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Recent Comments

Recent Comments

Jan 30 2017 09:12 AM
mental/physical combo stack

I would supplement the nootropics gradually so that if something works you can know what it is.


Same thing for the research steroids you are planning to mix... triple steroid cocktail doesn't sound good to me... go step by step not all at once you're playing with your hearth, dick and balls, dude.


Plus i've always wondered why people supplements sulbutiamine AND multivitamins. Isn't sulbutiamine a vitamin itself? Isn't there the risk of hypervitaminosis?

Adam Karlovsky
Jan 28 2017 08:10 AM

They're not magic, but so long as it's within your price range, you can't go wrong with any of those compounds. I would imagine they extend healthspan, but probably not lifespan. Yet, healthspan is super important for quality of life :)

Dec 18 2016 02:31 AM
Elder Stack

I'd consider replacing benfotiamine, iirc it reduces dopamine production. Instead, think about lowering blood sugar with thiamine HCl. Also think about switching to a fruit derived Vit C extract such as from acerola cherry. Don't forget to take ester C as well, they work better in combination.


What's the TMG for? Usually the doses are much higher. Like 1.5g/day. Riboflavin might be a nice cheap addition if you're trying to reduce homocysteine or preserve telomere lengths.

Richard McGee
Dec 10 2016 07:11 AM
Elder Stack

Forgot to add 1 gram each of carnosine and taurine, as well as 10 mg of PQQ, and 150 mg of benfotiamine.


Some details. I am a 67 year old male. Had an infarction at age 59, with 5 stents. Extensive atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, hypolipidemia.


My main concern 1) is reversing effects of cardiovascular damage (insofar as that may be possible), and 2) extending my healthy lifespan.

Adam Karlovsky
Nov 17 2016 04:13 AM

Just so you know, Namenda (memantine) is absolutely nothing like any of the compounds in that stack. Whether it's a smart drug is contended, but it definitely has some interesting effects that are useful in various particular medical contexts. 

Nothing bad in that stack, though I personally wouldn't pair Galantamine and Huperzine together, that's a pretty low dose of Galantamine paired with a standard dose of Huperzine. I do think Vinpocetine is worthless, and that's a pointlessly low amount of Oxiracetam, but Aniracetam and Gastrodin might help with anxiety, and it seems anyone can benefit from Noopept and CDP-choline. I'd say give it a go and see.


So yeah, nothing wrong with Get Smart, just don't think of it as a replacement for Namenda.

Nov 01 2016 06:02 PM
Sleep Stack

I agree with dorho, i would also add a cold shower before bed, grounding on the earth if you can for 15 mins before bed. You can get an infrared bulb and shine that on your face for 15 min before bed too, seems to help calm my mind immensely. Are you taking magnesium or lithium orotate? essentials for sleep in my opinion. You can get UVEX blue light blocker orange glasses off of amazon for 10 bucks. Just wear them at night after the sun goes down when exposed to artificial lighting. 

Oct 08 2016 02:49 AM
Minimal Longevity Stack

Cut back on the Beta Alanine, iirc, too much can cause tingling sensations and might not be good for nerves in your skin. Cut it back to 500mg. Too much glycine will make you tired... I think lower doses, like 2g and some ester C and regular C along with the quercetin you're already taking to retain the regular C longer is better than a ton of glycine... Same with taurine I don't see an appreciable difference between 1g and up to 4g.  A nice CaMgZnCu and D3 supplement would do more for you than massive overdosing on any one thing. Synergy equates to better results imo, but it can complicate things. You should get the mineral complex already complexed... you can't measure accurately enough to make the ZnCu part safe unless you're making huge quantities of supplement mix.

Sep 26 2016 09:11 PM
Minimal Longevity Stack



I've been doing 16/8 for years now so that's good. I've been experimenting with 24-hr fasts, hoping to work up to a 2 days per week schedule.


What are the benefits of glycine and taurine?


I definitely have the resveratrol with fats already, either in the shake or in my food immediately after.


The reason for the budget is to make it feasible to keep taking them for many, many years. The higher the price the less likely I'll keep up with it. 

Sep 20 2016 11:46 AM
Minimal Longevity Stack

 I'd keep only the pterostilbene, use EMIQ (quercetine, with very high biodisponibility) 1 cap only every 10 to15 d (senolytics), add 10g glycine and maybe 3-5g taurine ed.


It's just me, but for your budget, you'll have to make choices...


Intermittent fasting can also be a good idea and costs nothing (16/8 is the easier way).


If you can keep resveratrol on the list, make sure to get it with whey or fat to improve absorption (coco oil/milk added to a whey shake would be nice)

Sep 14 2016 06:27 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

Try sulbutiamine not daily, but up to three times a week, because of rapidly increasing tolerance, and higher dose, like 800mg - much better effect(I've tried up to 1.2g and I haven't noticed better effect above 1g.). You barely feel nothing after 10mg of noopept, at least 30mg - daily, I was taking mostly 2x30mg, sometimes 3x30mg, one dosage an hour before before exam/work. At 90mg(or 60mg If tired) taken in short term, you're starting to be a bit nervous,(aggresive?). Noopept has a short half-life period, something like 2-4hours(im not sure, but short). About PRL - its not cheap for me so to avoid building tolerance I was taken 5-10mg daily, or If I needed 20mg I wasnt taking it during weekends, and it works.

Sep 13 2016 03:26 PM
Intelligence boost

Check if you have high acetylcholine level, cause if it's the case, taking too much choline will cause depression.

Sep 13 2016 10:24 AM
First Stack

The AOR Ortho sleep formula looks scary to me.


I've experienced all of them, only singly. Valerian, Passionflower, and Lemon Balm all have strong effects. The passionflower would make other things not break down as fast, lemon balm lowers thyroid.  Overkill, with a strong likelihood of negative synergies

Sep 13 2016 02:24 AM
my first

advise to remove tyrosine and taurine, reduce theanine to 1.5g, lecithin to 5g.

add lithium or ginkgo, NAC or ginseng, inositol or bacopa, and of course, green tea.

Sep 10 2016 10:36 AM
Intelligence boost

Unless you're a body builder or have an incredibly fast metabolism, you're better off with a more refined fish oil and a lower dose. Otherwise this is likely to lead to weight gain.

Sep 10 2016 10:34 AM
my first

Way too much of some of this stuff? 3g of ALCAR? Tyrosine? Theanine? What is this for? Did you research max dosing levels for these?

Jason Long
Sep 01 2016 01:19 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

I would eliminate Ritalin and everything, affecting glutamate receptors. In long term, it will only desensitize your receptors, leading to LTD or even be neurotoxic (prmoting beta amyloid - you don't wanna get Alzheimer's when you age, don't you?)

Jason Long
Sep 01 2016 01:08 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

Eliminate the Ritalin (get more sleep?). And everything affecting glutamate receptors...in long term this desensitizes the receptors, some are going even in the way of affecting beta amyloids...

Jason Long
Sep 01 2016 01:03 PM
Memory / Productivity Stack

For me, Noopept worked much better than racetams. I was ordering it from PC. but find a stack with huperzine-A, alpha-GPC, phosphatidylserine and adaptogens (Examfit). It actually gives me a need for fork. I feel also increase in creativity, and I speak my mind with chicks (cold approach). 

Aug 16 2016 05:26 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

That information about Cinnamon is precious. I will eat more of it for sure (plus I love it) ! In yoghourt should be fine


EDIT : just ordered organic Ceylon cinnamon, and it taste so good. Ty Flex

Aug 16 2016 12:45 AM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

what about something Glutamergic like Sytrinol or Cinnamon ?  given it´s safe and doens´t fry Your brain over the time due to too much glutamate b/c noopept, racetams and NSI may or may not do this, I dont know.


because I have anyway a bad memory but it got even worse when smoking weed + Curcuma/Tumeric and I suppose that the anti-glutamergic effects are responsible for this.


btw look into this about cinnamon:

Cinnamon converts poor learning mice to good learners—implications for memory improvement


Aug 14 2016 08:56 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

Hi Dorho. Thanks a lot for your feedback.


I agree with you for the liver. Sulbutiamine will be stopped at week 4.


Im not sure Noopept gives me a premium : 10mg sublingually isn't noticied. Not even 20mg. I guess my memory is improved however no special feeling at all.


This stack doesn't mean I doesn't eat well though. I was planning a fish oil intake, I'll do some research on dha+uridine+choline combo for sure.


About Berocca, it's funny I forgot to mention, I take 1 every week. However, despite having a LOT of vitamins (probably too much), the forms are not the most bioavailable on the market (often, the cheapest form is prefered).

Aug 13 2016 10:16 AM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)
When you form such an aggressive regimen, you should make sure that every one of the pills you're taking is effective. Otherwise you're taxing your liver and wasting money for no good reason.

I didn't notice any cognition or memory enhancing effect from sulbutiamine. It gives a nice buzz though. Most people, including me, develop a marked tolerance to sulbutiamine very quickly so that's something to anticipate if you're new to the drug.

Noopept gave me a really weird feeling. No nootropic effect for me.

I didn't notice anything substantial from the herbs on your list. But if they work for you, great. Galantamine is one of the few herbs that seemed to produce a positive effect on my memory (i'm a healthy adult).

You should first cover the basics: functional foods and vitamins that are pretty much guaranteed to have an effect. And focus on synergies.

For example, nutritional yeast + salmon fish eggs + alpha GPC (or raw egg yolks) to get the effective dha+uridine+choline combo. By choosing functional foods instead of supplements, you'd be getting all kinds of beneficial compounds, not just few isolated ones.

Berocca (effervescent) is the most effective multivitamin/mineral i've tried. I take a quarter of a tablet twice a day. Sublingual methylcobalamin works well too.

Aug 07 2016 08:39 PM
Aggressive Memory&Study Stack (pls comment)

I forgot to add RITALIN (40mg/day) in the aforementioned stack

Jul 18 2016 04:34 AM
My Daily Stack. Any Inputs?



I appreciate your feedback. I am going to cut down on Resveratrol and use a lower dose product once I am done with my current bottle. I am aware that PQQ is synergetic with Ubiquinol and adding PQQ is actually part of my plan.




Jul 18 2016 02:40 AM
My Daily Stack. Any Inputs?

In my view, taking that version of resveratrol along with the pterostilbene is a waste of money.  What's missing in synergy with the ubiquinol is shilajit and PQQ.


Since you're only mid-30's, you need to be careful you don't overstimulate yourself with any of this stuff, so be vigilant.

Jul 17 2016 03:06 PM
My Daily Stack. Any Inputs?

I take all of these together as I thought they are all synergetic with each other.



Jul 17 2016 10:21 AM
Sleep Stack

I should also probably mention that I manage stress with mindfulness meditation and sticking to a healthy diet.

Jul 17 2016 09:33 AM
Best Bang For The Buck Stack Developing

The cheap supplements that work for me are a quarter of a Berocca tablet (effervescent) and creatine. Sublingual methylcobalamin works nicely as well. The methylcobalamin sublinguals are usually so strong that a half or a quarter of a tablet is enough. Nicotine patch works as well although I'm not sure you want to go that route.


What I think is critical is eating healthily. Eating foods with high amounts of vitamins, micronutrients and phytonutrients really makes the most difference for me as far as cognitive functions are concerned: Broccoli, spinach, bell pepper, olive oil, mushrooms, beets, bilberries, almonds, chickpeas, fish eggs...

Jul 17 2016 09:14 AM
Sleep Stack

I'm myself also a former insomniac and former mirtazapine user and I also quit m cold turkey.


I've found that treating my insomnia naturally, without drugs or supplements, is the best and most effective way. I mainly utilize two pacemakers, blue light and coffee.


I make sure to avoid exposure to blue light in the few hours before going to bed. Blue light (coming from your computer's monitor for example) is picked up by intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells that turn it into a signal for the brain's circadian pacemaker, the suprachiasmatic nuclei in hypothalamus, effectively resetting your internal clock. I advise to avoid white LED lighting as it has a significant peak in blue wavelength and in case you use computer/smartphone/tablet/whathaveyou before going to bed, use a freeware application named f.lux which adjusts the RGB balance of your display according to the time of day.

This also works in reverse. If you don't get enough blue light exposure before noon (as is the case here in Nordic countries during winter), your internal clock is delayed, making you tired in the morning and wakeful during evening. I think this is the reason why coffee consumption is highest in Nordic countries.


Coming to the coffee topic, I use it as a pacemaker as well. I drink lots of coffee in the morning and that's it. If I drink coffee past noon, I often have trouble sleeping. I think I may be slow metabolizer of caffeine, although I'm not sure how that hypothesis agrees with my habit of drinking green tea in the afternoon without risking insomnia.

Adam Karlovsky
Jul 14 2016 11:58 PM
Best Bang For The Buck Stack Developing

Choline Bitartrate seems to only be useful for curing a choline deficiency. It doesn't have any nootropic effects by it's self. Meanwhile, noopept is the racemic-like compound with, probably, the least amount of evidence (in English) as far as I'm aware.

If you're wanting legal acute effects, that really limits things, but I guess I'd go: caffeine, l-theanine, rhodiola, l-tyrosine and a [2-6]mg nicotine patch.


If you're happy to pay a bit, and just use occasionally, I'd add: oxiracetam, cdp-choline. Neither is 'cheap' but better than the noopept/bitartrate combo.

If you're just wanting things that *work* then: micro-lsd, selegiline, adderall xr, and a [2-6]mg nicotine patch.

Jul 05 2016 04:04 PM
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Relief



Dextromethorphan - 15mg twice daily with magnesium 500mg (tid) seems to work the best for me.


drusko, are you serious? Isn't DXM absolutely terrible for your brain? I was addicted to DXM in high school and I wasn't able to remember words like "tree" or "car" (albeit I was taking much larger doses, closer to 400-1000 mg). I know there are stories about DXM deadening areas of the brain, essentially turning them into grey matter, although I think this claim MAY have been discredited.


What research do you have that proves micro-doses of DXM are not harmful? Is there any risk of addiction or "desiring" to take more?

Jun 29 2016 05:38 PM
Memory / Productivity Stack

Simple and decent.


I am hesitant to say, but I don't think piracetam improves memory or performance unless you're already have a deficit, I tend towards lower dosages too, just as a neuroprotectant.

Noopept lacks human trails, but I also would predict noopept is at worst harmless, and at best slightly enhancing. You could take it in the morning at at lunch if need be, and I'm not aware of any contraindications with your listed nootropics.


I prefer armodafinil over adrafinil, and drink a few cups of green tea which gives me theanine. You could take theanine any day you wanted to, only cost would be a factor.


Would you suggest some of the other racetams for memory? I just wanted to start with piracetam, use it consistently, and see if I notice any improvement, if its only very negligible, I might move on to ani/oxi/phenyl, any advice on cycling with noopept?


also had pretty bad sleep last night using theanine before bed, so that was weird 

Adam Karlovsky
Jun 29 2016 11:03 AM
Memory / Productivity Stack

Simple and decent.


I am hesitant to say, but I don't think piracetam improves memory or performance unless you're already have a deficit, I tend towards lower dosages too, just as a neuroprotectant.

Noopept lacks human trails, but I also would predict noopept is at worst harmless, and at best slightly enhancing. You could take it in the morning at at lunch if need be, and I'm not aware of any contraindications with your listed nootropics.


I prefer armodafinil over adrafinil, and drink a few cups of green tea which gives me theanine. You could take theanine any day you wanted to, only cost would be a factor.

May 18 2016 09:32 PM
Anxiety Relief

Doesn't magnesium cause anxiety?

May 15 2016 10:40 AM
Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

You said you take fish oil with these as they are all fat soluble. Are you sure they are all fat soluble??

May 12 2016 11:31 AM
Dan's eye health stack

Has anyone here tried Visoluten? It is a peptide for eye health or improved vision.

May 02 2016 08:37 AM
Safe daily stack? Any additions?

I like the stack a very reasonable, responsible plan. I would agree that ALCAR is not necessary. It may also contribute to heart problems down the road and it makes me personally more robotic, anti-creative.


May 02 2016 08:11 AM
10 Nootropic Stack

Don't start with a stack or you will never know what works or what doesn't.

May 02 2016 08:10 AM
Work/Study Focus & Productivity

I would rebuild the plan. I'd start with taking caffeine only for three days, then add the next thing on top for three and so on. This way you'll find out what's causing the headaches and nausea, and throw it in the trash, if you find out. You also can't take Phenyl every day. It builds a tolerance quickly. 

May 02 2016 07:52 AM
Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

I would cycle the racetams, especially Phenylpiracetam, it WILL lose it's efficency. Noopept is supposed to be cycled. You could go three days PP, four days Prami. On top two weeks Noo, one week Ani. This way you will also learn much more about the individual racetams.

Apr 21 2016 08:16 AM
Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

seems like this sub is pretty dead since the restructuration/relocation..

Adam Karlovsky
Apr 13 2016 11:08 PM
10 Nootropic Stack

Oxi is a good choice, L-tyrosine can't hurt, I wouldn't touch 5-HTP for various reasons, I prefer Bacopa over Lions because there's more evidence of it's efficacy in humans.

Uridine is a good choice, but I am not sure, do you need both uridine and Alpha GPC? You could get the benefits of both by taking CDP choline instead, as it converts partially to uridine.

B12 is good, go for the methyl form, but I am not sure why you'd want B1... perhaps makes more sense to take methylfolate?
Make sure your mag and zinc are high quality, I tend to go for the chelated forms (glycinate or something like that), and don't overdo the zinc (there is such thing as too much!)

Some people speak very highly of Ginkgo, but I think it's relatively worthless.


I hope that helps! Good luck, and remember being productive is more than just nootrpics. Use Google Calendar and HabitRPG to get your life organized. Keep track of your short term goals, break up tasks into subtasks. Sleep enough! Surround yourself with people more intelligent than you, and be passionate.

Apr 03 2016 07:46 PM
Stack to combat Neurodegenerative Condition

neurodegenerative disease not disorder* sorry typo, and cant seem to find an edit button.
additionally I forgot to mention that I plan to add 
CDP choline as a choline source soon.
so far I simply consumed roughly 2 eggs every 1-2 days

Apr 02 2016 09:23 PM
Safe daily stack? Any additions?

I take Citricoline on some days when I don't work out and GPC when I do and some others.  Citri/CDP coline can make me kind of tense sometimes.  


Its a half a 150mg Armodafinil.  But in any case I don't feel like I need it every day and I don't want to build a tolerance.  


I generally sleep fairly well, always have.  If anything I am in the best shape of my life.  My girlfriend does wake me up in the morning when she goes to work and then I have to go back to bed.  But I feel well rested.  Sometimes I will take 5-HTP and/or CBD oil to help me sleep.  For getting to sleep, I highly suggest CBD oil.  It is legal in all 50 states.  Cibdex seems to be a reputable brand which works well for me.


I have heard that on paper NALT seems less useful then L-Tyrosine but that in fact many anecdotally find it to be more effective.  


I have not gotten my D levels checked.  I do go outside more then most Americans, but that may not be saying much.  


I do appreciate the feedback, even if it seems like I have been a bit challenging to what you say.  I just like to have all the info out there.  

Adam Karlovsky
Mar 31 2016 03:07 AM
Safe daily stack? Any additions?

I'm no doctor, but I'd think it's pretty safe to take a quarter daffy any/every day, if you feel you benefit from that. That could help with focus when reading, and also help reduce your appetite (to help lose weight). However if you plan a creative session, anecdotally it's not good for that.

NALT seems safe, and if it helps with your depression then that's a good thing. I should try l-tyrosine myself, but I won't be using NALT. 

Examine says: "N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine appears to be able to contribute free L-Tyrosine in vivo after administration IV administration, but only able to increase L-Tyrosine concentrated 20% despite much larger increases in serum NALT. 56% of the adminstered dose of NALT is excreted in 4 hours and another study suggests that, overall, 35% of the total NALT dose (administered parentally) is excreted via the urine as NALT and not L-Tyrosine." So NALT is not worthless, but may not play the same role as l-tyrosine because it's excreted before it's converted?

As for ALCAR, lots of people will disagree with me here but I don't think it's anything special (except, maybe, for vegans).

Assuming you don't strictly follow a diet, adding DHA is probably a good idea. Looking over the tables at examine.com I prefer CDP choline over GPC, but that might just be a personal preference. 

If the cost of the stack is a strain, I think the evidence for glucosamine is weak, so maybe drop that?

Recommendations: people with atypical mood and/or are overweight often sleep poorly, or follow bad sleeping habits, melatonin can help with this. Both selegiline and tianeptine comes highly recommended for hedonic modulation, I have had success with these compounds, but I am looking to replace the tianeptine with some thing else because it can be hard on the liver for some. I'll be trying a combo of ashwagandha and micro-lsd in the near future.

Have you ever had your vitamin d levels checked? There is a high probability that you have low vitamin D, but that isn't to say I know you *do* have low vitamin D, just get it checked.

Mar 23 2016 07:00 PM
My impulse buy ADHD/depression stack Please critizise

Fuck I pressed send while trying to paste it all.


You can read it here instead if Admin doens't want to take this post away since I don't seem to be able to do that myself...



Here is a image of the stack at least. Im out of energy to rewrite everything Im going to bed for a while now. Thanks.


Additional info down below


So how bad did I fuck this impulse buy stack ??

Worth stating is also that I live in a country with very nasty laws around these kind of things so it would for example be almost impossible for me to get my hands on some piracetam for example.

According to my 23andme genes:

I have low MAO and low oxytocin levels as well as a short 5-HTTLPR. Im so fucked I don't know where to begin honestly. (Oh by the way can we use curse words on this forum??)
I came across this slightly odd blog which said that Ginko could help with low mao as I understood it. I believe that it said that mice had been showing less agressive behavior when it was administerd. Wait ! I found the link! http://selfhacked.co...e-warrior-gene/ I had some rhodiola rosea but discontinued that because it could lower my already low MAO levels apperently?

Also my drd4 has some issues. As well as MTHFR problems. I think that was just some of it but:
Please give me good advice about this stuff since I have no clue. Thanks very much


Mar 04 2016 12:48 AM
Critique my stack. Be critical!

and you may be interested in adding a good ashwagandha extract to augment your strength training. ksm-66 is pretty cheap on amazon - Examining the effect of Withania somnifera supplementation on muscle strength and recovery: a randomized controlled trial

Erin brooks
Mar 01 2016 08:16 AM
New Reg Insight - Does this look right?

30 years old . Thanks for the info

Feb 20 2016 02:23 AM
New Reg Insight - Does this look right?

If it hasn't been mentioned, I'd take methyl folate if you haven't been genotyped. Too much can lead to problems, and lower amounts might be problematic in some populations.


Unless enteric coated, I would take the CoQ10 and maybe the PQQ away from any of the acids or with alkaline conjugated supplements to improve absorption.


Grape seed ext. should be taken every other day, not sure about your dosing, how old are you?