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Alertness, Cognition, Mood    

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Fox Nootropics

To improve my mental health and increase my energy levels. tianeptine, idebenone and 4 more...
  • NyteFox

Work/Study Focus & Productivity

* * * - -
To maintain focus for long periods of time and be more productive. If I could find a way to also reduce stress/anxiety and create a little euphoria with this stack, that would be a major bonus. omega 3-6-9, centrophenoxine and 4 more...
  • Perilous3D


Boost cognitive abilities n-acetyl semax amidate and 3 more...
  • baccheion

My impulse buy ADHD/depression stack Please critizise

* - - - -
To cope with my ADHD, memory problems and the depression I suspect it has given me. magnesium citrate and chelate
  • ADHD

Safe daily stack? Any additions?

Mood and energy nalt, alcar, alpha gpc and 5 more...
  • jaross

Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

noopept, aniracetam and 3 more...
  • rena123

10 Nootropic Stack

Increase productivity and motivation oxiracetam, l-tyrosine, 5-htp and 6 more...
sshaz Qad
  • sshaz Qad

Memory / Productivity Stack

* * * - -
Help build memory and increase productivity piracetam, l-theanine, adrafinil and 1 more...
  • Coltsrock

Best Bang For The Buck Stack Developing

The best and the most noticable effects for the minimum money per dosage noopept, choline bitrate
Racho The Captain
  • Racho The Captain

Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

* * * - -
Study (college) with selective exam prl-8-53, pramiracetam and 7 more...
  • racemic

Intelligence boost

* * * - -
Temporarily enhance concentration, focus, cognitive abilities and intelligence omega-3, alcar, pramiracetam and 4 more...
  • krneki


Cognition, Focus, Anxiety aniracetam, centrophenoxine and 8 more...
  • MigraineFarb

High performance memory stack (advices, please)

caffeine anhydrous, l-theanine and 15 more...
Lucas Cleto de Oliveira
  • Lucas Cleto de Oliveira

My current stack - criticism welcome and encouraged

Mood, focus, workout piracetam and 6 more...
  • Topaloff

Long term mental maintenance stack

A stack to promotoe long term mental capacity in between cycling my more intense concentration/cognitive stack. creatine, alcar, centrophenoxine and 4 more...
  • Maxpower

First - light - stack without any -racetam

Study, focus, mood caffeine, l - theanine, alpha gpc and 1 more...
Long John Silver
  • Long John Silver

ʘ˩ʘ FOCUS stack for BRAIN BOOST

* * - - -
Aims to Increase Cognition, Mood, Attention, and Memory cdp-choline, egcg, sulbutiamine and 6 more...
  • Oakman

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