in 2005 but my visualization skill didn't come to as close as back in 2011. So it was either the mini pop that helped propel my visualization skill, or just a combination of clicking, visualization and b12 over time. 

#6 Jesus is King

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Posted 15 February 2018 - 03:13 PM





Hello everyone  cheesy.gif

I would just like to say that this site is very cool. The unity of the community here discussing brain topics is far better than some of the forums where people gloat about themself or gossip about someone else. Truly we are the new generation of mind explorers taking the voyage to another level. We like to use our brains.

Let me say that I discovered Neil's site several years ago. I learned about the amygdala and the clicking techniques, ordered some cool dvd/cds on his site to begin the adventure. Unfortunately it did not come spontaneously and I had to work at training my thinking before the "click" occurred. 

Keep in mind before this event occurred I had difficulty with comprehension, lacked confidence, and repeated stuff constantly.

However one day when I was just relaxing to my favorite music (I prefer Worship), I suddenly was catapulted mentally into a vast universe and even felt a connection to everything in existence. That was when my mind first experienced the nirvana effect. Can't explain it, except it was mind-blowing, beyond comprehension!

Since that day, I have been able to control my amgdalae anytime I want now. Warning to the compulsive however -- you will get headaches since blood is flowing more quickly through your brain. In my experience, I encountered a substantial memory increase. To this day I have the ability to remember up to 200 digits of more. I use this to retain phone numbers, facts, equations, reading materials, names, faces, and words I have heard. Neil said since every brain is different, not everyone will have the huge memory increases.

Whenever I am clicking (with my eyes closed -- better in the dark too), I can feel the muscles in my temples pulsating and I can see billions of memories visually. Its like dreaming, but you can still snap out of it at will. As Neil states on his site, it is most certainally an amazing brain adventure. Sometimes after clicking for an hour (listening to music stimulates the effect too) I experience a mental levitation (feeling of weightlessness). Its like have crayons in the box that don't belong there.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share of my experiences for a brief period.


I bolded the things I found interesting. This was taken off the old forum (link above).


1. Headaches. As someone who never experiences headaches, I have been getting dull headaches since clicking. It's interesting to know someone who has experienced the big pop noticed headaches also.


2. Memory & Visual increase. This is actually the thing I've been interested in most recently with amygdala clicking. I think mnemonic courses, especially ones like pmemory, go about things completely backwards. In pmemory you need to build good visualization skills, plus make strong connections, plus be creative in choosing unique images to connect and use as support images. The course has less than a 1% pass rate, half the people who do pass loose their skill or try to fake it until they make it to the end, and you never hear or see people post their experiences of what books they've memorized and such. Also the guy who runs pmemory (Ruslan) is a complete asshat.


But if you do things the right way first, everything becomes so much more easy and automatic. Pop you frontal lobes first, which will release amazing visualization skills automatically, plus your brain will become a super connector of things, plus your creativity will go through the roof.


In fact if the above quote is anything to go by, you gain memory skills automatically with a frontal lobes pop:




To this day I have the ability to remember up to 200 digits of more






I can see billions of memories visually.


BOOM! Easy peasy, you might not even need a mnemonics course.


I have nothing to go by but mine and other people's so far when it comes to amygdala clicking. So I really have no idea how much natural memory increase one can experience. However I fully believe that if the frontal lobes do get unlocked, which means an automatic and major increase in visualization, creativity, and connections. Then taking a course like pmemory no longer becomes a chore or difficult, but a piece of piss, and memorizing entire books should not only be in the realm of possibility, but as aforementioned, a piece of piss!


But you gotta experience that big bang first. I get the subtle benefits of amygdala clicking at the moment. But I don't think anything will compare to the big frontal lobes pop, which will unlock the brain like nothing else to be able to do amazing things.

#7 Jesus is King

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Posted 15 February 2018 - 03:33 PM

Below I quote a post I made in another thread about Premature Ejaculation and is related to amygdala clicking:



That's because tantric techniques go the wrong way about things.


Just tickle you amygdalas and you'll start gaining total control over your ejaculation within weeks. Last time I had sex, not only was I more horny, but every time I felt a little on edge, I gave my amygdalas a little tickle, and boom, could keep on going and going as long as I liked.


You can read another person's experience here: http://www.neilslade...Papers/sex.html


Brain self control is the ultimate goal. Nearly everything in this world goes about the wrong & hard way of doing things. Premature ejaculation, multiple orgasms, mnemonics, happiness, creativity, pleasure, intelligence, complete self confidence etc... We are genetically wired to experience these things, but we don't make use of our full brain due to childhood traumas and are neurotic. Hence why those with the worst childhood traumas (such as sexual abuse & torture) usually end up majorly depressed, suicidal, not content, drug addicts, and more likely to fail in life and careers. While those who had happy upbringings, are more likely to succeed, be happier, be content, and not be drug addicts. However even these people with happy upbringings are still somewhat neurotic, but they just don't know it or look it.


#8 Jesus is King

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Posted 16 February 2018 - 03:09 AM



So I started getting in a neutral/bad mood at one point during the day and couldn't snap out of it. Then my wife upset me later on (she was in the wrong) and made my mood worse. Anyway I had a nap (7pm-11pm), but when I woke up I was still pissed off with her. So I started an argument with her and "wouldn't let it go" and thankfully she understood, and was in a good mood to handle it. After my rant and it was all off my chest and I felt it was resolved (she understood and comforted and apologised), I started laughing, and my mood was back to a happier self. 


It felt some deep neurosis in the amygdala needed to work itself out, and clicking it away wasn't going to cut it. Luckily clicking brings it up to the surface, and it played itself out perfectly and the negative energy was released (even though I didn't see the trauma that strong negativity originally came from).

#9 Jesus is King

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Posted 16 February 2018 - 04:08 AM

One thing I noticed, and I've noticed in the past, are people are fucking idiots when it comes to social interaction. It's almost as if they no longer believe in the concept that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. They think they can do an action or say things that are meant to hurt (physical or verbal), and the receiver of such hurt is constantly meant to rise above it when they've been wronged, forgive and forget and all that. However when you fight back, suddenly you're too sensitive or a drama queen or it was only a joke. Ha! It's honestly hilarious. They dish it out but can't take it. They attack you and your meant to accept it, but if you retaliate to the attack, i.e. you call the person out, suddenly you're the one in the wrong. Ha! Neurosis is twisted! But if you keep accepting the attacks (like a child who can't defend itself), they become ingrained in your brain/subconscious, ready to plague you for the rest of your life in neurosis, holding back your true potential and true self confidence.
You can also think of it like this. You aren't as scared about awkwardness anymore. FUCK AWKWARDNESS! Someone wants to insult you or throw a sly comment your way, throw one right back at them. FUCK EM! Who cares if it's awkward. If people don't want awkward situations, then they shouldn't be directing negative attacks at you, simple. You'll soon find you become a person more respected, or at least not to be fucked with anymore. 
It's like that concept in that book radical honesty (I partly read years ago). When you start clicking, you become more honest with people, because you grow bigger balls. While before you were conditioned to accept the attack directed at you, you now stand up for yourself instead. Even if it requires strong verbal rebuke/retaliation. And no, this isn't about being too emotional or not being able to accept criticism. This is about legitimate identifiable attacks. You'll get assholes who will try to cover up their attacks as constructive criticism, as a joke, or they're just trying to help you; when really they just want an excuse to attack you or control you. But then you'll get other people who really do want to help you or give you constructive criticism; it's not hard to identify between the two.
Here's a little exercise for you all, in the nicest way possible, just tell people you don't want their advise or don't care for their opinion (if they're abouts to give you some). Notice how most people won't respect your wish and proceed anyway. Well they better be ready to hear rebuke after that, they were warned.
Also note this isn't about being a dick or a psychopath. It's about spanking the inner child of people. Not letting them take their neurosis out on you. At the end of the day, with higher brain function comes higher empathy. This isn't about reacting to every single insult or attack and making the other person feel like shit or embarrassed in front of people (you're not a psychopath with low frontal lobes function are you?). It's about stopping the disease called neurosis, which usually only requires one or two rebukes and that's it! Think about it, when is the last time you really stood up for yourself rather then letting it go or taking it on the chin? But when you finally do, because your self confidence is higher than their self confidence (and you keep it that way), you'll soon see they won't be trying that neurotic attack again anytime soon.
Shouldn't we rise above it I hear you ask? Yes & No. Like I said, you have empathy for people, and you're not hysterically emotional (or maybe you are when working out neurosis). Not every insult is going to hit home, and those who are most close to you will usually hurt the most. It's a journey and I don't know all the answers to it yet. But I understand why TDA Lingo was a hard character to be around for a lot of people. I also read in his workbook today (URL in 1st post), that he talks about using the amygdala to click backwards into reptilian mode for superior retaliation to attacks, protecting yourself from other people's neurosis.


The last and most important point I would like to make is you better be practicing amygdala clicking for the rest of your life if you are going to start rebuking people. The reason the rebukes work, is your self confidence is higher than their self confidence, your reality is higher than their reality. You honestly & truly don't give a fuck if it's awkward, or not politically correct, or the correct etiquette, or it looks bad on you. However if you stop clicking, if you go back down to lower brain function, you lose your self confidence, you question yourself, you let fears take control. After the big pop this won't be a problem, you'll be able to click easily (brain self control) and feel the pure self confidence/love you get from higher brain function. I had a mini pop in 2010, I remember experiencing ZERO fear & extreme euphoria, and I didn't even know I was afraid in my "normal" state, but trust me, they are deep in the background of your subconscious mind, but you just don't realise it. When I say ZERO fear, I'm talking about ZERO fear. World War 3 could break out, a food crisis could happen, and everything would be a okay! 


Keep clicking you neurotic fools! 

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#10 Jesus is King

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Posted 16 February 2018 - 05:35 PM

OK coming soon to my brain training. Fast multiplications! I created a simple program years ago when I attempted to learn C#. It is meant to replicate Dr Kawashima game on Nintendo DS, because of his research of how fast maths calculations activate the frontal lobes.


Here's are pics from his book explaining increased frontal lobes function:




And below are my results posted on another forum when I tried back in 2016.



1. "Note to self and everyone. I have the motivation, but my brain keeps just having brain farts. Whether I do those times tables game, or do memorization or visualization, or even simply read a book. My brain automatically gets fatigued after 10 minutes. Hopefully my endurance will grow, but it's annoying such little training can cause my brain to feel tired."




2. "Set the goal to 1000, but I started losing motivation and concentration, so I stopped at 500. 
I got 495 multiplications correct, and 5 wrong." 




3. "I was going for 1000 again, but decided to stop at 500 again (because of my fading concentration). Compared to last time I did both worse and better. Worse because I got 3 more wrong answers compared to last time. Better because the first 250 so, I was zooming through them at a very fast rate. However after around 250, my concentration started to drift and not be so strong." 




4. "Woohoo! All 500 times tables right. 0 wrong." 




5. "Correct 902 times, wrong 4 times, and this was doing it for the first time using music as a distraction (I was even singing along the way). 
I stopped short of 1000 because I had to go pick up my fiance up from work. 
I was zooming through them to start with, around the first 400-500, but after that my brain slowed down. Either a caffeine crash, or what I suspect more (due to previous times without caffeine) was it's just a hard mental workout for my brain." 


That looks like that's it. This was before I discovered the power of vitamin C for brain energy + amygdala clicking.


I did a 100 here and there today, and I zoomed through them. I'm confident that doing 1000 should be easy and I won't feel any fatigue like I did 2 years ago. So I should be able to obliterate my old scores and hopefully aim for 10,000, not 1,000.


But we'll see tomorrow, I g2g now so I can't do it right now. But tomorrow, lets see how I compare to 2 years ago starting from scratch shall we? Ha!


#11 Jesus is King

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Posted 17 February 2018 - 12:15 PM

Post is All About Sleep & Dreams!


OK, why the hell is it so hard to catch up with damn sleep debt! Was dog tired yesterday, but had to go out to this prearrangement. Anyway we get back but I don't fall asleep straight away, so I'm just clicking and listening to music. Thankfully I fall asleep around my goal time which is 12am or sooner. Woke up today at 8:30am automatically. So I roughly had 8-8.5 hours sleep last night. Yet I still woke up tired! This includes me using easy breath strips to help breath more easily and get a better sleep during the night.


Sleep Debt Since My Nicotine Experiment?


Here's my nicotine experiment: http://www.longecity...-my-experience/


I've honestly felt the sleep debt since my nicotine experiment, and smoking in general too close to bed would disturb my sleep/give me insomnia.


Pushing my Brain Too Hard with Amygdala Clicking?


Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click. That's all I've pretty much been focused on doing since starting this experiment. I don't care about anything else. Need to click so I can pop and unleash my brains full potential. Then I have many many ideas on how to move on from there, but first I need to pop those frontal lobes.


But even though clicking is a simple visualization technique, it's also a very powerful one which is meant to activate dormant parts of the brain. I'm not going to get into the whole 10% debate or how we use all of our brain; because I can say without a doubt, that we're not the full potential of our brain, no where near. Don't forget I've experienced a mini pop in 2010, it's a different reality, it's like your brain wakes up from the sleep it was in, super awareness, super happiness, super brain function. Sure it only last 15-20 minutes before I came down, but you know what you experience, just like if you tried to describe an orgasm to someone that's never experienced one before.


Anyway all this clicking could be pushing my brain extra hard, meaning it requires so much more energy and rest to grow new neurons & connections. Because I can't remember waking up this tired for a long time, but there are a lot of other factors too (sleep debt from my nicotine experiment) so I can't be sure it's just from the clicking.


How I've Improved & Continue to Improve My Sleep


Things I've Done So Far - 


1. So quitting smoking is the first thing. No more stimulant nicotine near bed! 

2. Taking B12 (methylcobalamin) the under the tongue kind has helped me fall asleep much quicker.

3. My wife bought this lavender spray she's been using on the pillows, to helps me fall asleep.

4. Taking all my supplements in the morning, including magnesium (which stimulates me now).


Things I Need to Do -


1. The most important one is getting some cardio exercise in everyday. Since amygdala clicking (and experiencing insomnia), I've felt more motivated then ever to get my fat ass on my cross trainer and burn some of my tired energy. Tonight is going to be the night. Also the last time I did 10 minutes on the cross trainer, I found it relatively easy when done to music (rather than TV); so I have confidence that I should be able to hit 30 minutes a day now. The only problems with the cross trainer is I have to wait until I come home around 7pm before I can use it, and a lot of the time I start getting really tired by then. The other problem is my toes go numb, which really annoys me to be honest because I'm quite paranoid of cutting blood circulation to any body part; hence while I think I could do even 20 minutes non stop on the trainer, I have to stop for my toes sake.


2. Magnesium supplement will now be moved up from morning to around 5-7pm. Though it stimulates me now which is why I can't take it right before bed. I can't ignore the possibility it might contribute to daytime tiredness also, so need to move it in the evening sometime.


3. Lavender spray. This stuff might help me fall asleep, but I need to consider the possibility this may contribute to daytime tiredness as well. For now I'll keep using it, as it allows me to fall asleep quicker than usual, but will keep it in mind.


Plenty of Nightmares Which Aren't Scary, & Remembering a Large Portion of Them


I remember noting this years back and asking Neil Slade about them. I later discovered in one of the writings by TDA Lingo, that neurosis will try to work itself out in your dreams/nightmares. I need to read more into this to be honest.


Anyway I've been getting a lot more dreams/nightmares is seems, let's see what I can recall (feel free to skip this):



Dream 1:

So I remember being in this place, I think a mall, where a Mexican was trying to kill me. He got shot and died, I think I was the one who shot him. Then I realised this was one of my step fathers cronies, and he gathered all his cronies to his house to discuss the incident, he didn't realise his Mexican crony was trying to kill me or that I killed him first, but I was there while he was discussing it, and I kept quiet on the whole matter. You see I some reason lived with my step father, and note that this isn't my real step father, this was the same main bad guy gangster from the Snatch the movie, for some reason he was my step father. We also lived in a house which I recognize as my friends old house. Anyway I needed to get out of the house and see my mum. My mum for some reason was Bianca from Eastenders. Made an excuse to my step father and then drove to see her, I think I might of rang her before then. I pick her up from what looked like part of the street you see on Eastenders, we drove to her house where her other children were (which were her kids from Eastenders). We talked, and I wanted to leave there with her into a safer place. You see she was living with her new husband who was an eastern European asshole (looked like my wife's father). He was tough but scary, and I didn't like him. Also I remember worrying it was late, and my step father (the bad guy from Snatch), would wonder where I am and come looking for me. I also slightly remember talking to one of my step brothers (Bianca's kid) about school or something.


Dream 2:

I remember playing football or fifa with my friends. A lot of the dream revolved around this. Then later 2 dead "aliens" were in my bed (the exact same places me and my wife were sleeping and I was dreaming this). One alien was recovered from Area 51, the other one unknown. These aliens had 1 eye. So I pointed out these weren't aliens, but were more like giants with one eye, cyclops'. Can't remember much more, but I pretty much woke up after this dream.



So What are the Main Lessons About These Nightmares/Dreams?


I'm not going to bore you with dream interpretation. What I want to direct you to is things I find more fascinating about this whole ordeal.


1. The nightmares were not scary. My emotion of fear was much less, and I was more neutral in the whole thing. Remember when you're dreaming, you think you're the person you're dreaming of (unless you become lucid and realize you're dreaming). When I've had nightmares in the past, they are scary, you feel the fear, whether it's fighting a Mexican in a gun fight, or your step father's a gangster with cronies, or your mother's new boyfriend who is a scary strong eastern European asshole, or you have spooky dead aliens/cyclops' in your bed. Usually after a nightmare like that, you would  never want to experience it again because it was just so scary. Yet when I dreamt that last night, because the emotion was more neutral than scary, I wouldn't care if I experience the exact same dream tonight. So basically nightmares (bad/evil things), but without the fear attached to them (or at least very reduced fear).


2. My dream recall seems to have increased without needing much willful effort on my part; and I feel like I'm dreaming a lot more (though this could be due to increased recall). Feels like a lot more going on in my dreams, and they're more vivid.


3. Due to a combination of factors, i.e. Sleep debt, lavender spray on pillow, B12 etc..., I can't just point to amygdala clicking with 100% certainty for these dream effects. However I'm pretty confident amygdala clicking is the main factor driving these effects, due to past observations with amygdala clicking causing nightmares with little to no fear (and writing and email to Neil Slade about it years ago), and also reading TDA Lingos work on how your brain will try to work out neurosis in your dreams.


None Sleep/Dream Related


Multiplications Brain Training


So like I said yesterday I was going to start brain training with multiplications. I ended up doing 250 before I got bored and starting losing concentration and stopped. I got 2 incorrect. I still need to optimize my sleep and wakeful energy. You know, waking up not tired, but rather like I've just had a brilliant nights sleep.


I'm Tired, but it Seems Like I'm Functioning at a Good Level Brain Wise


Pretty much in the title.Even though I feel a tiredness in me, I did end up doing 250 multiplications this morning, and am now writing up this whole report which seems to have taken a couple of hours. Yap yap yap yap yap. Seems like something I was good at before I started clicking my amygdalas and taking vitamin c. Now I'm doing both those things (clicking, vitamin c), and even with a slightly tired brain, I have plenty of energy and clarity to yap yap yap yap! Hopefully I will be able to put this to better use in the future. However even though this topic may not be interesting to read for most people, I'm sure this is going to benefit me in the future by looking back at my observations/conclusions when I need to, as well as being therapeutic for getting these ideas/brain energy out of my head and into digital paper.


That's it for now, keep clicking my neurotic friends!

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 10:53 PM



For those who may be interested, I've continued using the amygdala technique. Of real interest to me on the website where I first learned this, was the statement that the frontal lobes can suddenly "pop" into synch with what's happening with the amygdala, and the results can be transporting.

I've had several such experiences. Most were quite brief and I suppose I could describe them as epiphanies of a particularly vivid and poignant nature. One experience was quite wonderful. This is the one I wrote you about, Chris!

I'd just gone out for a walk and a smoke, and it was quite late. I rarely go walking down by the creek in the dark, as it's so easy to step in mud or fall over something, but this night the moon was bright and I went and sat on a boulder. It's hard to describe what it feels like when the amygdala kicks in, but there is a definite physical component as well as a mental one. Typically if I'm in a natural setting, I can almost literally see the energy of every living thing, very much like what is described in The Celestine Prophecy. There seems to be poignant emotion attached, too, a rush of love that's almost like being on acid or ecstasy. (Yes, I've tried X). Anyway, as I continued my walk, I suddenly felt myself arrested by the mysterious ambience of the creek with its trees and its sleeping animals, as well as the ones who scurry about at night. The deep shadows, the bright patches of moonlight...the rustles among the leaves and in the tules... And as I stood there, my amygdala twanging like a banjo string, I suddenly felt my frontal lobes pop, and I was instantly opened up to a whole new world of perception. I did literally see the life energy of every thing. The trees were outlined in their own auras, a shimmer of deep pink I heard called a lightskin in my mind...I didn't know this, but they do sleep at night. The grass, the bushes, the cacti and even the rocks and the earth beneath my feet, each had its distinctive "note" and I heard it all...as I stood in the darkness I could tell my body was twitching slightly, and I was slightly relieved that it was so late, there was no one else on the sidewalk at that time. I'd say I stood there for five minutes or less, but it seemed like forever, simply One with the Something that speaks to me from the land where I live. It was an awesome experience.

Learning to self-stimulate the amygdala is something I enthusiastically recommend to anyone! If you try this and work with it, I hope you'll post your experiences here. It's like using a Neti pot for the first time....a real WOW!! moment.



This person first posted about amygdala clicking on the 16th Jan (saying he just recently discovered the technique), and then posted what's in the above quote on April 2nd of the same year. So that is 76 days, or 2 months 17 days were he got a frontal lobes pop. Not sure if what he's describing was the big one, to me it sounds more like a mini pop, but I think it's interesting to know how long it takes people to experience "a whole new world of perception". 

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 11:05 PM



I have had the transcendent experience several times using Neil's method. What works best for me is visualizing my amygdala as light switches, and rapidly clicking the switch.

The first self induced big bang, I was driving my car through the country on Sunday. I'd been clicking for about two weeks and had been getting tickles, buzzes, pressure in my forehead, and other interesting stuff.

I clicked my switch until I felt an energy rush and tingle, and decided to see if I could amplify it. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a vast change in myperspective. The patterns of connection of myself, the world, the universe itself was crystal clear out to the point I could no longer contain the whole pattern due to its complexity. 

For about ten minutes I saw how it all worked and my place in it.The word nirvana doesn't do justice to it. Tears ran down my face from the beauty of it all. The pattern is so elegant. 

The big picture faded away, but I still remember some of it.
Good thing it did, I'm not sure who was driving my car! The afterglow and
subsequent experiences have given me a sense of peace and tolerance I could never have before. It was way cool, but we're here to be human. I believe I like being just me (with the connection with infinity firmly in place).


This user is took about 2 weeks.


My first frontal lobe pop happened quite unexpectedly on 11/6/05, about 1 month after i really began clicking.  Had done some cloud bursting earlier and was staring at a giant tower farm just after dark somewhere outside of Indianapolis on my way home from Chicago.  I was looking at these lights coming up on the horizon and they just got brighter and brighter.  Hundreds of bright red lights and POP! I was just swept away. Everything i was worried about simply vanished and i was at true peace for the first time in this life.  It came over me slowly and peaked much like an extacy trip, although it did not last as long, it was about 100x more intense without all the fear and confusion. i did not speak for about 30 minutes and my friend said i had not moved for the duration. When i finally remembered that the reality i was familiar with I came back slowly, like waking from a dream.

Really glad that i wasn't driving! Simply the best i've ever felt and without a doubt the most beautiful experience of my life. I guess this is one of those things that would be different for everyone but my experience involved the realization of self and who 'i' and "I" am. Now it feels like we're going somewhere! 

One thing i saw was a representation of our personal energies as spheres that made dents on a grid of energy.  The next day i found this forum and saw Dynamicism's avitar which was an identical match with my vision.


This user it took about 1 month.

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 11:40 PM

Cold Mastery with Amygdala Clicking
Haha what a coincidence! I was just thinking to myself the other day, I wonder if amygdala clicking will help make cold showers more bearable if I try them again. And today I come across this video! 
This guy took amygdala clicking and cold mastery to another level! Look at him submerging his entire body in -10° Celsius icy cold waters, and look what he says in the video:

It's all good. It's all good. It's really no problem. It really is no problem. It feels absolutely wondeful!


And the video description:

My second time facing the cold water during winter. The temperature is at -10° Celsius. The ice cold temperature is easily tolerated through clicking the amygdala forward into frontal lobes activation.




It makes sense though. Cold water is not something we naturally enjoy and our amygdalas are probably conditioned negatively to cold exposure experiences.


One thing I found with my icy cold showers and ice baths experiment (which I spent a good portion of my will trying to master several years back), is even when I finally did them regularly and for long periods of time (30+ minutes), I still remember noting in my experience, that I never got use to them emotionally. My body might have adapted, but my mind was still against it, and it never became as easy as taking a normal warm or cool shower.


I'm hoping to experiment more with amygdala clicking & cold showers, and see if I can condition my amygdalas to enjoy the experience. I think this will be easier to do once I have a better brain self control from clicking regularly over the next few months, but it's definitely on my experiment list.

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 11:54 PM

Just a general update on my amygdala clicking so far. 


Not too much to report, the effects are still subtle. One thing I keep reading all over the place on this subject, is the effects are accumulative. So I just have to trust the process, keep doing it every day, and see what happens in 2-3 months time.


My visualization skill has also deteriorated again back to what it was before. So I'm finding it a little hard to click, because it's harder to keep the image/visualization in my mind. I can still click, it just feels more of an effort.


I did some cardio exercise yesterday (20 mins) and plan on keeping at it. Tbh it wasn't hard except for how hot I became. I had the windows open, the front door open, and kept going outside to cool down, but my body was just burning up. This is in the UK, and it's still fairly cold in the evening, and yet I just couldn't cool down. I'm going to try and put my hands in a bucket of cold water next time, see if it helps cool me down, because I think I could easily hit 45-60 mins of cardio a day, I just need to cool down better. I would also like to buy some AC, but I think most AC is pretty crap in this country, and possibly the good ones are a bit too expensive for me atm.



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Posted 19 February 2018 - 01:06 PM


Funnily enough I bought his book Spark back in 2007. Shame I never got into cardio exercise back then, only weight lifting. Anyway go to 7m47s of the video.


Here he starts talking about how cardio turns on our "FRONT PART OF THE BRAIN", WOOP! Our prefrontal cortex!


"When we exercise, when we move, we turn that part of the brain on"


So my goal is to try and get 60 mins of cardio every day + Amygdala Clicking. I should be skyrocketing my frontal lobes activity while increasing my brain health!


Let's not forget the 38% rise in BDNF cardio causes. Lets help grow all those neuron connections between the amygdalas and frontal lobes shall we?


I know a lot of this is all pretty common knowledge here when it comes to cardio and the brain. I'm just looking at it in the perspective of what would happen if we combined it with amygdala clicking. Will the frontal lobes pop come faster perhaps? 

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Posted 19 February 2018 - 01:10 PM

Acute Exercise Improves Prefrontal Cortex but not Hippocampal Function in Healthy Adults.



2015 Study



The effects of acute aerobic exercise on cognitive functions in humans have been the subject of much investigation; however, these studies are limited by several factors, including a lack of randomized controlled designs, focus on only a single cognitive function, and testing during or shortly after exercise. Using a randomized controlled design, the present study asked how a single bout of aerobic exercise affects a range of frontal- and medial temporal lobe-dependent cognitive functions and how long these effects last. We randomly assigned 85 subjects to either a vigorous intensity acute aerobic exercise group or a video watching control group. All subjects completed a battery of cognitive tasks both before and 30, 60, 90, or 120 min after the intervention. This battery included the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised, the Modified Benton Visual Retention Test, the Stroop Color and Word Test, the Symbol Digit Modalities Test, the Digit Span Test, the Trail Making Test, and the Controlled Oral Word Association Test. Based on these measures, composite scores were formed to independently assess prefrontal cortex- and hippocampal-dependent cognition. A three-way mixed Analysis of Variance was used to determine whether differences existed between groups in the change in cognitive function from pre- to post-intervention testing. Acute exercise improved prefrontal cortex- but not hippocampal-dependent functioning, with no differences found between delay groups. Vigorous acute aerobic exercise has beneficial effects on prefrontal cortex-dependent cognition and these effects can last for up to 2 hr after exercise.


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Posted 19 February 2018 - 04:13 PM



Well sort of... My goal was 60 mins of cardio, but I only managed 45 mins with plenty of cool down breaks. 


You see it went like this:


10 mins cardio

Cool hands and face in cold water

5 mins cardio

Cool hands and face in cold water

5 mins cardio

Cool hands and face in cold water



After 10 minutes, I decided to cool my hands and face in cold water every 5 minutes because I was burning up quicker (I used a washing up bowl filled with cold water). Well it's a hell of a lot more cheaper than AC, and in my opinion, way more effective. Remember the other day I did 20 mins of cardio, had the windows and door open, and went outside regularly in the cold breeze, but I was just burning up and couldn't continue. Well cooling my face and hands every 5 minutes with cold water works so much better, I could have gone to 60 mins if I wanted to, but was getting bored with how long it took.


You see the negative point of all this is 45 mins of cardio takes much longer because I'm cooling down every 5 minutes (I'm guessing 45min really = 70+ mins). I didn't time the cool downs, but would guess 3-5 mins each time.


I'm hoping my body will get fitter and allow me to only cool down every 10 minutes instead. But tbh I think the reason my body is burning up, is because it's working so much more efficiently. And by introducing cool down periods every 5 minutes, it's probably adapting the other way saying to itself, "keep up the high metabolic rate boys, seems like big boss up there has found a way to cool us down, so we can keep churning out full steam ahead!". 


Whatever the case I'm glad I've gone from 0 exercise, to 20 minutes, to 45 minutes; and I kept up a good fast pace. I attribute my increased motivation/self confidence to amygdala clicking. It's not 100% pure motivation, but the subtle increases in self confidence/motivation were caused by amygdala clicking, which I believe helped push me to actually do some exercise. I also attribute my energy/good pace in cardio to vitamin c intake (this stuff just gives you plenty of energy to burn), and a little to B12 intake which helps my hemoglobin production.


Lets hope I keep up this cardio habit, even if it's a minimum of 45 mins a day, though I want to hit 60.


Keep clicking y'all!

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Posted 19 February 2018 - 08:41 PM



This user had a pop naturally:




My First Big Click

The first time I had the big bang click was in 1986 and was totally by accident. I’ve driven a truck all my life, and at that time I was running long haul all over the United States. It was a Friday afternoon of a long hard week, and I’d driven around 3000 miles since the previous Sunday. Maybe being short on food, sleep, and being way past exhausted brought it to me. I was heading west on I-44 about 40 miles from the Oklahoma state line, and it was a truly beautiful day. The air was so clear, the deep blue sky had a silvery tinge from the radiant sunshine. The greens and earth tones of the rolling hills seemed almost supernatural in their clarity. 

I was at peace and not focused on myself for once. The hum of the highway, the colors, the living vibrant energy of the earth and sky focused into a unity I’d never felt before. I was so moved, I looked deep into my heart, and said “God, our world is so beautiful. Come see through my eyes and feel the wonder in my soul.”  A presence filled me then. Vast love, gentleness, caring, and no judgment of me at all. Peace and a sense of timeless intelligence. I still cry when I remember. My mind took a back seat, and the presence drove my truck for about 20 minutes before it faded away. The afterglow is still there in me 19 years later. Thank you Neil for helping me find this again.


Then had a self induced pop 10 days after practicing clicking:


I started clicking after hearing Neil on Art Bell and looking around his

cool website several years ago. It seemed to give a focus to something
I'd worked on for a long time. The first thing I noticed was a tingling
and a feeling of pressure in the center of my forehead.

 As days went by
the pleasurable sensations became easier to reach and maintain. I got my
first self induced big bang about 10 days after I started. I think it
came so quickly because I had experienced the same thing years before by

There really aren't any words that do justice to it. Perhaps
we can't hold it and stay that way because we are here to experience
being human. Your hold on humanity gets pretty loose at times like that.
I've learned to keep the fire burning on low most of the time and it
bring me a peace and tolerance of my fellow humans I really had a hard
time achieving before. 

When an event clicks me into reptile brain mode,
I usually can pause and deliberately click forward and regain my
control. When you find the best way to tickle your amygdala, keep it up.
It's a great focus trick, and gets easier over time.


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Posted 23 February 2018 - 04:27 PM

So I believe Amygdala clicking definitely brings up childhood traumas, but rather than recalling the actual traumatic memory to deal with, it expresses & discharges itself through a series of emotions. First you get agitated for no reason and you just can't shake it off (even with extra clicking), then you express anger at the person (usually one of your parents or caregiver who caused the trauma), and then you end up crying. 


Also note I'm someone who never gets headaches. But when I click (and it's evident I experience the positive benefits of clicking), I also seem to get dull headaches in different parts of my brain/head. I've experienced more dull headaches since clicking then I did the whole 6 months prior to clicking. These dull headaches in different parts of my head are either a result of increased blood flow and brain growth, or neurosis/negative stored energy in that part of the brain trying to work itself out. Otherwise I have no idea.


The way I see it, is while before in my "normal" adult state (before clicking) I was just a "normal" adult. I now realise I had built up emotional barriers on traumas and experiences since childhood. I'll take the 2 biggest examples I can think of. When I was a "normal" male adult (before clicking), I can't remember the last time I cried. Crying was a hard thing to do, it was hard to cry because it was hard to get emotional. The second example is crying when watching an emotional movie, my eyes might get puffy, but I couldn't cry if I wanted to, I couldn't let go. However since clicking, I now find it very hard not to cry when watching an emotional movie. So the point I was trying to make, is all these subconscious barriers you've built up since you were a kid to protect yourself and toughen up, start coming apart once you start clicking. You start going from a "normal" male adult, to a more emotionally sensitive one who cry's at movies.


Other than this, I've started playing chess online, practicing my keyboard, doing simple multiplications fast, and taken up cardio exercise. We'll see if these all last, but this is the magic of amygdala clicking. It gives you a new sense of confidence and excitement for things again. It doesn't just become the logical thing to do (need to exercise, need to train my brain), but rather learning new things automatically becomes fun again. But like I said we'll see over time, but hopefully it will keep me going in the right direction.

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Posted 28 February 2018 - 03:37 PM

Not much to report. I feel sensations in my head when clicking; but I also feel those sensations automatically when doing other brain activities, for example when I practice fast multiplications or play chess, these cause sensations to come from my left amygdala automatically.


With what I've learnt & experienced, I honestly believe amygdala clicking is the best brain exercise anyone can do. However until I pop my frontal lobes, I don't know what my intellectual abilities will increase to. At the moment I can easily observe and enjoy the subtle effects of increased positive emotions. I can't measure my intelligence, or frankly I care not to, until I pop those lobes. You see I don't care about slight intelligence increases, I'm going for the big thing, the ability to memorize entire books verbatim, to make connections in knowledge and skills. And I'm not going about it the retarded way like 99.99% of the world does because that's all they know. I want to do it the more logical way, I need to unlock those frontal lobes, unlock my natural visualization skill & connectedness of my brain, and then if required do mnemonics to hone in or organize the skill. But until I get that big pop, I won't know to what degree I can do these things. Like I've said, from what I've learnt & experienced over the years, I do believe this is possible, but only time will tell. 


Anyway I have other things to write, but my cousin just texted me to play some chess online, so I better get playing and increase that brain power!

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Posted 04 March 2018 - 04:26 PM

Ok so I woke up this morning somewhat rested, slept until 1pm, something I usually have trouble doing (sleeping in). I believe the hops in the pint of Guinness I drank last night might have something to do with this and will be testing this out more that's for sure. I then drank a can of coke, and drank an extra high dose of liposomal vitamin c because it says to finish within 3 weeks of opening, and I think I had gone past that slightly, so I finished the bottle off. One note with coke, it always makes my brain a little dumb/tired, not sure if it is the caffeine, or the other crap in it, whatever the case I really shouldn't have drank it.


Anyway I decided to do 10,000 fast multiplications. I put the settings to 2500 each time, and I was going to do 4 rounds. Well I'll describe my experience. I was doing the first round pretty fast, but started to fatigue/slow down a little around 1700 mark. I was listening to music, and boy was I daydreaming a hell of a lot. Made quite a few silly mistakes, because at this point I know them all, but when you're daydreaming, even 6 x 6 becomes 18, but not as a typo, but as a brain error. Then of course my 7 button on my macbook pro keyboard sucks, it will either input two 7's, or no 7, or work. And some typo's. My result was 2465 with 35 wrong! I was pretty surprised tbh, I thought I had more wrong then that.


However if we look at these ones:


9 x 8 (72) wrong 4 times 

9 x 3 (27) wrong 7 times

3 x 9 (27) wrong 5 times

8 x 9 (72) wrong 1 time


Total = 17

Adjusted Result = 35 - 17 = 18 wrong (2483 correct)


As I know pretty much all of these was due to the 7 button on my keyboard. No other multiplication had 4 or more errors, except those which had a 7 in it (as those shown above).


It should also be noted we exclude the 1 & 10 times tables, the times table range is between 2 to 9.


Last point was how long did it take. Well me being a bit of an idiot decided not to time it. However I was listening to music, and the shopify playlist I was listening to finished, and that has 47 minutes in. When I put another playlist on I reckon it took another 40 so minutes. So I think the total time was around 1h 30m, but this is an estimate. Surprising as I didn't realise how long 2500 fast multiplications would take.


It should also be noted I had a subliminal messaging program flashing on my screen constantly that I forgot was there. It is noticeable otherwise when you consciously look. It's something I'm trying out, the messages that flash are:







This is obviously an attempt to use subliminal messaging to help with my amygdala clicking goals. Whether it helps or not I can't be sure, and probably can never be sure even if it does help, as I have no way in measuring it. But I'm just putting it in there hoping it helps.


Another important note to make is last time I did multiplications, I felt my left amygdala a lot more. Now I hardly feel it, but do a little bit.


The last thing to note on my fast multiplications, is when I was in daydreaming/automatic mode, I believe I was slightly slower, than when I consciously focused my concentration on doing them (which I did a few times). I guess these are opposites, for example driving a car in normal life, you're mostly on automatic/daydreaming/habit mode; however when you need to be on the ball and you put all your focus on a task such as driving in a race, then you go into high focus/flow mode. So my point is fast multiplications is just like driving a car in normal/automatic/daydreaming mode, it doesn't train your focus to go into flow mode, as that still requires you consciously bringing your concentration back to the task at hand.

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 08:42 AM

Ok so I wanted to find a happy medium of how many fast multiplications I should do a day. I was going for 1000 but stopped at 500. I think 500 is the perfect amount needed to maintain this part of my brain training, while sticking with it everyday and not getting too bored.


Anyway I stop watched it this time.



499 correct

1 incorrect 

14m 49s


It's interesting to know that it takes roughly 15 minutes to do 500.


I really need focus on getting into a daily exercise habit though, I've added some subliminal for exercise and fasting, at least these will be tangible to measure if they're having any effect or not.


Woe the problem of man, we know what to do, yet have a hard time doing it.

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 10:30 PM

Ok so around 4 days ago I got high and I tried to click my amygdalas. At one point I felt a very strong buzzing/whirling in my amydala region on both sides of my brain, and my wife and cousin were trying to ask me questions, but I wanted to focus on this feeling, and was so relaxed that I just ignored them. I got high the next day and nothing like that happened. BTW I honestly don't like getting high, but my cousin lives next door and is a major pothead, and I seem to get tempted every now and then. The worst thing for me when getting high is the munchies, I eat like a pig, and end up having the worst disturbed sleep. I've pissed myself off a little because those 2 times I got high (this week), I disturbed my sleep enough by overeating, that it  put me back into sleep debt which I had just finally caught up on. It's such a bitch waking up and being tired throughout the day.


However the main reason I started this post, is I wanted to note that my life is so much more tranquil at the moment. Negative emotions are way down and I'm very relaxed, even when sleep deprived (which usually makes me cranky not relaxed). Seems like clicking has brought out most of the neurosis outbursts that was holding my clicking back, and I don't seem to be experiencing negative emotions much at all, I'm just feeling very tranquil & a little happy/silly throughout the day.


Do you know what I am? I'm an asshat, bell end, dweeb, n00b, ignoramous, douchbag, c*nt, f*cker, sh*ithead, a-hole, fat, ugly, small dicked, unfit, achieved nothing nobody, weeeeee! Please sir may I have another! You probably won't get the humor until you start clicking, but it's funny because I don't care! :P


Last point is the average results for the Big Bang Transcendence Pop is 3-5 years. Some have achieved it as little as 2 weeks. Neil Slade took 6 years himself. Main thing is if I take 6 years as the worst case scenario, I'll be 36 by then, and 6 years will fly by, they always do. And as long as I continue to get this tranquil/diminished negative feelings from clicking, then I think I can wait. So it might not go with my plan of popping as quickly as possible, so I can do pmemory, and then the worlds my oyster; but that's a okay, 6 years is still a great time to do it in!


T.D.A Lingo (the guy who did the 30 years of research on all this) summed up how the frontal lobes pop will come along perfectly:



You cannot push the river. Do not inflate your unconscious ego to “demand” amygdala click and frontal lobes transcendence. Do not become arrogant: “I paid my money! I did the work (shallowly)! Where‟s my nirvana!!” Relax. Be humble. It will come when it is ready, not when you are ready. Like a bowel movement. Always remember. Your brain has a mind of its own. So just toil on in God‟s vineyard. The fine wine of revelation will flow in its proper season.


Like a bowel movement! It makes perfect sense, well It does to me anyway. It's like that surprise mini pop I had in Feb 10th 2011 (not 2010 as written in my previous posts, I discovered the mistake when reading an old post on another forum about this experience). So like I was saying that mini pop came out of nowhere, I didn't force it that's for sure.


Now my real last point. I need to keep up with the clicking. I've started to click less, not because it's too hard to do, though it's still somewhat hard to focus and visualize the clicking. But when you've clicked for a while like I have this previous month, you start forgetting. You mind is either calm and blank, or excited and full of ideas. So you may visualize clicking for a minute, and then forget because your calm and blank, or excited and full of ideas. Or maybe it's just adhd or the sleep debt I've acquired recently. Any-who, ciao amigos, and get clicking!

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 12:31 PM

Just a quick update. I haven't experienced anything hugely significant since clicking around Feb 8th. It's been 2 months, and I've tried to click everyday, some days forgetting.


But I feel I'm a much more calmer person then before. And I've noticed when I stop clicking for a few days, my emotional wellbeing and self confidence does go down. Lastly there was 1 time when I was high (about a month back) where I felt a very fast swirling in my amygdalas for about 10 mins.


However I know amygdala clicking can have hugely significant effects, just because of that one time I experienced a higher awareness/reality for about 10-15 mins in 2011, i.e. a mini pop, or as Lingo referred to them as pre-pops. So I just have to keep doing it until I pop, and the big frontal lobes pop on average take 3-5 years.


Anyway another reason for this post, is I've found something else which may be similar to amygdala clicking that can produce pleasure in the brain.






Pan>Well, actually there are a couple techniques I practice - Amygdala Clicking (neilslade.com) and "Joy Touch" which stimulates the septum pellucidum. Personally, I find the septum pellucidum easier to stimulate and more powerful in effect than working the amygdalae. Hmm, let me think about how to describe it...

Pan>Yes, well all three of those areas are quite close anatomically speaking (central brain), so I imagine you probably were stimulating all three during your IO's.

Pan>Essentially, the experience is quite simply what it sounds like, when people refer to Third Eye Orgasms and such, they feel like orgasms literally insider one's head.


Joy Touch, stimulating the septum pellucidum.


Here's an article I found on the Washington Post. 





David Pierce does it to himself frequently when stuck in maddening rush hour traffic between his College Park home and downtown office. The statistician for the federal government does it almost automatically to relieve tension at his number-crunching job. Mid-afternoon, if he's feeling sluggish, he does it again for an instant pick-me-up. He's up to 10 times a day now -- some days more.

"I use it regularly once or twice in the morning or evening, but most significantly I use it during the day," says Pierce, 52. "It takes anywhere from five seconds to a minute ... and it's inconspicuous."
This is not one more story about people who use illegal substances during work hours. Nor is it about auto-erotism or anything kinky. Pierce is among a small number of otherwise everyday people who practice what they describe as a new and easy-to-learn feel-good technique called the Joy Touch.
No more peculiar in its appearance than scratching an itch or swiping back hair, the Joy Touch is said to be an instantaneous mini-journey to the middle of the brain -- the supposed location of the Joy Center, which is sort of the brain's holistic equivalent of sexuality's G-spot, though apparently not as elusive.
To stimulate that spot, imagine your index finger extending gently through your forehead into the cranial gray matter to pull that neurological trigger. According to its proponents, tension suddenly melts away like Rocky Road on a hot tin roof. As if it's a natural Prozac, the Joy Touch allegedly relieves stress instantly, calms nerves, sparks a sudden sense of happiness, provides a quickie dose of euphoria.
"It is simple and safe," says Pete Sanders, who discovered and perfected the technique and promotes it, tirelessly, as the science of tomorrow -- and the answer to drug abuse, alcoholism, cigarette addiction and overeating, among other societal ills. "When people learn how to stimulate this area, they get an instant feeling of well-being -- without needing to take that drug, or have a cigarette, or get a drink. Here's something that's a natural alternative to reaching for that doughnut."
A self-styled brain researcher whose primary scientific credential is an undergraduate degree from MIT, Sanders is the founder of Free Soul, an organization he established in 1980 in Sedona, Ariz., to create a new age toehold for experimenting on relaxation techniques.
Since then, Sedona has evolved into a magnet for crystal healers, psychics, spiritual channelers, vortex visionaries, UFO contacts, pseudoscientists of practically every description who make Sanders's coat-and-tie decorum appear downright mainstream.
In fact, Sanders's theory on how the Joy Touch works is based on mainstream science -- even if the technique is not scientifically proven.
The physiological name for what he calls the Joy Center is the septum pellucidum, a nerve mass located above the brain's limbic system and directly below the corpus callosum -- a bundle of brain wiring that connects its left and right hemispheres. According to neurological research, the septum pellucidum is one of several so-called "pleasure centers" inside the brain that can elevate mood -- kind of the don't-worry-be-happy neurotransmitters.
When activated naturally, as in long-distance runners who experience "runner's high," it kicks in a pleasant light-headed euphoria. Chemical stimulation with drugs such as cocaine or opium causes a similar effect. And Sanders identifies experimental cases in which patients suffering from severe depression became immediately cheerful when their septum pellucidum was electrically stimulated. What he's pitching, however, requires no running, drugs or electrodes.
"Honestly, I don't think anybody has a complete clue as to exactly how this works," says Sanders, currently teaching his technique on the cross-country hotel circuit, usually the beaten path of Get-Rich-Quick gurus. But Sanders's price tag for this metaphysical pick-me-up is relatively modest: For the 2 1/2 hour seminar Oct. 20 at the Tysons Corner Holiday Inn, for instance, he will charge $25.
"Bottom line is, the efficacy level is based on practice," says Sanders. Beginners learn to close their eyes and direct their attention to the Joy Center, take a deep breath and imagine stroking that spot as they would a purring kitten. "It becomes automatic, almost the way brushing our teeth is almost automatic. But even better because it is infinitely quicker and you feel an immediate benefit."
Edmea Cettina describes the effect as "just a mellowing." The Northern Virginian who is a vice president at EFI Inc., a nationwide construction firm based in Los Angeles, learned the Joy Touch technique almost two years ago. "I use it when I'm under stress," says Cettina, a Free Soul instructor, "and if I need to focus myself, if I find I'm getting scattered."
In practice, the Joy Touch has a growing following of true believers who swear it has improved their lives; but the scientific world isn't sold on Sanders's theory of how it works.
"I have no doubt that people are able to learn to think in a certain way or meditate or relax in a fashion that will permit them to feel pleasure," says Hamilton Moses III, professor of neurology at the University of Virginia and director of the Virginia Neurological Institute. "That is, after all, the basis for much Eastern religion and much alternative medicine; and many of those techniques have in the past been scientifically validated."
But Moses says while Sanders may have his concept right, the brain hardware might be wrong. Although the septum pellucidum is indeed located amid the brain areas that, when stimulated by natural chemicals called endorphins, produce intense pleasure, it is quite another matter, he says, to credit it exclusively for such positive effects. "Based on the current level of knowledge ... I would say the focus on the septum pellucidum is probably premature."
Moses also isn't convinced that simply focusing one's attention on a spot inside the brain stimulates it. "There is no question that playing mental tricks or learning certain kinds of mental activities can produce a sense of pleasure," he says. "Individuals who have these subjective feelings do in fact experience them. But to implicate one or another neurological structure in producing that response is probably an oversimplification."
None of which much matters to Kay Kendzierski. The 64-year-old Denver retiree says she wishes she'd known the Joy Touch during the tense years she worked as a telephone clerk. Since learning the technique in Sedona a year ago, she says she uses it regularly to calm herself over moving from her home of 25 years into an apartment. And, between aspirins, it helps to soothe the aches and pains of arthritis.
"It is wonderful," she says. "In seconds, relief. ... Maybe not everybody believes in it, but it works."



And here is a text file on the technique: http://www.netjaunt....rts/joyspot.txt




To call forth the astounding benefits of the joy spot, Sanders
    recommends the following steps:

1. First, learn to locate your joy center. Close your eyes, sweep your
    fingers up and tap the forehead an inch or two below the hairline.
    Now imagine a little sparkle of light traveling two-thirds of the
    way into your brain from that spot. This area is the brain's joy

2. Now, relax. Breathe slowly and deeply, as you do just before falling
    asleep. This will help your body eliminate stresses that interfere
    with biofeedback.

3. Use visualization to travel to your joy center. Picture a cool breeze
    or a stream flowing from that spot on your forehead into the septum

Don't concentrate too hard, just let your imagination move gently to the
    right place inside your head.

4. Search for the strongest effect. You're looking for that spot in your
    brain that, when touched by your imagination, delivers an "Ahhhh"
    feeling, a sense of an inner smile. When you hit the joy center,
    you'll get a sense of relief and well-being. In your thoughts, vary
    the level of your imaginary probe. Fine-tune it until you locate the
    right area.

5. "Stroke" your joy center. Send pulses of energy into your brain.
    After a few pulses, you should feel relief from pain, anxiety and
    frustration. You'll feel peace and contentment.

6. Practice, practice, practice. This is a biofeedback process, and you
    won't be able to do it perfectly right at the beginning. Use the
    technique a few times every day and within weeks you'll experience
    the joy, good health and love life you've always dreamed of.



Here is another article: http://skepdic.com/joytouch.html


I think I've run out of longecity quotes, however this is something that's important, so I'll use quotation marks:


"A word of caution: Do not try this at home! Sanders warns that since the hypothalamus is very close to the rage and anxiety centers of the limbic system within the brain, trying to stimulate the hypothalamus directly might backfire. Instead of finding oneself in a state of stoic ataraxia you might find yourself catatonic or enraged beyond the point of recovery."



Anyway I've yet to try this technique, I have a hard enough time visualizing and tickling my amygdalas, and I'm worried about the word of caution. It's easy to make sure you tickle the front of your amygdalas (as opposed to the back which causes negative emotions). But with the joy touch technique, I'll have to look into it more before I try it, I don't want it to backfire.


But I'm posting it here so I can reference back to it in the future.

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Posted 26 April 2018 - 06:32 AM

Nice thread. I came across this technique a few years ago but never realized people are doing it to such a devoted extent. For me it fills really nice, gives me the chills, and makes me a little euphoric yet it is not something I ever practiced often as I felt it to be more of a gimmick than a potential cause for long term gain. The frontal pop experience is worth giving this a bit of an extended try again. After learning of it, I often wonder what other visualization techniques on our bodies inner space can create such positive effect that are waiting to be discovered. That Joy Touch is something I am going to give an extended try as well, after reading of it just now my first attempts produced similar results to a tickle. One method that I found while thinking about the amygdala tickle and how other parts of the body may respond was that I attempted to AUM internally throughout my body, letting the visualized vibrations and imagined sound move throughout my body. This technique also provides the same heightened sense of euphoria and chills that I experienced. Please give it a try as well and let me know what you think. I'm glad I came upon this thread, there must be many other visualization techniques out there waiting to be discovered and it is quite encouraging reading about people's long term success with routine practice. 

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 02:55 PM

Haha Synchronization! I usually use the user name "knowledgeispower" on other parts of the net.


Anyway I've stopped tickling the last week and a half, but I'm trying to get back into it today.


Basically I tickled a lot on Sunday April 14/15th, especially my right amygdala, and I ended up feeling really sensitive. I then had a small fight with my wife and ended up crying on my bed. It's like I couldn't hold it together (just like when I was younger and use to get really upset), it was just an overwhelming feeling of being upset, something I haven't experienced for a long time (since I was a child). Now really I could have tried to keep myself together, suppress the emotional me and keep those emotional barriers up like I have done for many years, but I said to myself I'm going to try and let it all out, I know it's just neurosis trying to escape as an emotion, there's nothing wrong with crying and letting it out, it's more wrong if I try to suppress my feelings like I've been doing for years. 


A similar thing actually happened 3-4 weeks prior to this. I was at Church, tickling my right amygdala throughout the service, and at the end I was asked to read/talk something to give thanks for communion. I started reading some scripture I chosen, and instantly I chocked up, I couldn't get any words out for 10-15 seconds and started crying silently. After 10-15 seconds I could read it, but I felt so emotional still, no control over the feeling. Afterwards my wife asked why was I so emotional about it, did the scripture speak to me? But honestly it was an out of nowhere emotion, deep rooted stuff that came to the surface because I was tickling my right amygdala a lot. There was no reason for it, I didn't feel particularly touched by the scripture at the time, it was just an out of nowhere emotion.


And the last time before this was at my wedding when I had to do my speech and thank everyone. I felt no build up of nervousness or emotion throughout the day, the whole wedding ceremony went fine without me crying or anything. But when it came to give the speech before the meal, all of a sudden I'm hit out of the blue with overwhelming emotion and have a hard time speaking (chocked up), for 10-15 seconds and cried a little. This was actually a time where I wasn't practicing amygdala clicking, though I had done so in the past.


As men we need to grow up and be tough. I was a sensitive child, this I do remember, and I was generally more sensitive than the other boys. But with each negative experience in childhood, you build up that mental barrier and emotional barrier to become tougher, until you learn to suppress it fully and don't even realise it. The best example I can give you is movies. Throughout most of my adult life I wouldn't cry at movies, I had suppressed my emotions over and over enough times, that watching a movie with an emotional scene wouldn't make me emotional or cry (it was hard to cry, get in touch with my emotions). Well that all changed after amygdala clicking, now I find it hard not to well up and shed a few tears when watching an emotional scene from a movie or TV show.


Anyway since then I've felt more calm and my mind is more empty. Not dumb empty, but rather my thoughts aren't as prominent or dominant anymore.


The day after the 15th, so the 16th of April, I was still short tempered though, as me and my wife had an argument in the car. But on Wednesday the 18th I decided to take a B-Complex in the morning with my usual stack, and WOW, my life is just so much more zen and stable and motivated.


I could say I was suffering from anhedonia before last Wednesday (18th April), and have been for many years. No pleasure in anything much really. But since then by taking the B-Complex daily (with the rest of my stack), and my previous amygdala tickling, I just feel normal, stable, zen, and motivated. I was definitely deficient in some B vitamin, and the B-Complex feels like my supplement stack is finally complete, the last missing piece of the puzzle. I mean I don't even get stressed even when tired now. I then joined the gym on Thursday the 19th of April, and went for the first time Thursday the 26th of April (2 days ago), and boy was it a good workout. It should also be noted I was ill and came down with a bad cold the first day I took a B-Complex on Wednesday the 18th of April, but I felt pretty great for such a hammering cold (a lot of green mucus stuff). I made sure I took my supplement stack several times throughout the day throughout the week, and my cold has just abouts cleared up today (10 days after is showed). The cold is also the reason I didn't hit the gym straight away after joining. 


Anyway back to the anhedonia. While I feel like I've overcome this problem, it's not like I'm getting huge amounts of pleasure from things like music for example. But at the same time I don't have the feeling of being stuck in a rut or emotional numb anymore. Just a very stable, zen, empty head, and motivated to do things. The combo of amygdala clicking and b-complex has made me feel like a new man altogether.


Now it should be noted, Neil Slade teaches a very basic view of amygdala clicking. Remember he is a music teacher by trade and was a student of Lingo (who was the guy that did all this brain research). Lingo's highest emphasis on getting the frontal lobes pop was releasing the neurosis (entropy energy) in the brain that was holding back the amygdala, and this was done by discharging childhood traumas/neurosis. Once at least 51% of the neurosis energy was released, the amygdala would automatically shunt into the frontal lobes and produce the nirvana effect. 


While Neil's emphasis is more tickle away and get results, and not much on discharging neurosis. From the email exchanges I've had with Neil, he believes only positive emotions should come out from amygdala tickling. While I believe this is generally true, I also believe if you have neurosis that needs to be dealt with, it will come to the surface if you start amygdala tickling a lot. For example I never got headaches ever, but when I first started amygdala clicking a lot this time round (starting in Feb when I started this thread), I would get more dull headaches in various parts of my brain in a short period of time then I ever got in most of the previous years of my life. The same goes with the crying and becoming emotional. Both of these things Neil didn't think were related to amaygdala tickling, because in his view, only positive emotions should be produced when tickling. However it's understandable why he believes this, because Neil worked with Lingo directly for 10 years, and he would have gotten the full treatment/methods which included releasing past childhood traumas, before having his frontal lobes pop, and then simplifying the method to just tickle away. So he doesn't have the experience of "tickling" only while he had neurosis, and the people he's taught since then aren't in a observed setting like Lingo's students were, so the data/feedback is limited to how throughly people report the ups and downs when they practice amygdala tickling. 


But with all that said, I feel you can probably just tickle your way to the frontal lobes pop without revisiting and discharging traumas directly, because with my experience, the amygdala will automatically bring the emotion to the surface, and let you discharge it emotionally. Also others have had the big pop by just tickling alone, hell I even had a mini pop by tickling alone (in 2011), and I've not worked on any of my childhood traumas.


Why don't I work on my childhood traumas you may ask? After all I have Lingo's workbook also. The main reason is because it's requires lot of effort to bring up memories to the surface. If I could easily remember my traumas, I would, and then discharge them. But for you to remember these forgotten memories/traumas consciously, you're required to scan parts of your brain with an imaginary laser, and well that's just too much effort for me. I like the simplicity of amygdala tickling, which seems to bring them up anyway as an emotional release, and without needing to see the actual traumatic memory itself.


However until I have the big pop (or even mini pops again). There will always be slight doubt in my mind whether I can get there without trying to discharge traumas directly. I guess I'll find out in 3-5 years (the average length before people experienced had the big pop). If I've tickled for 5 years and still haven't experienced the big pop or any mini pops, then mission failed. But time will only tell.

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 03:05 PM

One method that I found while thinking about the amygdala tickle and how other parts of the body may respond was that I attempted to AUM internally throughout my body, letting the visualized vibrations and imagined sound move throughout my body. This technique also provides the same heightened sense of euphoria and chills that I experienced. Please give it a try as well and let me know what you think. I'm glad I came upon this thread, there must be many other visualization techniques out there waiting to be discovered and it is quite encouraging reading about people's long term success with routine practice. 


Hey Knowledge is Powre. I did read your post, but my last post was pretty much writing down my experiences and thoughts (which became very long), so I didn't really get a chance to reply to you.


I encourage you and anyone else to post their experiences with amygdala clicking (or similar techniques) in this thread so we can learn from one another.


I'll keep your method in mind, but I'm generally a lazy person so I can't guarantee I'll try it out. I have a hard enough time visualizing for amygdala clicking already, so doing new visualizations is hard for me.


Anyway please keep in touch and keep posting any new experiences you're experiencing.

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 04:34 PM

So I thought I'd summarize my experiences and thoughts so far, as my previous posts are very text heavy.


How long have I been clicking, and how often?


I've been clicking since around the 8th Feb 2018, and have been trying to click everyday, though lately I've been lacking, and have missed a few days; but I haven't given up yet. I have clicked in the past also, but always got lazy and stopped. So far this is the longest attempt at it.


Effects of clicking?

  • Increase in confidence, excitement, and general positive emotions, less shame, fear, negative emotions.
  • Become more Zen as my mind is more empty/thoughts are less dominant in general life when not clicking.
  • While my mind is more empty in general when not clicking, it fills up with thoughts and ideas when I start clicking.
  • Become more in touch with my emotional side, I shed tears when watching emotional things.
  • When I first tried clicking back in 2005, I experienced a lot of Synchronization (meaningful coincidences), this time I rarely experience it.
  • Sometimes I get laughing fits.
  • After my mini pop in 2011 I developed a crystal clear 3D visualization (with world physics) while practicing pmemory. I've lost the skill at that level since then, because I had stopped practicing any visualizing.
  • Release of negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, by experiencing them to release them.


What do I hope to achieve?

  • The frontal lobes pop, which should give me crystal clear visualization skill, complete emotional fulfillment, unstoppable self confidence, increased creativity, and the ability to have up to 200 orgasms after one ejaculation.
  • Before then I would like to experience mini pops of extreme euphoria, like the one time in 2011, so I know I'm progressing in the right direction.
  • Once I get the big pop and my visualization skill is fully released, I plan on using it to master pmemory so I can memorize things easily at will, and certain things verbatim.


What was my mini pop in 2011 like?


I guess the best way to describe it is a higher reality of positive emotions. There was no hallucinations or visions. Just a very very euphoric feeling with ZERO fear. It might confuse people because if I asked you right now if you're experiencing fear, you would probably say no. But I'm talking about the background fears that control every aspect of your life; gone. No fear of what others might think, no fear of evil or bad things which might happen. I remember thinking to myself world war 3 could break out and a food crisis could happen, and everything will be just fine.


The other thing it felt like, was I really woke up and became really aware. We're all half asleep and we don't know it. Think of the reptile, it's reptilian brain can only experience a very limited reality (fear, survival, see limited things). Then think of the dog, it can experience the reptiles reality (fear, survival) and the next reality of basic emotions (happy dog, sad dog) and see limited things thanks to it's mammalian brain. We humans can experience both those realities plus what comes with our advanced brain/frontal lobes (thoughts, ideas, conceptualization, we see reality better). But now imagine we're not making full use of our new part of the brain that makes humans unique; that's man in his current state. But when we do, we feel more awake, positive emotions we've never experienced before, a higher reality of perception.


Evolution or Created?


I haven't written about this thought yet, but will jot it down for future reference. I don't believe in evolution anymore, I stopped at 23, two years after I became a born again Christian. Lingo, as well as most in science, take evolution as fact and base their theories around it.


However to me, the whole fully releasing your brain/popping your frontal lobes makes more sense from a creationist point of view than an evolution point of view. 


Why would evolution evolve our brains only for us to have limited access to it's most advance and wonderful things? We're talking about the entire civilized world here with a few mutant exceptions (as Lingo describes it), have been cut off from their full brain potential.


However if we look at it from the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve point of view, it makes sense. God created everything including Adam and Eve and it was good. Then they rebelled against God by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is where sin entered into the world from thereon. Sin is the thing that causes all neurosis in everyone, thus since the fall of creation, sin has been stripping every new human being's brain of their full God given potential.


If we go by the evolution view, it doesn't make any sense that we evolved the higher brain only for us to use a fraction of it, because we wouldn't evolved our brain to that point to start with. But if we were already created with a higher brain by God, and then lost our ability to access it due to sin being introduced into the world thus resulting in neurosis, then it fits into why nearly everyone aren't experiencing a higher reality of euphoria, happiness, no fear, and 100's of multiple orgasms.


My Current Plan

  • Get to my peak fitness with exercise and diet.
  • Keep taking my supplement stack regularly.
  • Keep clicking as often as I can, but at least once a day minimum.

Not much more than I can do those.

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 02:23 PM

OK for an update.


So I'd say for the past month or more I got lazy on Amygdala Tickling. It was still an effort to do amygdala tickling like any other habit, imagine staying in the habit of exercising, exercise can become more routine, but never becomes completely effortless.


Anyway 2 days ago I restarted a good effort of doing amygdala tickling again, and it was good and bad news. The bad news was me and my wife got into a fight that night, and I became very emotional, almost like a mental breakdown emotional. The good news is, it definitely showed me amygdala tickling has an effect on me, rebuilding my confidence that my amygdala tickling visualization isn't being done in vain.


I still hold on to the idea that these emotional releases/breakdowns I sometimes get with amygdala tickling, is neurosis releasing itself in the form of emotion, without reliving the trauma that caused the neurosis in the first place. After these releases, my psyche changes a bit (positively so), for example last time this happened, my mind became more blank/calm in day to day life (in a good way). I wrote about this after my previous emotional release I had, read post #27 on this thread. Here is a quote from there:



Anyway since then I've felt more calm and my mind is more empty. Not dumb empty, but rather my thoughts aren't as prominent or dominant anymore.


The only possible noticeable difference in my psyche after this time, is it feels like amygdala tickling isn't as hard to do. Like before it was more of an effort, and now it feels less of an effort. However this is rather hard to determine whether it was because of the emotional release, or because I made a good effort the last 2 days to restart my amygdala tickling visualizing, only time will tell on this one.



Amygdala Tickling Someone Elses recent Experience!






  • I noticed that when I overdo it, hard tickle a lot of times, the results aren't so good and I usually got headaches. So do you recommend just a little tickles along the day?


Another person who gets headaches. Something I don't get now when clicking, but did when I first started.


I messaged the guy directly to ask him his experience and this is what he replied.




I don't do it anymore. Just very ocasionally. I had one great experience in my first week of clicking. I had one full body orgasm / brain orgasm and throat orgasm while doing amygdala clicking and masturbating. But since them I hadn't achieve something. I think I may have overdid it, I was feeling constant pressure on my third eye / forehead and I stopped. Nowdays I just use it to try to have full body orgasms again.



Pmemory Insight


On other news, I recently went in a skype group conversation with pmemory students and an instructor. It was quite amusing and insightful actually, it felt like a group therapy session of a cult. I've mentioned amygdala tickling to them before in the discord group recommending it for brain training, but I don't force this stuff on anyone, I just shared my experience with it. Anyway after the incessant speaking of everyone else in the group, I got a chance to finally speak and chimed in about amygdala tickling; instantly I was met with hostility by everyone "that's bullshit" one guy said, the other said "don't derail the conversation this is about pmemory", "whats the point of doing something that takes 3 years to achieve", and "I don't get an opinion because I never finished the pmemory course" yada yada, suffice to say it was less than a minute or two, and I was like OK they don't want to talk about amygdala tickling that's fine, I don't force this stuff on anyone, so I shut up, put my mic on mute, and listened to what they wanted to talk about to see if there was anything insightful to learn. The thing I found hilarious though, was right afterward when they shut me down, they started talking about astral projection and out of body experiences related to pmemory lol.


Anyway the insightful and useful information I got from that group chat was from the instructor toward the end of the conversation. Now this instructor got up to 1000 elements on memory master, he developed his pmemory skill extremely well. But he himself said he lost a lot of the skill by not keeping on top of it, because it required a lot of effort still, and he never got to the point where the skill became 2nd nature. He also mentioned he didn't see much point in memorizing information, he was bored of it, and that the better skill to learn in his conclusion, was self discipline, pushing through, persistence, and doing. I can't disagree with him there.


But the conversation was quite insightful. Because before all these guys were bitching about their jobs, bosses, co workers including the instructor. All had passed the pmemory course, and I thought to myself if you developed your pmemory skill to such a high level before, why didn't you memorize programming, a skill that if you get very good at it, can make you a hell of a lot of money. My bro did it with sheer hard work over the last 10 years, and it paid off.


So my theory of pmemory was only reinforced. There is no point doing it, until you unlock the frontal lobes for effortless visualization, creativity, and confidence in yourself.

But this is merely a theory that hasn't been tested and may be incorrect, I won't be able to test it myself unless I get that frontal lobes pop.


But one things for sure, is I'm sure as hell never attempting pmemory again without a frontal lobes pop. When you see an instructor get to a high level, just to lose it, or not put it into practical use for his career, it makes you wonder that pmemory is more hype, marketing, and cult mentality then about the results. I mean the forum is devoid of the majority of people successfully finishing the course (another instructor theorized the pass rate was more like 1%), and those who do, rarely post anything on how they've used the skill. If I could memorize books verbatim, I'd be listing them for others to see to encourage others. 


Anyway I don't see pmemory/GMS as not having any merit, but the majority of people will have more success learning to discipline themselves with sheer study instead.






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