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mental/physical combo stack

for self improvement, learning, and school noopept, piracetam, oxiracetam and 2 more...
  • hellomello

Cobaltus Stack

* * * - -
Cognitive Improvement, Energy and Well Being rhodiola rosea, panax ginseng and 7 more...
  • Cobaltus

Immunity and anti-cancer stack. Please review!

* * * - -
Immunity, anti-cancer, HPV, health and mood berberine
  • Nutritionregiment

High performance memory stack (advices, please)

caffeine anhydrous, l-theanine and 15 more...
Lucas Cleto de Oliveira
  • Lucas Cleto de Oliveira

Interactions/Safety of my stack?.. SAM-e, PS, Milk Thistle, I3C, CDG, Fish Oil, cortisol formula and pre-workout powders

* * - - -
Mood/Depression, Joints, Liver, Test/E sam-e, indiol-3-carbinole and 4 more...
  • flashy


Longevity, health and prevention metformin, aspirin, fish oil
Attila Lajos Danko
  • Attila Lajos Danko

My current stack - criticism welcome and encouraged

Mood, focus, workout piracetam and 6 more...
  • Topaloff

Long term mental maintenance stack

A stack to promotoe long term mental capacity in between cycling my more intense concentration/cognitive stack. creatine, alcar, centrophenoxine and 4 more...
  • Maxpower

First - light - stack without any -racetam

Study, focus, mood caffeine, l - theanine, alpha gpc and 1 more...
Long John Silver
  • Long John Silver

My regime for slow down the aging please suggest/critique

For slowing aging bacopa, asvagandha and 7 more...
  • Pizzarulzz

My Stack (good for vegetarians/OCD personalities)

* * * - -
Anti-aging/mental optimization/general health raloxifene, dutasteride, deprenyl and 18 more...
  • McSchwangstasis

Prevent Early Mortality

* * * - -
Signifacantly lower heart disease and cancer risk for the middle aged k2 mk7 and 17 more...
Douglas Woytuik
  • Douglas Woytuik

Control Rheumatoid Arthritis

* * * - -
Limit damage and control stiffness and pain without NSAIDS vit d, epa, dha, vit k2 mk7 and 9 more...
Douglas Woytuik
  • Douglas Woytuik

Mithocondrial function

* * * - -
Treat mithocondrial dysfunction melatonin, coq10, vitamin c and 3 more...
  • mitomutant

simple life extension stack

* * * - -
Extending life with the minimum number of pills low dose multivitamin, vitamin c and 5 more...
  • mwestbro

ʘ˩ʘ FOCUS stack for BRAIN BOOST

* * - - -
Aims to Increase Cognition, Mood, Attention, and Memory cdp-choline, egcg, sulbutiamine and 6 more...
  • Oakman

Longevity/Neuroprotection Stack

* * * * *
Help me reduce my stack! collagen, nicotinamide riboside and 16 more...
  • Gayle63

Kitchen Sink, aging/brain improvement

aging/brain improvement coenzyme q10, grapeseed extract and 17 more...
  • netvillage

Beta Tryptase

beta tryptase
  • tennisfann88

Happy and healthy

General wellness, focus, and natural mood boosters. ashwagandha extract 5% and 11 more...
Snozzberry Scientist
  • Snozzberry Scientist

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